Snot is the Glue that Holds Them Together Part III

Let me thank everyone for their patience as we finally get the climax of the GS reveal, day III, in Nolebucgrl’s and my series:  Snot is the Glue that Holds them Together. The last part was on Nolebucgrl’s blog and part one was here.

Tripp3235: Hospital scene
Tripp3235: and I see Lexie and Theo
nolebucgrl: Oh lord, start us off with Lexie and Theo
Tripp3235: I do have to give this kid credit
nolebucgrl: way to engage the audience
Tripp3235: he does a good job with the sad looks
nolebucgrl: nice John, come up and yell in front of the poor kid
Tripp3235: nice
nolebucgrl: man he’s bad
Tripp3235: Eek
Tripp3235: Marlena smiling
nolebucgrl: um, she’s already up and out of bed?
Tripp3235: Hee
Tripp3235: day player getting her big break
nolebucgrl: yeah, that was pretty bad!
Tripp3235: how many times have you greeted your boss
nolebucgrl: WTH Marlena
Tripp3235: “Trapped in the lockdown? That must have been horrible!”
nolebucgrl: she said alrighty
Tripp3235: “Here are your list of your patients”
nolebucgrl: HA
nolebucgrl: flashback to the drugging scene
Tripp3235: Oh yes, show us where they fail to kill Marlena AGAIN
nolebucgrl: where she tells the guy she will stab him and then instead throws something at him
nolebucgrl: Brilliant Dr. Evans
Tripp3235: Dora is the explorer
nolebucgrl: Hee
Tripp3235: no, not a patient, an EXPLORER
nolebucgrl: why is Dora here and why do we care?
Tripp3235: No it is not ok
Tripp3235: random receptionist
Tripp3235: you are fired
nolebucgrl: ha, that would be cool
nolebucgrl: DATE!!!
Tripp3235: Kate couldn’t sleep at all last night
Tripp3235: cause Dan was there?
Tripp3235: heh
nolebucgrl: and Daniel says he wishes they had done it last night?
Tripp3235: they have that AWESOME CHEMISTRY
Tripp3235: Kenny said so!
nolebucgrl: now Daniel, I don’t think that would be very nice to Chelsea
nolebucgrl: hehe but the Chan fans deny!
Tripp3235: well this is all a setup by Kate
nolebucgrl: how are you going to make things right Daniel?
Tripp3235: EJ!
nolebucgrl: what is Chelsea wearing?
Tripp3235: in stripes!
nolebucgrl: a table cloth?
nolebucgrl: OMG
nolebucgrl: OMG
nolebucgrl: my favorite shirt!
nolebucgrl: well besides the red and blue one
Tripp3235: calm down
nolebucgrl: EJ hotness overwhelms me
Tripp3235: payback for you telling me to calm down yesterday heh
nolebucgrl: Tanna is moving in!
Tripp3235: of course they are
Tripp3235: it’s the new way to live more greenly
nolebucgrl: DiMen all together again
Tripp3235: reduce homes
nolebucgrl: hee, they didn’t say that, thank god
Tripp3235: by everyone bunking in together!
nolebucgrl: do not bring the green back
nolebucgrl: bad green!
Tripp3235: I’ll take green over Chan
nolebucgrl: true
Tripp3235: Chan make me green
nolebucgrl: ahh back to DiMen
Tripp3235: With Anna
Tripp3235: I just love her
nolebucgrl: Anna is quite displeased
Tripp3235: Yes, Tony
Tripp3235: a blemish to the DIMERA NAME
nolebucgrl: John is a blemish
nolebucgrl: Belle’s an even bigger one
nolebucgrl: they better retcon that again
nolebucgrl: they are not DiMera’s
Tripp3235: Well Anna going along with this is interesting
nolebucgrl: Silly Tony, do you really think Steffy won’t return?
Tripp3235: Geez
Tripp3235: Stefano probably bugged the mansion
nolebucgrl: Oooh
Tripp3235: where is Rolf?
nolebucgrl: bad shot of Anna there
Tripp3235: eek
Tripp3235: bad shot of Tony
nolebucgrl: she looked old and scary
nolebucgrl: hee, the brows!
Tripp3235: so does Tony
Tripp3235: the editing on this seems choppy
nolebucgrl: Tony matches the walls
Tripp3235: Oh I see what you mean
Tripp3235: table cloth
nolebucgrl: see, she does
Tripp3235: at least she is in jeans
nolebucgrl: big sigh
Tripp3235: characters don’t wear jeans often enough
Tripp3235: Yes Kate
nolebucgrl: why do you have to start anything Chelsea?
Tripp3235: start with acting out what you did with Dan
nolebucgrl: you know nothing
nolebucgrl: Dan sounds like he’s talking to a 5 year old
nolebucgrl: how hot are they? haha
Tripp3235: RM is just playing this so reserved
nolebucgrl: she believes them but she can’t look at them
Tripp3235: It’s like she is asking him how they baked a cake
nolebucgrl: hee, there it is
nolebucgrl: how do you get past the fact that Danny schtupped Granny
Tripp3235: Well according to Lexie
Tripp3235: who is now speaking to John
nolebucgrl: Why don’t you try to call her John?
Tripp3235: she’ll just get over it
nolebucgrl: god his hair might be worse than it was the other day
Tripp3235: Why is John having such a hard time about this
Tripp3235: Marlena went back to work
nolebucgrl: well he hasn’t bothered to look for her other than in her room
Tripp3235: it’s not like she has decided to hide out somewhere on the docks in the underground
nolebucgrl: and it’s all Lexie’s fault apparently
Tripp3235: Oh Jan
nolebucgrl: JAN BRADY
Tripp3235: let’s hear it now
Tripp3235: Marlena Marlena Marlena!
nolebucgrl: please complain about your sister, hehe
nolebucgrl: Marlena will probably tell her about her f’ed up life
nolebucgrl: and tell her that her life is nothing
Tripp3235: I think what she is wearing
nolebucgrl: oh no, pressure from your boss!
Tripp3235: came from Alice’s closet from the Brady Bunch
nolebucgrl: sassing teens!
nolebucgrl: it does look like something Alice would wear, good call
Tripp3235: thank you
Tripp3235: hee
nolebucgrl: I was paralyzed!
Tripp3235: Marlena, picks up on those hard words
nolebucgrl: you don’t know paralyzed Jan Brady!
Tripp3235: God knows a good psychiatrist
Tripp3235: only thinks about her own issues when a patient comes in
nolebucgrl: oh lord
nolebucgrl: take charge of your life
nolebucgrl: like I have
nolebucgrl: Hee, Anna calling John a mobster
Tripp3235: So is that why Tony is moving in?
Tripp3235: I thought she said monster
nolebucgrl: family legacy baby
nolebucgrl: I think she said mobster
nolebucgrl: I don’t know
Tripp3235: i was thinking monster
Tripp3235: mobster makes more sense
nolebucgrl: oh Anna, you know you love DiMansion
Tripp3235: We all trust you EJ
nolebucgrl: I trust EJ with all sorts of things
nolebucgrl: but I cannot share them on a blog we’re taking public, hehe
Tripp3235: yea
nolebucgrl: I love Tony/EJ together though
Tripp3235: I think John is not going to care about Tony
Tripp3235: all he cares about is BLONDIE
nolebucgrl: he probably won’t even notice he’s there unless he eats his cornchips
Tripp3235: Ej has such a cute butt
Tripp3235: oh he’s in jeans today too
nolebucgrl: unless he hangs in the living room
Tripp3235: it’s Friday
Tripp3235: jean day
nolebucgrl: and you tell me to calm down, hehe
nolebucgrl: look at his arms in that shirt
nolebucgrl: sigh…
nolebucgrl: ok I’ll reign it in
nolebucgrl: doorbell!
Tripp3235: Why is Anna answering the door?
Tripp3235: is there no Distaff?
nolebucgrl: I don’t know, well Rolf is gone with Steffy
nolebucgrl: I wish he was delivering the Steffy portrait
Tripp3235: what did it say?
nolebucgrl: um…I missed it, hehe
Tripp3235: I’m sure it wasn’t important
Tripp3235: we’ll have a flashback later
nolebucgrl: it was from Steffy I imagine
Tripp3235: I do have to admit, I like seeing Lexie here with other people
nolebucgrl: yeah but I wish they’d DiMera her up
Tripp3235: this is nuts though
Tripp3235: why is this such a mystery?
nolebucgrl: seriously, John is spending half the show wondering where Marlena is
Tripp3235: Oh God
Tripp3235: you mean the reason Marlena never has any patients
Tripp3235: is cause she fixes them in one session?
nolebucgrl: I’m sure she does
nolebucgrl: she’s the PoS baby
Tripp3235: more ways then one
nolebucgrl: change your life!
nolebucgrl: lean in a little closer Marlena
Tripp3235: well there she is John!
nolebucgrl: hey how about that, John bought a clue
Tripp3235: who is this man Jan asked
Tripp3235: “He’s my happiness,” Marlena
nolebucgrl: hee
nolebucgrl: How dare you barge in!
Tripp3235: please Marlena
Tripp3235:  you should have seen how he acted in front of Lexie’s crazy kid
nolebucgrl: where did you look John?
nolebucgrl: her room
nolebucgrl: that was it
nolebucgrl: yes, poor Theo couldn’t even count he was so terrified
Tripp3235: I’ve got a bad feeling about this
nolebucgrl: um…you’re thinking that terrible spoiler
nolebucgrl: as am I
nolebucgrl: but I don’t think it’s today
Tripp3235: this is not going to be a good day
Tripp3235: dammit
Tripp3235: where is that breathing apparatus?
Tripp3235: it could be a buffer
nolebucgrl: hee, grab a paper bag
Tripp3235: no i mean for her
nolebucgrl: she’s not sure that she needs him in her life?
Tripp3235: Date with Chelsea
nolebucgrl: nice face Chels
Tripp3235: She’s got a weird face
nolebucgrl: she’s trying to work the bitchface
nolebucgrl: but not doing it quite well enough
Tripp3235: but RM should be able to do that
nolebucgrl: bring up the DEAD WIFE
Tripp3235: she’s done it so well in the past
Tripp3235: and speaking of
nolebucgrl: oh I know
nolebucgrl: lost his objectivity
Tripp3235: i guess no flashbacks
Tripp3235: dammit
Tripp3235: he had a BAD EXPERIENCE
nolebucgrl: I know, dammit, let us see the hot hookup
nolebucgrl: hee, she actually told her Daniel was drunk
Tripp3235: Kate is doing all the talking
nolebucgrl: they talked and shared and bonded….awww
Tripp3235: and had sex
nolebucgrl: why do people on soaps have all this grief sex?
nolebucgrl: when I’m sad I don’t really want to take a ride on the magical penis
nolebucgrl: god he sounds dumb
Tripp3235: he does
Tripp3235: God Daniel
Tripp3235: just cause it wasn’t romantic
Tripp3235: Oh thank you Kate
Tripp3235: Yes Kate
Tripp3235: bring that up
Tripp3235: so the chan fans can hear it
nolebucgrl: there, she knew you had a crush and she thought you were still in love with Nick
nolebucgrl: thank you Kate
Tripp3235: apparently she had to read minds
nolebucgrl: it’s what we’ve been telling them over and over again
nolebucgrl: but they’re too busy finding the love in the mist of time or whatever to see the truth
Tripp3235: What?
nolebucgrl: hee, wine and cigars
Tripp3235: are we hearing a packing slip here?
nolebucgrl: and opera and the Sopranos?
Tripp3235: is the microphone in there with the styrofoam?
nolebucgrl: nice package Steffy
nolebucgrl: maybe
nolebucgrl: that package rifling was very weird sounding
Tripp3235: it was
Tripp3235: Oh Tony and EJ creating a plan
nolebucgrl: be ready for Steffy how?
Tripp3235: hee Anna whining
nolebucgrl: with your fencing sword Tony?
nolebucgrl: she sounds a bit silly
Tripp3235: Ugh
Tripp3235: Jarlena
nolebucgrl: but I still love her
nolebucgrl: damn Jarlena
nolebucgrl: go the hell away
Tripp3235: and now John is being pathetic
nolebucgrl: well you see, John, it’s a plot device
Tripp3235: he’s practically begging
nolebucgrl: she wanted you, no interest
nolebucgrl: you want her, no interest
Tripp3235: hee
Tripp3235: no you don’t!
nolebucgrl: it’s soooo interesting and never been done
Tripp3235: let me say it three times
nolebucgrl: oh here she goes
nolebucgrl: talking about her children and family
nolebucgrl: my ass
nolebucgrl: you stopped living long ago Marlena
Tripp3235: she wants to live in her future?
Tripp3235: who wrote this dialogue?
nolebucgrl: hee, yes, the present is not good enough
Tripp3235: i wish someone would send her to the future
nolebucgrl: she does need her own life though
nolebucgrl: we’ve been saying that for a zillion years
Tripp3235: John called her selfish
nolebucgrl: ha, selfish!
Tripp3235: uh oh
Tripp3235: they are doing foreplay here
Tripp3235: this is scaring me
nolebucgrl: I don’t think it’s today
nolebucgrl: oh god
nolebucgrl: what are those noises he’s making
nolebucgrl: ?
nolebucgrl: nooooooo…I mean…I I I I
Tripp3235: it’s the helium let out of his hair
nolebucgrl: spit it out turd
nolebucgrl: oh man, gaspy
Tripp3235: i thought they cut that?
nolebucgrl: ewww I do not ever want to hear John talking about tenderness and love
Tripp3235: they really did it?
nolebucgrl: they cut the scene thank god, they still had sex tho
Tripp3235: oh i thought the whole thing was cut
nolebucgrl: we just didn’t have to endure it
Tripp3235: OMG
Tripp3235: this is so bad
nolebucgrl: no, they still had sex in the tent after the plane crash
Tripp3235: Marlena now is crying
nolebucgrl: it is, she’s gasping and crying
Tripp3235: it’s ok
Tripp3235: John is admitting his love!
nolebucgrl: and now she’s hugging him and gasping some more
Tripp3235: eek
nolebucgrl: oh god
nolebucgrl: please
nolebucgrl: noooooooo
Tripp3235: double eek
nolebucgrl: noooooooooo
Tripp3235: ACK!
nolebucgrl: kissing
Tripp3235: NO
nolebucgrl: what was that?  HEHE
Tripp3235: commercial
nolebucgrl: NOOOO
Tripp3235: oh thank god
Tripp3235: I never thought I’d be happy to see Chan
nolebucgrl: I’ve never been so thrilled to see Chan
nolebucgrl: hehe
nolebucgrl: jinx
nolebucgrl: yes, why not tell her?
Tripp3235: again RM is so matter of fact
nolebucgrl: she looks drugged
Tripp3235: She does
nolebucgrl: there’s nothing to say Daniel
Tripp3235: this doesn’t bode well with the BI
nolebucgrl: he’s such an idiot
nolebucgrl: no reason why we can’t put this behind us
nolebucgrl: just a bump in the road ain’t it Daniel?
Tripp3235: Anna is really freaked out about Stefano
nolebucgrl: Now Anna is crying, but not the Marlena way
nolebucgrl: in her OTT way
Tripp3235: Of course he will Tony!
Tripp3235: Stefano comes back when he is ready
nolebucgrl: hee, there’s an understatement
nolebucgrl: Stefano’s anger is far reaching
Tripp3235: See LH is not the best actress in the world
Tripp3235: but she isn’t supposed to be
nolebucgrl: Tony, you let John go unchallenged
Tripp3235: I like her so much
nolebucgrl: now all of a sudden you changed your mind
nolebucgrl: oh I love her too
Tripp3235: This is weird
Tripp3235: Tony is all about the DiMera name now
nolebucgrl: he called John an android
nolebucgrl: I love it
Tripp3235: UGH
Tripp3235: OMG
nolebucgrl: OMG
Tripp3235: UGH UGH UGH UGH
nolebucgrl: they had sex
nolebucgrl: EW
nolebucgrl: EW

nolebucgrl: he yelled that
nolebucgrl: and like, pounded his chest
Tripp3235: Put your shirt on
nolebucgrl: his bare chest…
Tripp3235: he’s like King Kong
nolebucgrl: I did not know this was happening today
nolebucgrl: EJ you are a god
Tripp3235: his chest is not bare
nolebucgrl: thank you for interrupting
Tripp3235: Oh for Pete’s sake
nolebucgrl: well it is not clothed, but hairy as hell
nolebucgrl: Oh my god
nolebucgrl: you are coming home with me and I’m not taking no for an answer?
nolebucgrl: Die John
Tripp3235: Now we are back to Chan
nolebucgrl: the type of guy that he is?
nolebucgrl: a player…hehe yes
nolebucgrl: yes he is
nolebucgrl: he flirts with everything in a skirt
Tripp3235: he does
nolebucgrl: or a pantsuit
Tripp3235: Chelsea appears over him
nolebucgrl: she’s giving up
nolebucgrl: about time
nolebucgrl: she actually came to DiMansion?
Tripp3235: What a slut
nolebucgrl: what the hell?
Tripp3235: how could she?
nolebucgrl: after that order he gave her?
Tripp3235: after he spoke to her that way
nolebucgrl: I’d have booted him out on his ass
Tripp3235: eek
nolebucgrl: OH NO
nolebucgrl: more face sucking
Tripp3235: have we not seen enough kissing?
nolebucgrl: this is horrifying
nolebucgrl: how dare they do this to us on a Chan ending day?
Tripp3235: Granny sex has come at such a high price
nolebucgrl: it’s cruel
Tripp3235: it is
Tripp3235: you’re worried about a relapse John?
Tripp3235: after you did her in her office?
Tripp3235: Back to Chan
nolebucgrl: I know, that would be more danger for her than walking in the front door
Tripp3235: oh Kate is there
nolebucgrl: hee, think about it carefully?
nolebucgrl: like that changes anything
Tripp3235: she was like hidden in the shadows
nolebucgrl: the streaks are prominent again
nolebucgrl: damn that hair
Tripp3235: good point Chelsea
nolebucgrl: skunklike
Tripp3235: at least on Dan
Tripp3235: Kate did not know really how she felt
nolebucgrl: and she walks away from them
Tripp3235: Lexie
nolebucgrl: now all of a sudden she’s at the hospital
nolebucgrl: with nosy Lexie
Tripp3235: remember the days when Lexie and Chelsea hated each other?
nolebucgrl: yes, they were good days
Tripp3235: Yes you are over
nolebucgrl: no Lexie, it does not take time
nolebucgrl: time does not heal all wounds
Tripp3235: just cause Abe is used to you doing all of his relatives
nolebucgrl: especially wounds caused by GS
nolebucgrl: EJ, thank you for not leaving us alone with Jarlena
Tripp3235: Yes
Tripp3235: EJ deserves an award for that
Tripp3235: Is Sami still at Dimansion?
nolebucgrl: I hope there’s more than just talk of family takeovers
nolebucgrl: yes
nolebucgrl: and we get some action
nolebucgrl: STEFFY on the phone!
nolebucgrl: hee, have my room ready, I’m coming home!
Tripp3235: hee
Tripp3235: oh we go to Chelsea
nolebucgrl: I adore him
nolebucgrl: playing with Theo
Tripp3235: there are more than 4 toys
nolebucgrl: and looking overly mopey
Tripp3235: there
nolebucgrl: awww he said ouch and offered her a hug
Tripp3235: i guess we are to feel sorry for Chelsea here
nolebucgrl: kinda reminded me of ET there
nolebucgrl: that was horrible, but there you go
Tripp3235: well the whole thing is horrible
Tripp3235: course just cause Chan is over
nolebucgrl: I meant my latest shot at Theo…I am a bad person
Tripp3235: does not mean Chelsea will move out of this OT storyline
Tripp3235: it’s so OOC for her
nolebucgrl: nope, they probably will keep her in it til they get tired of Theo’s autism
nolebucgrl: and have him magically cured or sent away or something

nolebucgrl: I feel we need to apologize to our readers, we were not aware that Jarlena sex was going to happen
Tripp3235: if we did
nolebucgrl: I’m very sorry if we gave anyone nightmares
Tripp3235: we wouldn’t have blogged
Tripp3235: our RECAP would have said:
Tripp3235: Chan Ends!
nolebucgrl: Chan Ends and that’s all that happened!
nolebucgrl: do not watch!
nolebucgrl: well at least they got to laugh at our horror
nolebucgrl: and again, at least we didn’t actually see the sex action
nolebucgrl: we sadly saw the prelude and after though
Tripp3235: yes
nolebucgrl: and heard some terrible gasps
Tripp3235: and never can I reject from my mind
Tripp3235: the sensational comment
nolebucgrl: really she was in rare form today
Tripp3235: with neanderthal John
nolebucgrl: that was so horrifying, seriously
Tripp3235: RM was like drugged
nolebucgrl: she was, sleepwalking through that scene
Tripp3235: quite
nolebucgrl: I want rage and throwing things
nolebucgrl: but that’s just me
Tripp3235: maybe she had to take something for her ankle?
nolebucgrl: that’s possible
nolebucgrl: good call
Tripp3235: I’ll prefer to think that
nolebucgrl: thank god for Tanna and EJ today
Tripp3235: Yes
Tripp3235: Well good show
nolebucgrl: they were the only bright spots…oh and the Steffy phone call of course
Tripp3235: I hope everyone enjoyed the blogging
Tripp3235: maybe we’ll do it again someday
nolebucgrl: Yes, we’ll have to do it again if something big is happening
Tripp3235: at least the show was smart enough to let us have Grannysex
Tripp3235: in the most underwhelming way possible
nolebucgrl: they were, they giveth and they taketh away
nolebucgrl: but they giveth us the most important thing, the end of Chan
Tripp3235: Yes
nolebucgrl: everything else we can somehow get through
Tripp3235: and that, we can take with us forever
nolebucgrl: even blinding Jarlena sex
Tripp3235: Yes
Tripp3235: we’ve seen it before
nolebucgrl: we’ll see it again
nolebucgrl: we know it
Tripp3235: I don’t think I could have taken Channage sex
nolebucgrl: no…that’s true
nolebucgrl: we were spared that ultimate horror
Tripp3235: forever Kate will be my hero
Tripp3235: for that text message
nolebucgrl: and the love that transcends time (according to SOME people) comes to an end
nolebucgrl: hasta la vista Chan!
Tripp3235: well it just goes to show
Tripp3235: Snot is not nearly as thick as Blood
nolebucgrl: Hee, true!  Thanks for reading everyone!
Tripp3235: and thus breaks their wonderful bond
Tripp3235: Have a good weekend!


7 thoughts on “Snot is the Glue that Holds Them Together Part III

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  2. I can’t believe you both were strong enough to sit through the Jarlena scenes. I skipped as much as I could but couldn’t avoid the aftermath…no matter how long I scrub my temples with brillo pads doused in bleach, I can’t get it out of my mind.

    RM looked high as a kite in those scenes to me, it was the first thing I noticed along with how Daniel was talking slow to her like a lecture. I love that you ladies saw that too. I agree the Grannysex reveal was a total wash out.

    Yes, I would’ve paid money to see Daniel and Kate pausing, and then jumping on a pub table to reenact things…but, I guess there was already enough sex going on in that episode. Damn Jarlena. Curse on my life.

  3. Great blog ladies. I thought Marlooney was going to dump Jawn, but instead we get face sucking and sex. Ewwwwwww. The bad part is he never admitted he loves her. I expected Looney to do her best Sally Field impression at any minute – “He likes me, he really likes me!” He is in NO way hot enough to sleep with just because he likes you (unlike some other Dimera men). Marlooney has just sunk to a new level of pathetic. Thank God we had the end of Chan to counter balance this bs.

  4. Hee, the funny thing is we really had no clue that Jarlena sex was happening. Our horror was real! We’re spoiler whores but somehow that one got lost along the way. I knew it was coming but not when. It was truly terrifying. I agree though, at least the end of Chan and EJ in his stripes balanced things out somewhat.

  5. Thanks Mosiac, we enjoyed doing them. Honestly we may do this more often to brave Jarlena sex scenes more often.

    Sour, I’m still gonna hold out hope that if RM was “under the influence” it was because she had that twisted ankle she spoke of and her body type would allow her to get “drunk” very easily on the mildest medication. I also want to hold out hope they told her to underplay it since the show is going to try to make chan go away as fast as possible and she UNDERPLAYING it makes more sense. My dream is they have Chelsea admit she never was in love with Dan but she confused infatuation with love.

  6. I still don’t understand the whole need to bring Eve Plumb in as Marlena’s patient, but I will admit to being very afraid that Dora was going to turn out to be Andre in a fright wig.

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