The problem with Sami…

Today, listening to Nicole’s rather amusing line of “in spite of being on death row…” about Sami who, in her words, has yet to pay for her mistakes/crimes.

After laughing at the obtuse nature people can refer to someone being on death row, it got me thinking.  Does anyone pay for their crimes in Salem?  Chelsea got community service for killing her brother (accidentally) while she paid no price for Ford’s death as well as hiding the body.  Only Max had to do community service for his role.  Marlena paid zero price with firing a gun at last year’s wedding and Kate didn’t pay much either with her fine (I think). Lucas did go to jail but he was only there for a few months.  Even my beloved Kayla managed to not only walk away after removing John’s kidney but keep her license. God knows Stefano never pays for his crimes and no one is losing sleep that Bo will lose his badge for hiding evidence for Philip.

So why should Sami be any different?  She’s done more then her fair share of crimes but one can’t say she has gotten away with them. All of her schemes, even the funny ones, were unveiled for all to see and usually in the most humiliating way. Sometimes she even got more then just the humiliation but blame on other people’s mistakes too.  Marlena immediately gave Carrie a free pass on her affair with Austin after she realized Sami’s blackmailing of Lexie pushed the doctor into lying to Carrie about her infertility which led the Blond one into choosing Lucas who had better sperm over her “twu luv” Austin and resulted in the two losing themselves and cheating on their significant others.  Um, ok.

Now that I’ve said all that, the problem is Sami is acting like a brat.  Her actions these last few months have gone from boring to downright annoying and it makes me want to FF through Alison Sweeney’s scenes for the first time ever.  Why is Sami acting like Lucas getting shared custody is the worst thing ever?  And why would taking their baby to the Horton cabin with Chloe make Sami react like he was renting rooms at a Hugh Hefner style hotel in the Middle East?

What’s sad and pathetic is how Dena has managed to write Sami to be the most boring character ever, even when she is ridiculously expecting EJ to suddenly join her in getting Ali out of Tom Horton’s Loveshack, I am not motivated to really watch.  It’s so strange. And obviously it’s spreading because Kate, her long time enemy, is bored too and gone off to have a life of her own complete with bedding hot doctors and getting proposals from Italian mobsters.

So my thoughts are, let’s fix Sami quick. I suggest having her move out of the Dimansion (unless she has already) and get a job.  And if ever a character needed to widen her social circle, it’s Sami. We need to see her interact with someone other than EJ, Lucas, Nicole, Marlena and even John.  How about Chelsea?  Another character who isn’t the same anymore.  Bonding last year did wonders for them and maybe it’s time to return.  A job idea would be let her join Steve’s detective agency as he no doubt would want to handle the business or accounting side of it.  It would give AS more excuses to wear her glasses too.  And maybe she could get a little too involved and wind up joining in on the sneaking fun!


6 thoughts on “The problem with Sami…

  1. Nobody ever pays for their crimes and Nicole bringing it up is rather hilarious. She tried to kill Victor and she ends up getting 25% of his fortune down the road. OKKKKKK! Tough luck you got there chicky.

    I have long wanted Sami and Chelsea to start hanging out, they were very similar characters until recent rewrites and I liked their bonding around the time of the last Lumi wedding.

    As you know, I have supported Sami joining Steve in a PI business for awhile now (I swear Dena ripped that shit from the boards). I also think she needs to make up her mind and decide what she wants in life, be it which man or whatever and go after it. Sami was always more understandable when she was fighting for something, and not something stupid like shared custody.

  2. I could just imaagine a conversation between these two now:

    Sami: I want EJ today…no I want Lucas…no EJ…no Lucas

    Chelsea: Well I want Daniel – no I want Nick – no I want Daniel – no I want Nick

    Such girl bonding!

  3. I love that Sami left the police station (in a cab!) and then went home and got all dolled all up for the Cocktail Party from Hell. She even sculpted a ridiculous up-do. Where are her priorities?

  4. Ah, did EJ ever go to prison for anything he did? And I won’t bother enumerating his crimes.

    I think putting EJ and Sami together was the death knell for her character.

    But what else is new?

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