Ugh, Don’t Go There Again! (Spoilers)

So Days for me on the whole has been quite enjoyable.  Not because of Lucas/Chloe/Sami/EJ/Nicole  that’s as irritating as ever.  I’m pissed off Morgan was written out in the lamest way since Billie.  They have restricted Stefano to babysitting and of course I don’t get enough of Steve/Kayla.  But I can overlook much of that.  Why?  Nick has been written to be confident, fun, playful, flirtatious, SMART, and charming.  He’s got two girls swarming around him and he’s even listed as a suspect in a big murder story.  (I also am really enjoying the Kate storyline but that’s another subject).

That is until this week.  I wasn’t that worried when he only aired this past Monday (because his scenes with Melanie were awesome and hot).  But since then he’s hardly been on, only mentioned by Chelsea to Hope but not as much as I would like.  I saw that Melanie and Philip began interacting but it really fell flat so I wasn’t that worried and wanted to concentrate more on the 17 year casting call for a good looking guy.  This has circulated rumors that the show is not motivated to pursue Mick which makes me believe that my only complaint on them supports that theory, ie., they are moving too fast.

Geeky Guy and his new bad girl

Geeky Guy and his new bad girl

So I have already watched Monday’s show and Melanie/Philip are already interacting in a typical soap manner.  I’m not concerned that much for Melanie to be interested in him.  She is right that he’s hot and cute and successful.  But Philip should NOT be interested back.  Many people against Phorgan insisted Morgan was just too young for him so I don’t see how a 17 year old girl could fly.  I’ve made it clear I was not happy with their decision to make her under 18 for Nick, but I’m sure not gonna accept it for Philip who has to be close to 30 (sorry but the HS reunion they had a year ago had to be a ten year), the head of a corporation, and to be looking at someone barely out of HS.

Has the show not learned nothing from the Chan debacle?  Sure…they are closer in age then Chelsea and Daniel, and Jay Johnson is not playing this like he is uncomfortable to talk to Molly Burnett.  But why would they end Phorgan just to have him go for an even YOUNGER girl who already has dynamic chemistry with Nick?

Speaking of Nick/Melanie, I do admit I love them so far and am biased since I desperately want a Melanie/Nick/Chelsea triangle.  I haven’t given up on Chick, but I want sincerely interested in Mick and want them to be given a real chance.  It’s not just a Chick 2.0 story because Chelsea was more of a brat than a bad girl. Melanie is young but she does not make excuses for her behavior (like Chelsea continues to do) so it will be interesting to see how that conflicts with Nick’s obvious straight arrow path.

Of course, I may be making something out of nothing.  We do know the show is bringing in Brady and with Philip admitting he still loves Chloe (lamely) then no doubt there will be a triangle there.  But Brady isn’t here yet but Chloe is seeing Lucas and I get the feeling Philip is not going to go after his brother’s rebound girlfriend so this Melanie diversion might be filler for him and Melanie until they end Lucas/Chloe (and remaining consistent, probably lamely).  They do need to split Mick up, I enjoyed the lap kiss very much last week (see above) but they are basically already together and I wanted more of a build up to the relationship.  We know Nick gets a DUI this week which looks like it’s a mixture of Trent’s murder and Melanie’s actions so I presume this is the writer’s way of achieving that result.

So here is what I hope because lately a lot of my hopes have been going well for the show in the Nick department.  I hope that Melanie/Philip is nothing but a chance for the two to interact and Melanie to coo over a “hot guy”.  Nick winds up spotting them, approaches them where he sees any or a combination of the following:

  • Overhears Melanie downplaying her feelings for Nick for Philip’s benefit.
  • Overhears Melanie tell Philip he’s her hero for helping her (after Nick got shot for her, that has to sting).
  • Possibly Melanie kissing Philip (who hopefully will be shocked and pull away).

Now in these scenarios, Melanie might not immediately notice that Nick was there and overheard/saw anything.  Nick will run out and head to the nearest bar, this would probably help give more suspicion for Nick to be the killer because he could lament on what he “did” to Trent for a girl who obviously didn’t really like him.  Somehow Melanie finds out that Nick was there and overheard, and I’d like to think she would go find him, probably because she is more drawn to the geeky boy then she thought.  She finds him at the bar and he’s in no mood to see her so he runs away, gets in the car and gets his DUI (normally not drinking and driving but his reaction to seeing Melanie allows leave of his senses).

So there you go. Nick doesn’t come out looking as well as he has been, but that’s ok.  I don’t want my favorite characters perfect.  I love Nick being confident but it’s obvious rooted in the high he has from feeling attention from Melanie. If she sees she gives that attention to any guy (and Philip is pretty random, especially from Nick’s POV) it will help bring back his confidence issues and help to estrange Mick up some, possibly even letting Chick draw closer since Chelsea is at a severe disadvantage with him.

Of course, none of this helps with the 17 year old casting spoiler, but maybe the part isn’t that important.  We’ve not seen any other casting news for parts like this so even though it says contract role does not mean he’s going to be an important contract role.  As much as I would hate to see Philip/Melanie (at least at this time), I think having two newbies begin a love story on Days is stupid and pointless.   Viewers rarely warm up to new characters, and they are going to be unlikely to support a love story of two characters they are not invested in.  But I guess all we can do is wait.


14 thoughts on “Ugh, Don’t Go There Again! (Spoilers)

  1. I really don’t think Phelanie is going to go anywhere. I understand your concern for Nick but I have a feeling we’re going to get Chick 2.0, which I am really not in favor of due to Chelsea’s being a raging bitch that I hate now.

    I would hate for Mick to be derailed but I also admit that they’re going a bit quicker than I expected. Maybe throwing Philip in there is just a way to slow things down briefly.

  2. Hee, I meant chick 2.0 for mick, since it’s kind of a retelling of the story but we are also having a sequel to Chick with Chelsea possibly.

    And I would be fine with them throwing Philip in to slow it down as long as he doesn’t respond. He’s already responding too much for my tastes.

  3. JKJ sparks with one and all except for Kristen Renton, so I wouldn’t worry too much about the mere fact that he can’t keep his hotness from radiating. This is not to downplay your fear, which I totally share, that the show will make an incredibly boneheaded move. You could never convince me, not in a million years, that Philip would be interested in Melanie. Never. But if it starts working out that way, I’ll take a page from the lunatic fringe fanbase book and quit watching the show but complain loud and long all across the internet.

  4. Hee, now Paxton. Does this mean you are admitting that Philip sparked with Belle? Hmmm? *wants to hear it* LOL.

    I’ll complain too though I won’t quit watching unless they fire Blake (which I would have a lot to say about that but I’ll hold back for now). I do have to admit though, it may make me hate Philip which I could probably then understand your Phorgan hatred.

    What I mainly worry about is, that Philip is used to just breakup Mick permanently so Melanie could possibly hook up with the new guy and Nick is left to leave or be with Chick (which if that happens now is consolation prize and I do not want that).

  5. Hey, I admitted it back then–don’t you remember me saying repeatedly that it wasn’t Jay’s fault that he was the only living human being on the planet who could coax a touch of sexiness out of MM? And Philip should not be shackled with Belle just because he was the only one who could do that? I feel like I said it a thousand times! But maybe–maybe–you don’t hang on my every word. It wasn’t lack of chem for me, it was the fact that I hate hate hate hate hate Belle.

    I do understand your fear that Philip is just a vehicle to break up Mick. But I just can’t see it. I just can’t. No. I won’t allow it. IT MAKES NO SENSE!

  6. I remember your Belle hate. I just wanted you to still admit the chemistry. It’s fun to get you to reluctantly admit Belle didn’t suck at something (though she did suck on Philip’s face enough, and who could blame her?) I guess that new face of his has really paid off.

    It doesn’t make sense. And without knowing how Nick’s DUI goes down, I’m gonna guess we still have Mick interaction because Nick reacts to Melanie BLAMING herself (somehow, not certain how sincere she will be) over the DUI and denies it (which usually means she is right.)

  7. So we still don’t have any spoiler information about how he gets the DUI? I’ve been wondering about that. It’s so not like Nick. It seems unlikely that it happens because he’s at a party and drinks too much–with everything everyone’s got going on who would be just out having a good time? It does seem like it must be because he’s depressed about something, but again could that be because he is worried about Melanie and/or Max being involved in Trent’s murder? It hopefully has nothing at all to do with worrying about Philip and Melanie, although honestly I myself need a drink thinking about it!

    And yes, hee, on the new face, which will never not be funny! Imagine how devastating it would be to divorce Kyle Brandt, he leaves town and comes back as JKJ. Out of all the divorces lately that haven’t been finalized, you have to know Belle wished hers hadn’t been!

  8. I agree, the DUI is especially not like Nick. he’s gotten drunk before when he’s depressed but I think he is never going to be so smashed he would drive himself home, if there is one thing Nick is, he usually is aware of his limitations.

    Too bad they don’t mention the new face anymore. I always found it quite funny that both Philip and Shawn were recasted, but JKJ used to play Philip initially and yet they chose to confront his changed looks.

  9. Poor Nick, I feel like he gets in trouble for everything! He’s always blamed for “murder” or arrested for “DUI” while meanwhile Max can threated his father’s life and hold a broken beer bottle to his neck and all is forgiven. Nick’s a Horton; he should be treated better than this.

  10. Well Max is a pseudo Brady so of course he gets away with it (though Caroline is being made an example of).

    I’m still irritated that Nick was seen at fault for marrying China when everyone left him there with a concussion in a strange city obviously acting not himself!

    I guess I should just be happy Nick is on at all given where we were six months ago.

  11. I Loved the lap kiss but it wasn’t blake, Molly was kissing…it was me. Yea i pictured my self as Blake. I didn’t even notice it was blake,it was all me hehehe.

    Nick isn’t a geek anymore, he may not be as charming as the Max but he is great.

    now Melanie is my badgirl, if i had to pick mel or chels…def Melanie. She is my all-time fav character. i am her number 1 fan

  12. The problem I had with ‘chan’ is that I saw NOTHING in Chelsea that would interest a 40+ doctor besides her appearance. They had little , if anything, in common. It seemed so random.

    Melanie and Phillip, something rubs me the wrong way, yet it feels better than ‘chan’. Perhaps that was TPTB’s plan all along? Bring us the devastation that was ‘chan’ so likewise relationships don’t seem that bad.

    I think, being in competition Phil would give Nick some sort of inferiority complex. Like with Dan, I loved when he was trying to be ‘manly’. Haha. But he’s got that ‘I took a bullet’ card, which is awesome.

    Ultimately, I think it would be better if Phil played ‘hard to get’ and stopped flirting with her, it would be amusing to see as Melanie doesn’t look like a girl who is told ‘NO!’ by the opposite sex. And it would show that SOMEONE on this damn show can resist temptation, revulsion not counting.

    Anyways, I like bitchy Chelsea, far more than the Chelsea that is really Abby in disguise.

    For the record, lol, I don’t like Brady. It’s primarily Victor’s and Sami’s fault with all the ‘You turned my grown, married, responsible, GROWN, (blank) into a druggy!’ Man, I hated that little arc.

  13. Klaus, I agree. I saw nothing that would explain how Dan “fell” for Chelsea. And SC was playing it like a harmless crush until he suddenly decided he had feelings back.

    I also have to laugh at how Chan was a trick to get us to consider Philip/Melanie: “not as bad”.

    I don’t know Brady and have no idea how I’ll find the character. But first thing I require is he can act.

  14. Philip doesn’t need to play hard to get, he just needs to have the appropriate disinterest a man of his age and experience would have in a girl like Melanie. Unfortunately JKJ is teh hotness so a certain amount of flirtatiousness is probably inevitable. The other reason I actually wouldn’t want him playing hard to get is that, on this show, that would merely spur Melanie on to try to get him. She should fail, of course, but I don’t trust TPTB any farther than I can throw them. A one-sided crush by Melanie not reciprocated by Philip, that’s all I will accept or allow.

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