Fashion shows

The thing that’s neat about watching 90210 is how it reminds me of my days in high school.  Growing up in high school, I would rush home quickly to turn on the TV and watch 90210!

That said I think this week’s show was pretty good.  I didn’t mind Dixon, probably because they dared to let him act up properly.  I’m not really sure there is chemistry between he and Silver, I was really shocked that Kelly didn’t suggest Silver go live with the Wilson’s while she went out of town to visit Dylan.  I’d have liked to watch

I’m still liking Naomi, though I’m constantly amazed at how bad her hair looks.  Though I would have preferred that she had not been channeling Hayley Mills with wanting to keep her parents together, it’s been fairly interesting ot watch the evolution of how she has pulled more and more stunts to get their attention which will climax to next week’s attempt at drug use (or at least pretend to be).

I also, surprisingly, like Adrianna.  Sure, she’s a mega bitch and drug addict, but I find her fascinating and would love to see more of her dysfunctional relationship with her mom. I would like to warn her though about making cracks at Brenda, Shannen Doherty will whoop her ass easily.

As for Annie, you know, she’s boring to some extent but for some reason I find her quite likable.  I’m also wishing to tell the casting director great job matching her up to her on screen mom Lori Loughlin who STILL doesn’t have a lot to do on this show.  I have this bad feeling if she got fired from her job last night, she’d be satisfied to suddenly turn into housewife/mom shutting the twins back and forth to school.

I saved the best for last.  The Dylan phone call that created turmoil between Kelly and Brenda like old times.  Not that Brenda and Kelly were fighting over Dylan when they were in high school.  Seems to be Kelly and Dylan didn’t hook up until after HS.  I am wondering though if Ryan knew what he was doing when he put the bug in Kelly’s mind?


5 thoughts on “Fashion shows

  1. This weeks show was alright, but now that Brenda and Kelly are out, I’m probably close to being out too.

    I am wondering what Dixon’s story is, they’ve hinted a few times that something weird occurred with his adoption, so that could be good. Maybe. Probably not. We’ll see.

    Adrianna is interesting and her mother would be good to keep around. Can’t agree with you Naomi though, I can’t stand her.

  2. I knew Kelly would be gone for awhile but Brenda too? I thought they were starting something with Ryan there?

    I don’t know why I like Naomi.

  3. Yeah Shannon only signed for 4 episodes. I think she’s done all 4. Sucks don’t it?

    Hee, I don’t know why you like her either, I think she looks like she’s sneering constantly, looks as old as her parents and has a crappy personality. But to each their own! 🙂

  4. I like Naomoi on this show because I hope that it keeps her away from Nip/Tuck. Yes, I am selfish.

    Also, my high school used to put on fashion shows (I was in the fashion modeling club) and we never had Lori Loughlin come in and photograph them. I guess because Full House was still on.

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