Fallonator is Back!

For all of you Nick fans out there, I imagine it’s been a happy week.  It sure has for me.  Sure Nick got shot which isn’t exactly how I wanted his return to his own storyline to go, but given he’s got two girls worrying about him, it goes a long long way.As well as leaving Blake Berris shirtless.

So where are we going?  It feels very much like they are setting up for a triangle here…one with Nick at the center.  Instead of Chick being the sure endgame though, it feels very much like Chelsea is gonna play obstacle for Mick, the newest couple in town.

I’m really blown away at how lucky we are they cast Molly Burnett as Melanie Layton.  We’ve known in the past finding younger, inexperienced actors can be a crapshoot (remember Jed?)  But she’s doing an awesome job left and right.  It’s not just her scenes with Nick that I love, she’s even made me like Max, and that’s something I never thought possible.  The writers have found an excellent story to showcase Darin Brook’s moody looks which didn’t work under the ridiculousness of hiding his super math personality.  But in the context of outraged and disgusted sibling trying to protect his newfound little sister, it works very well.

Chelsea is also back I see.  Not just back with the Scooby gang as they are sometimes called but she’s back to her old self.  Having her blame Melanie for nearly being raped seems to go against Chelsea’s character, but I’m sure it’s because Chelsea is too jealous over Melanie’s closeness to Nick to see straight.  Now does she have a right to be jealous?  Hell no.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy Chelsea suffering and I imagine watching her and Melanie face off is gonna be fun.  I also think we are seeing little signs of Stephanie and Melanie bonding which also won’t sit well with Salem’s brat.

So that makes this week one of my favorite weeks on the show in a long time.  I fully admit I have seen Nick propping but after watching propping for Max, Marlena, Daniel, and Chelsea, I’m gonna sit back and soak it in.  I’m thrilled the Fallonator is getting the reSPECT he deserves!


16 thoughts on “Fallonator is Back!

  1. LOL, lovely entry. That lone cap of Max/DB made water shoot up my nose. It also took a me little longer to read this entry because of your first choice of picture. Nice. I love the Mick “close in” capture and little Chelsea acting like she’s pondering what kind of wood the door is made out of instead of the good kissing going on.

    What can I say…I’m like a little kid, I like the pictures.

  2. No, what is truly hilarious is that picture of Chelsea! HA!!! You did that on purpose didn’t you? I love it!

    I agree, it’s very nice to see Nick getting some much deserved attention. I wouldn’t mind a triangle that Chelsea loses out on. Molly Burnett is a total find and I really look forward to everything she does.

  3. All my dreams coming true in one week:) Just how many letters did you write Tripp?!!

    That was a great few shows. I’m even willing to forgive the sloppy writing (How exactly did Nick find Melanie? How exactly did he get into a private cabin on a private yacht?)
    I don’t care! Great payoff.
    I so can’t wait until Chelsea sees Melanie show up in Salem. Let the games begin!

  4. I love Nick! Chelsea is getting on my nerves big time though. We should have known that as soon as things went south with her granny screwing ex that she would come crying back to Nick telling him she made a mistake breaking up with him. I hope Melanie tells her, “get a life Bitch – the world doesn’t revolve around you!” I think I need to email that line to Dena right now…..

  5. maxxie: Honestly I think it was fine they skipped Nick “finding Melanie”. People have low tolerance for the younger crowd though it seems more people are enjoying it (because they should have put Nick front and center sooner!) I have gotten everything I’ve wanted with this except maybe the Nickfund coming out.

    JD: I’m happy too! Thanks for commenting.

    mosiac: Chelsea deserves to suffer a bit. But I kind of dig that emotional angst that comes from realizing you made a huge mistake. Can they redeem Chelsea enough for her to “Win Nick” back? I don’t know, it’s gonna be tough since Melanie is so awesome right now. (Hopefully they won’t screw her up!)

  6. brandi ITA about the hair. WTF happened again to Chelsea’s hair? She has a good cut, but keeps ruining it with that stupid side part/half bang thing draped over her forehead. And the skunk streaks are not helping either.

  7. “super math personality”–snerk.

    I like Chelsea’s haircut better than Melanie’s, because I don’t like long hair, but I do think Melanie is cute. Also, Chelsea’s stupid streaks need to GO. Either lighten it all over, which I think would look fine, or take it back all dark, but not those random four or five streaks. I guess she really wants to share everything with Grandma Kate.

  8. brandi11: ha, you know you opened up a whole new can of works with hair for this show!

    mosiac: Skunk streaks is a perfect explanation of what Chelsea has.

    Paxton: I do like Melanie’s hair. Molly showed up on Tivo’s weekly Days podcast and she said they asked her which she preferred, blond or redhead since they had too many brunettes. I think she was smart going with the redhead look.

  9. I don’t mind the red, although it does remind me unpleasantly of Shayna Rose, I just don’t like long hair very much. Just a personal thing.

  10. I am liking the cast of Melanie as well! Nick is growing into such a stud. On Thursdays show Sept. 24, 2008? He first looked great but more importantly? He knocked my socks off when he called Chelsea on her crap and that she was messed up. I LOVE that he didn’t let her wiggle her way back into his heart and that he stood his ground. He deserves so much better than Chelsea and to see him finally stand up to her and I mean REALLY stand up to her? Was fantastic to see! I was cheering! LOL

  11. I think Nick is going to end up with Chelsea, as much as I hate to say that. After the way she treated him she doesn’t deserve him. She needs to be alone for a while and maybe the next time she won’t be so eager to fall for the first guy who comes along and pays her a little attention, and dump a wonderful guy like Nick.

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