Final Three

The final four (now final three) were left on Big Brother and for the first time, I didn’t hate anyone in the house.  I suppose out of them all, Jerry is my least favorite, the only reason I like him is because he’s Father Time and it would be something a guy that old could win this game but he tends to get on my nerves and it makes it difficult for me to root for him.

That said, I know that Dan and Memphis have a secret alliance.  So I know that Memphis wanted to be faithful and send Keisha home.  What I didn’t understand though is Keisha is LOATHED in the house.  Going up against her would probably ensure the opposite person of the money, even Dan.

I admit Memphis is well liked and kept his hands out of the blame game that usually occurs when people get sent home earlier then they felt they were meant to.  I like Memphis, though not because he’s from my home town, I loathe that principle. I’ve met many people here in Memphis that I wouldn’t root to find their way out of a paper bag, much less win $500,000 but I digress.

Maybe it’s cause I really like Keisha.  I am not saying I have agreed with all her decisions and she’s made some mistakes but to me she’s the most likable person in the house right from the start.  So it’s tough to swallow when you see that she went home and she deserves the money more than Jerry does.

I do have to give Dan credit. He’s played the game well.  I like him a lot and kind of am rooting for him though the guy needs to learn he does not have to shout in the diary room.  Dude, we’re right there!  Stop yelling!


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