Heroes is Back!

I must go on record first and say I got to watch Heroes last night in HD.  Absolutely awesome.  Was Sylar always this fine?  Peter looks good with or without the scar and Nathan is hot as always. 

It’s amazing on this show how each season has a completely different feel to it even though they tend to always predict the same thing: the end of the world.  This season manages to be darker then ever, no small feat since we don’t even know what half of Hiro’s formula will do yet.

Speaking of Hiro, how hilarious was his father’s video?  Of course Hiro was going to open the safe, I think 95% of the audience would have done the same, though admitting to be curious more than wanting a destiny I think.  I did feel sorry for Ando over Hiro.  We don’t know what happens between them (I bet we’re gonna find out) but Hiro saw one moment out of context.  I bet we find out Hiro goes evil and it’s Ando trying to save the world.

I admit I never imagined the person shooting Nathan would be Peter.  Good twist on that.  I’m surprised they went and showed us FuturePeter is here and among us while PresentPeter is stuck in the body of an ugly man and must run with the opposite of the Fantastic Four.  At least this season has twice the amount of Peter, something I could completely get behind.

I can’t believe they had Sylar open Claire up like that!  I wondered why she was losing feeling (thanks to previews) and hopefully she can get that back.  If she can’t feel pain, can she feel pleasure?  It’s interesting to find out Sylar is Claire’s uncle, Angela certainly has gotten around.

Speaking of getting around, Nikki aka Tracy is still alive and having either a new personality or a new alias.  It really is coming across as a new personality.  Jessica would have killed the reporter the first time she saw him and where did that power come from?

Finally, as different and unique each season feels, I see some things never change.  Mohinder is as gullible, predictable and idiotic as always (though incredibly hot).  I knew he was going to inject himself with the formula.  I had hoped he was honestly playing Maya ( she doesn’t appear as annoying as last season-yet) to make her angry and then he would inject her with the antidote to see if it would stop her.  But of course, he was just as he seems, worst scientist ever. 


7 thoughts on “Heroes is Back!

  1. How cool were the reveals last night? Angela is Sylar’s mother? Peter shot Nathan? (that one floored me) Hiro gets killed by Ando in the future. That’s totally gonna effect their friendship, should be interesting.

    Mohinder is indeed all kinds of dim, but they made up for that by having him be shirtless almost the entire time he was on screen. I can deal with dumb but pretty!

    Nooo don’t call Francis Capra ugly! Harsh! That’s my Weevil! I love him. I love that Peter’s trapped in the body of a villain and he’s gonna have to hang out with this other villains and probably defeat them with this other guys power. It’ll be awesome to watch.

    Lived up the hype for sure. I’m kinda bothered by Tracy, Nikki was probably one of my least favorite characters and I wouldn’t mind her being gone permanently. Oh well, we gotta figure out if she’s another personality or perhaps a twin or something. Her power is pretty cool, poor Greatest American Hero guy!

  2. That was the greatest american hero guy? How did I miss that? I thought he looks familiar!

    I forgot to say that it’s a good thing Mohinder is pretty cause he sure is dumb.

    And I think Capra is ugly when he is masking the prettyness of Milo!

  3. Well Capra is a badass villain, Milo is a pretty hero! hehe No harshing on him. I do wish we just had 2 Peter’s running around though, that could never be wrong.

  4. Hooray!! Heroes is back!!

    Mohinder,ugh! Seriously. I inject yourself on a dark pier with an unknown substance? Besides the possibility of infection from an un-sterile needle, hasn’t he ever heard of a lab rat? (Yes, I know animal cruelty issues, plus it pulls the story along faster, but still!)
    “What’s happening?!” Maybe you would know if you conducted a few clinical trials first! No sympathy from me…but yes, he is very hot. Lucky for him.

    Sylar has hot possibilities, but I can’t get over the eyebrows. Him and Peter Gallagher. It’s me. I have a thing.

    I love Peter. Both Peters. Funny, because I was not such a fan when he was Jess on Gilmore Girls. I was a Dean fan. But now he is older, more mature looking, better bod, totally hot. The only thing better than two Peters would be three.

    Not crazy about new-Nikki. Whatever her name is now. They need to get a consistant storyline for her fast because she could totally kick ass if they let her.

    I have to say after so much time off I was afraid they wouldn’t live up to the hype. But I am totally invested again. Go Heroes!

  5. Yes Maxxie, Mohinder makes Frankenstein look conservative.

    I never saw Gilmore Girls. I saw Milo in a movie once but can’t remember what it was. (It wasn’t very good).

    I’ve not been too much of a Niki fan, but I do think the actress is talented. But I’m really tired of the multiple personality thing.

  6. fuck me……… Jesus this whole series is just one big cluster. Now that they realized rehashing old X-men storylines doesn’t do crap against the people who know better, they’re switching to this soap-opera crap of ‘In reality, I am your uncle’s nieces bestfriend’s dog groomer- nanana!!!!’

    This ‘new feel’ stuff is just another gimmick to try and earn ratings.

  7. Hiro was cracking me up. He had the formula a whole what? Five seconds before he lost it to someone else?

    Hiro being rude to Ando was funny. Poor guy. I love how Hiro assumes that Ando was the bad guy. Ummm, Hiro. You could of been the bad guy…

    This season looks great and I am so excited. I still don’t see the purpose of Maya. Maybe she will become a better character this year.

    I am still pissed they killed off that smart girl that remembered everything she saw or read. I loved her and Hiro together…

    Oh and Nikki’s “icing” of the Greatest American Hero was cool.

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