90210 is Back…but do we really want it?

Yes, I admit, I was rather eerily excited in the return of 90210.  But I get excited about documentaries on The History Channel on how they build bridges so I tend to be easily entertained.  Of course, so far the bridge documentaries so far have way more suspense (get it?  SUSPENSE?  Suspension brid…oh never mind!)

So, here is the rundown of the show so far.  I have yet to learn everyone’s name so bear with me.  I like Kelly (who looks prettier now then she did 10 years ago), Rob Estes, Ethan, the drunk grandmother and the bad chick who can sing really well but steals money out of BFF’s purse.

Who I can’t stand so far: Naomi (she looks older than her mom), the teacher hitting on Kelly (He might be interesting if he hooked up with Naomi), and each twin who are so boring and goody goody, they make Brandon and Brena when they first arrived in Beverly HIlls look like escapees from Oz.

On the fence: Silver and Lori Loughlin.

Yes, the twins.  What are their names?  Annie and…., yes I just haven’t gotten invested in him.  Sigh.

Let me get this straight, Silver’s boozing mother, the lovable Jackie Taylor, is making life such a living hell at home that Silver is secretly sleeping at a woman’s shelter instead of heading to her sister’s house?  The hell?  Also, am I to believe that Nameless’s presence is so important at a party where a renegade but stellar copy of the latest Bond flick will be shown, they are willing to wait for him and hang out at a bowling alley?  SERIOUSLY?

But probably the biggest ARE YOU KIDDING ME MOMENT was when Naomi was just so taken aback when she realized her father was having an affair with ANOTHER WOMAN and then shocked her mommy knew about it.  Is this not 2008?  Did she honestly think her parents were happy?  You’re telling me that all of her 16+ years her parents have been able to properly fool her into thinking they are a big, happy family like the Kansaseons?

It’s ok.  I can live with it. I was hoping that the return of Jackie would somehow give Silver a scar as her mom flung a booze filled glass at her over the disgust to find out she was calling herself Silver which then would alert Kelly that something might be wrong at home.  But nope.


15 thoughts on “90210 is Back…but do we really want it?

  1. His name is Dixon! That’s the kid I was telling you about from The Wire that was an enforcer for Marlo’s crew. Sadly he was far more interesting on The Wire. He’s still cute though.

    I agree with your like choices except for Ethan. I don’t get what makes him so studly. I like the rich guy that took Annie out, the “Dylan” character, much better. But then it was like that with the real 90210 too. hehe

    I’m not overly thrilled with Lori Laughlin, her “penis” line sounded so off and she’s really kinda whiny. Naomi is like the Andrea of the show, hehe, they should have made her Hannah.

    Yeah, so far it’s not very exciting. I’ll keep watching but I’m not into it myself.

  2. Dixon? Really?

    I don’t think Ethan is some kind of awesome stud but I like him. I think honestly he’s more like how Dixon SHOULD have been.

    I can’t get into the “Dylan” guy because they haven’t told us anything about him yet except he looks very much like the actor who last played Superman.

    I have always loved LL so it hurts when I’m not feeling her character.

  3. Do we really want it? uh….yeah! I really like Annie but I am not sure I can see Dixon being a “Brandon-like” character.

    The only thing that I don’t like is that they have made it seem like the dad/principal really had this history with the old 90210 that I really had to think if he was really on it or not. (Tripp clarified for me that he was in fact not part of the old gang). Other than that, I am really excited about it and not let down by the first 2 episodes.

    Now, Tripp, you ask how realistic it is that the guys wait for Dixon at the bowling alley……c’mon, how realistic was it that David was part of the cool group back in the 90’s??

    Looking forward to next week…..

  4. Yea, but David was never really a part of the group until his best friend blew his face away right in front of David right? And that’s what made the older guys take him in and let him be a part.

    Plus, this was several seasons in. Dixon has only been at that school for maybe 3 or 4 weeks.

  5. But you see, Ethan is being portrayed as the school stud. Blowjobs in the car, cheating on Naomi right and left, etc. I don’t see his appeal. Yeah, other guy is mysterious but as I recall, so was Dylan when the show first started. Quiet zen surfer dude. I don’t think he’s a regular yet but I think he should be.

    Dixon is ok, not really fleshed out at this point but he reminds me quite a bit of early Brandon before he fell for some badder girls and started acting up.

  6. But Ethan was clearly not the kind of guy who gets a blow job. I know we didn’t see the setup, but I just felt it was his way of acting out of a bad relationship and doing something really bad hoping to get caught, but unfortunately he gets caught by the wrong girl.

    Oh, wasn’t there some chick Brandon fell for with short blond hair and she was REALLY bad? Or am I confusing her with someone else?

  7. TRIPP

    Can i clear something up for you, Annie and Dixon are not twins. Dixon is Annie’s adoptive brother.

  8. Yes, Terry, I know that. It’s pretty clear given he’s a different RACE then Annie, but in this show (and in most shows), when one is adopted, they are referred to as FULL family members.

    And I’m sure Dixon and Annie would not be allowed to date.

  9. Terry is EVER so helpful!

    Anyhow, I thought it was made quite clear that Ethan could have any girl in the school and that he played around on Naomi. I admit I didn’t pay much attention cause he turned me off, but I’m quite sure that was not his first BJ. And dating a girl like Naomi? I think he’s the Steve Sanders of the show.

    You’re thinking of Emily, last name might have been Valentine or something like that? Yeah, she was into drugs and got him to take E I think!

  10. Yes but Steve was always a jerk and this guy seems too homebread for that. He’s got a conscience and I never remember Steve having one, especially early on.

  11. Ethan and Annie belong together, noone could ever be more true love then them. Naomi i hate her, i hate silver. My favorite is Annie.

    Ethan and Annie belong together. They are true love, like NICK AND MELANIE.

  12. Wait – who are Nick and Melanie???

    Often remakes are a letdown…I am still not 100% sold on this show yet. I stopped watching BH 90210 when they got into college so maybe I am not into change.


  13. Hee, Jenny. Don’t worry about Nick and Melanie. They have nothing to do with this show.

    The last episode was a bit better but I’m just not really caring a bit for the main featured family.

  14. The show is horrible yet I’ve set a season pass. As the ratings go down I’m sure they’ll get really desperate, Linda Grey will return as Ethatn’s grandmother, the producers will finally throw money at Tori Spelling who will convince them to recast David with Dean McDermott and we’ll get a Dynasty-esque catfight in a lily pond between Brenda and Kelly.

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