First Step to Screw it Up: Make her underage

Well, I knew the promising relationship of Nick and Melanie would wind up getting screwed up.  They started with it’s downfall today by making her “not 18” yet. 

Why why why would the show do this?  What good could possibly come from her being under 18?  The only thing I can think of is it ensures that the path to “Mick” getting together would be a slow one since now they have to hold off to having sex but that’s small consolation.  Melanie being a minor probably also means she’s a virgin and I really wanted Nick’s next girlfriend to actually be more mature sexually then Chelsea.

Jailbait aside, there are other problems.  As a college professor, many viewers have wondered if Nick can really date one of the college’s students (the show has ignored this problem) but if she were underage adds in a whole new can of worms.  The show may choose to ignore that but it’s still there hiding.

I wanted her even older than 18.  Molly Burnett is actually 20 and I just assume they matched her character’s age up with her’s.  But NOOOOOO.  I know Melanie stating that she was still a minor meant she was still dependant on her father, but that isn’t that big of a deal. I know plenty young adults who are dependent on their fathers and it’s been already shown that Melanie is dependent on a type of allowance to live from her father.

I just pray I’m overreacting.  I probably am.  I frequently do, especially in regards to Nick who has gone this long without a story (really a year almost) and when he finally gets another love interest, she turns out to be a minor.  Great.

16 thoughts on “First Step to Screw it Up: Make her underage

  1. You? Overreact??? How could it be? Not Tripp!

    Ok, seriously, I watched today, and while I probably didn’t give Max/Mel my undivided attention, I never heard her age get established. Did I miss this?

    Even if she is 17, she’ll likely be SORASed in a month or two anyway. And frankly, it’s ok if they do take Mick slowly anyway, it would be refreshing change from the instaloves. Mel probably will turn out to be a virgin but that wouldn’t bug me the way it does you, I think it’d be nice to have Nick be the experienced one. Maybe that’s just me!

  2. Tripp, dahhling?[/Celeste] Don’t take this the wrong way, but…you worry too much.

    nolebucgrl is right, Nick’ll be the sex kitten instead…or tiger? lion? Rawr! Okay, let’s say Mel is a total prude, (and not to rag on Chels/RM) but odds are she’ll still be way more sexually mature than Chelsea.

    Do not fret.

  3. Tripp, I have to join in and agree that you may, perhaps, be worrying too much. This is, after all, the show that likes to ignore such things – professors/students, uncles/neices – and which also has a history of pairing up characters with substantial age differences – Bo/Hope, Jack/Jenn – and turn them into super couples without even batting an eye.

    Btw, I always kind of gave them a pass on the professor/student thing, because they were dating/involved long before he got the job.

  4. Ok fine. Beat up on me! Tell me I’m crazy! I’ll remember that the next time ya’ll want me to bash Jarlena’s next love scene!

    But it’s just what I wanted after going through bad!sex with Nick and no real love scene, I wanted an experienced girl/woman to be who Nick hooked up with next.

  5. u know why my Melanie is 17 years old because SHE WILL BE NICOLE’S DAUGHTER.

    Why are u saying she is a virgin, if she is a pretty heavy partygirl, then i am assuming she had sex before.

    The reason she is 17 years old cause of one reason, so they can make her NICOLE’S DAUGHTER.

  6. Hope was only 17 when she hooked up with Bo and look how good that has turned out to be. There was a big deal made about Hope’s 18th birthday and Bo finally admitting that he was in love with her. Now, I’m not saying they are the next Bope (as far as I’m concerned they are the greatest couple ever), but there is potential with Mel only being 17.

    I don’t think she will end up being Nicole’s daughter. Giving birth is not something you tend to forget once you have done it.

    I think Melanie is hiding something worse than being a party girl though. Maybe she supplements the money Trent sends to her by being a high priced hooker.

  7. I don’t know how they can say she’s Nicole’s daughter, plus if she was, I doubt Trent would have brought Melanie up then at all to her.

    Someone had a good idea that when Melanie turns 18, she might inherit something and that is something that scares Trent?

  8. yea but my Melanie has Nicole written all over her. This is days of our lives. trent could have paid the doctor off to tell nicole it was a stillborn and drugged her to make her forget she ever gave birth. she if she was drugged, she wouldn’t remember giving birth and there for no reaction to Melanie’s name.

    i am still alittle pissed that this france storyline is turning into a chelsea one, dont get me wrong, i love Chelsea but this was suppose to be Max and Stephanie’s noone elses well with the exception of Melanie.

  9. It’s funny that Chelsea just broke up with her father/boyfriend and Nick could potentially romance someone young enough to be Daniel’s daughter.

  10. For some reason, I thought I saw her drinking alcohol in a restaurant where they would presumably check ID. Or maybe I’m hallucinating again.

  11. Brandi, Well Chelsea was pretty much young enough to be Dan’s daughter too. Now if Dan’s daughter came to town and fell for Nick, that would be funny.

    Rules, she was drinking but they are in Europe where the drinking age is 16.

  12. It’s ok to comment Rules! The “Mick” scenes are fairly cute actually. I really like how Melanie and Nick started off, with Melanie trying to con him but Nick turning around and “tricking” her. And I do think Melanie seems more interested in Nick then Chelsea ever was from the start.

  13. TRIPP:

    Listen to me, the only reason why they made Melanie 17 is so she can be Nicole’s daughter. My Melanie is here to stay, i love her and Molly is so hot in those promo pics :).

  14. Yeah, Mel is awesome. I actually figured she was under 18, which makes her more ‘taboo’?? 18 would feel, disingenuous, it would feel like she’s 18 just to get her into the story. Like Chelsea and the drinking thing, ‘Aren’t they 18?” “Oh, they’re 21 now, didn’t you get the memo!?”

    Also, Nick doesn’t seem like the guy who would pressure anyone into sex and he seems more mature and cunning with her than he was with Chelsea. I like the whole, leading her to the jail thingy. So I think he’d be on top of this. (No pun intended)

    Mel being Nicole’s child has me divided; on one hand it makes absolutely NO sense, she would remember giving birth right?? I’m not a woman but giving birth is a memorable experience, I think, yet it’s DOOL, so I’m sure they can find explain it away.

    And again, Melanie is awesome. I’m kind of sick of St. Chelsea, and I still have no idea why she went to France?

  15. Yea, Klaus, I know Nick would never pressure her. And you’re right if she was exactly 18 it would seem disingenuous. (I was hoping they would make her 20 actually).

    I’m tired of St. Chelsea too. The OC job has me snarling since that is so unlike Chelsea to be good in.

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