Murder She Wrote

So I’m sort of, kind of, getting my wish awhile back to a murder mystery on Days.  Of course, I might have asked for someone other than Dena to write it. It’s not that bad, it’s actually the most interesting story going on with the show now, but it does remind one of an average episode of Murder She Wrote.

So Trent is dead. We know because after he and Caroline hilariously rolled around on top of OMB’s grave, we see a large ass knife in his back.  Of course Caroline pulls it out and rolls him over so she looks like she was struggling with him there in the cemetery.  If she begins to believe Max did it, she might try to cover but how long can that last?  Why would she bring such a giant knife with her to the CEMETERY along with her Wizard of Oz like basket of flowers?  Never mind, let’s go down the list of suspects:

Nick Fallon: I put him first because he’s my favorite character.(Plus he’s looking oh so hot lately).

Because I can't have enough pictures of Nick!

Because I can't have enough pictures of Nick!

How awesome that he’s a suspect and featured in the story?  Six months ago he was hardly on and looked quite likely to be let go. I think the show could have actually given him a stronger motive. The other day when Nick was throwing his grant money away so easily, I was fine with the gesture but since Trent was refusing to leave it didn’t make much sense.  I’d have liked Nick to have given Trent the money thinking he would leave town, but of course Trent doesn’t and that really enrages Nick.  Don’t mess with abusing the Nickfund!  Of course, even if they had done that, I’d have a hard time believing Nick did it.  The only thing going for him is he is one of the few characters on this show who really killed someone (probably the last thing linking him with Chelsea, the other notorious killer of Salem). But I can’t see him showing up at his Aunt’s restaurant perfectly fine with just some minor scrapes on his knuckles.  Dena is writing Nick a bit cooler and smoother, but that is too much.

Melanie Layton: We don’t know enough about her so is it possible for her to show up at the restaurant like nothing happened if she mortally stabbed her father?  Maybe, she was shown to have an icy heart when she was first introduced but the character’s direction has changed somewhat.  Even if she was capable, I have a hard time thinking she’s stupid and bringing his wallet with her would tie her back to his body.  Cute scenes with Nick by the way.

Max Brady: Right now the most likely suspect.  He certainly has the temper for it and if I had a dollar for everytime he’s threatened to kill Trent, I’d be a rich man.  Could the bloody shirt be left over from his earlier smackdown of Trent? I don’t know, I still remember when Max showed up at Nick’s party with grease on his face so he’s not exactly Mr. Hygiene.  Still…if there is one thing to learn on soaps, the most likely suspect never does it and I doubt I could be so lucky as the way we get rid of boring Max is they send him to prison.

Nicole Walker: (Hee, I almost wrote Nicole Wallace). Honestly, I think if the show has the balls to make it one of the main suspects, then it would be her.  She’s attempted murder before and though Nicole has softened somewhat, we have learned you don’t mess with her attempts at money and that’s just what Trent did.  Casting says a new character is on the horizon (FBI) who will come become attracted to Nicole.  If she was the real murderer, that could be a way for them to get her OUT OF TROUBLE by the guy covering for her.  We’ll have to see.

Claude: I think in the end, we’ll get the lame ending as we always do, and it will turn out to be Claude.  We even had a phone call from him earlier which means being in jail for the France business does not keep Trent safe from him.  That might be what sends in the FBI to investigate.

So have I missed anyone? I surely thought John would be a likely suspect because of Trent’s interest in Marlena but I guess that recent seizure alibi’s him.  I really hope they don’t point the finger at Stefano again, pretending he had offscreen ties to Trent.


15 thoughts on “Murder She Wrote

  1. You forgot Kayla! HEHE Did you see that ad today showing potential murderers? They had Kayla in there for some reason I couldn’t begin to grasp.

    Anyway, Victor is potential, he made a call to Nico about Trent after he found out what he did to Nicole. Don’t think it’s him, but he’s one of the list of potentials at any rate.

    I’m sure we’ll get stuck with the least known suspect, Claude, because that sucks. hehe I’d love for it to be Max and he goes bye bye. Or maybe Chelsea stabbed him after she finished throwing her bitchfit at the hospital? She is the shows most successful killer after all!

  2. Kayla? KAYLA? Hee, now that is hilarious. I saw the promo on the website but didn’t remember Kayla. How funny.

    I did forget about Victor but I feel like Vic murdering someone nowadays is pretty unlikely and once Caroline is arrested (SPOILER!) he would come forward to protect her.

  3. The killer is ether Max, Nicole or Clyde.

    Did you see those straches/bruises on Max’s back, i highly doubt Stephanie did, BTW I love the STAX scenes.

    Melanie knowing Melanie sees her father laying on the ground and just takes his wallet. lol MELANIE DOES NOT HAVE WHAT IT TAKES TO KILL SOMEONE, I KNOW HER TOO WELL ALREADY. Her having his wallet is too obvious for her to be the killer, ITS CLYDE.

    Nicole might be the killer but if she is, she will get away with it. She is Melanie’s mother, so Nikki isn’t going.

    so in the end it will be CLYDE.

  4. Yeah, what was up with Caroline rolling around with Trent screaming GET OFFA ME! GET OFFA ME! Um, he’s dead honey, don’t flatter yourself.

    Out of all the real characters on this show, Nicole is definitely the most likely and capable. Her motive runs much deeper than anyone else’s because of what Trent did to her firsthand. Other than that, it’s SO Claude. I’ll be shocked if it isn’t (but I do have small hope that Dena will be cool enough to know we suspect him, and make it someone else). We know Nick can’t kill anything, after all, it’s taken him a few years to even YELL at someone. He’s no killa.

    I might like if Melanie did it, but I can’t see it actually playing out that way. If any one of Trent’s children did it, it was Max. DIE MAX, DIE.

    Has anyone even thought about the physical part of the murder at all? There’s no way feeble Caroline or tiny little Melanie could attack Trent and kill him on the spot. I don’t care how short the guy is or what people say is in Caroline’s chowder…it just ain’t possible.

  5. I know I am dreaming, but I want Max to be the murder. That way we can have 2 deaths – Trent’s and the couple known as Stax. DIE STAX DIE!

  6. We know Nick can’t kill anything, after all, it’s taken him a few years to even YELL at someone. He’s no killa.

    Wait a minute, Sugar, you’re forgetting about Willow! Nick wouldn’t kill on purpose, but he’s all about the accidental killings!

  7. Terry, his name is Claude, not Clyde.

    Sour, Yes, I was gonna say don’t forget about Willow but he didn’t want her to die so of course, she died. I bet Chelsea will be really angry if Nick made her fess up to Ford’s murder only to be willing to kill for Melanie (ha).

    Mosiac, Isn’t it weird how Stax have remained together for what seems like forever? They are marginally better than Shelle. That isn’t saying much.

    Nole, you know, really Nick didn’t kill Willow. The rock did.

  8. I hope that it was Nicole and then Stephano gets her out cause you all know why. (spoiler). Stephano would be the only one with the means, besides Victor, to do that.

  9. I would so love it if the killer turned out to be Max and he got sent off to prison with Patrick Lockhart never to return. WHY does he get so much screen time? I ask you, why???

  10. JD: I have a feeling that news that Stefano would like to hear on Nicole will take forever since I’m sure Nicole won’t get a chance to tell EJ anything.

    Paxton: I actually noticed recently that DB seems to be at every fan event. I can’t think of a fan event in the last year where there were more than 4 actors attending and he didn’t go. Maybe that’s the key to his success?

  11. DB is at every fan event? I have a weird feeling he may one day overtake the show a la Steve Burton on GH and then start selling Monavie Energy Drink to fans.

  12. This is the first time I have been into the younger crowd in YEARS!

    Nick has been looking hot and I am loving him! It is so good to have him back on the canvas.

    As far who done it? I don’t know. I have a feeling it will be Claude…but I would to be surprised and find out it was actually one of the salemites. One can hope!

  13. brandi: I’m sure he isn’t at every fan event, but I do think he’s the most consistent actor to show up everytime.

    And you know what? Now that you mentioned it, Steve Burton and DB are a good comparison!

  14. Do you think they will actually surprise us this time? Do you think they will make it a Salemite?

  15. I don’t know. There are ways in making it a Salemnite w/o shipping them off to jail. But my gut says if it really is one, then this will explain their exit from the show.

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