Heroes: Back to Awesome

So I was thrilled with last night’s Heroes.  It was not just awesome it was PeterSylartastic!  I never thought I’d be given a storyline where you have Peter possibly turning to the dark side while Sylar could have been mistaken for Clark Kent.  No possible way to buy that!  Of course, I still don’t understand Peter had to “take” Sylar’s power instead of just auto absorbing them (maybe he figured a way to turn the auto thing off).

Something else I don’t understand is what are they going to do with Mohinder?  I presume the events in the future are going to be “saved” but it looks like there is no cure for Mohinder.  Anyone think he reminds them of Voldemort from the first movie? When he was eating off of unicorns?

A small complaint is Claire as I’m not buying her as a bad girl.  Angela’s vision featured Claire getting her head chopped off so did that future change?  Anyway, you can slick her hair back and put her in leather, but she still looks too young and too much of a cheerleader to me.  Someone else who hasn’t changed much (and four years later she should) is Molly who looked the exact same age .  Of course I try not to remember Molly so that maybe it.  As long as they don’t bring back Janice.

Did Matt see the exact future we see?  We know he saw scenes from the future but how much of what we saw did he see (if any)?  Does he know that he and Daphne were married?  Since he knows what her hair looks like in the future, is that enough to prevent the union?

Hiro and Ando still annoy me because they pretty much appear to be unable to figure anything out for themselves or when they try they make things so much worse.  Ando getting onto Hiro for listening to Angela was fine until she told them about Adam and they just dug him up. Not that I’m complaining but what can he do?

So not interested in Tracy but I am fascinated at the gigantic size of her sunglasses she was wearing next to Nathan in the future.  I have a feeling that Nathan should have let Tracy just jump off but maybe that comes from wanting him to do the opposite of whatever Linderman says.


2 thoughts on “Heroes: Back to Awesome

  1. Peter and Sylar together makes me squee. Peter fighting the dark side excites me. Sylar calling Peter his brother thrills me. I just love anything that involves the two of them together! So did Peter kill Nathan in the future or did he stop in time?

    Mohinder is turning into a giant bug. I was enraged that they didn’t show me what he became, just hid him away. The Fly!! hehe

    I agree on Claire, I just don’t buy her as future bad ass. And since she’s working with Knox and Daphne, who right now are a villain and a nemesis respectively, is she on the wrong side? Is future Peter a villain? Is current Peter going to become one? If the show became solely about Peter and Sylar with Nathan and Angela appearances would I be upset? hehe I can answer that last one!

    Tracy does not interest me either. I guess she might be better than Nikki but I feel gypped that she’s even there at all. She can die too, after Maya.

  2. So what would happen if we got Peter, Nathan AND Sylar with brotherly love? Hee one big happy family!

    I liked Nikki and if they were going to keep her, then keep her. Don’t make her a total new character because we have already had the actress in dual roles already. They even setup for another person later.

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