Ethics Smethics

Finally getting around to blogging about The Office.  Oh, it’s returned!  All our favorites such as Jim, Michael, Kevin, Dwight, Angela, Andy and Pam (though usually by webcam).

Ok, maybe some of them aren’t your faves. And probably taking them one on one, you can’t stand them.  But here mixed in like a great big soup of common corporate America, they are hilarious.

So taking the last two episodes, my favorite joke probably ever on this show was not by Jim but by Dwight.  How completely perceptive of him is to tell Holly that Kevin was “special” and how did that escape my own attention?  Of course they cut the gag short which is probably for the best, don’t want to ruin it by letting it go far too long.  Holly getting onto Angela was perfect because even if Kevin isn’t “mentally challenged”, Andy’s cheating fiancee has no right to talk to him like that.  Of course, Holly was too shocked to find out Kevin was mentally unchallenged (probably very true) to point that out.

Holly is a great new character.  She’s so deliciously dorky, and probably perfect for Michael.  I felt sorry for her last week, when Michael couldn’t hide his inner bad manager any longer and gave immunity to employees for bad ethical behavior.  Of course, Meredith admitted to a doozy, sleeping with a supplier for them to get discounts (and steak passes).  Holly was shocked and outraged, but helpless to do anything about it, even when it was finally brought to corporate’s attention.

I was mainly worried that this would bring out the worst in Michael, threatening to tell his “I told you so’s” to her and ruin whatever chance he might have at a good relationship.  But he surprised me with his chilvarlous behavior by getting all “bad boss” on the employees and making them complete their ethical training.  Of course, if this had happened to Toby, Michael would have let him languish out there on his own, and probably refused to sign the needed forms. Oh, wonder what they are going to do with Toby?

I miss Pam and noticed she was only in this week’s episode by voice.  I hope she returns soon, it’s not the same without her.


4 thoughts on “Ethics Smethics

  1. Hee, I love The Office. It was fun to watch Jim messing with Dwight over the time wasted at the office.

    I was pleasantly surprised that Michael was supportive of Holly even though he was against her ratting out Meredith. The ending, where they’re sitting around eating their Outback and rejoicing was just awesome.

    Toby’s in a hospital somewhere, I imagine he’ll be back soon, I don’t know that Holly gets to stay around, what with the Jan drama set to play out as the year goes by! I hope Michael gets to hook up with her though, his cluelessness about her interest in him just makes me laugh.

  2. Hee, what made me laugh was how much time Jim was wasting in counting up how much time Dwight was wasting. LOL.

    I actually really like Holly. Though I love Toby, I have gotten bored with the Toby/Michael feud and am not looking for that to return. Maybe Toby can come back in a different position?

  3. I just wouldn’t get too attached to Holly, the actress who plays her was nominated for an Oscar and is probably pretty highly in demand. I’m pretty sure she’s only around for a certain numbers of episodes.

    Hee, Jim’s cataloging of Dwight’s nonwork time took up his whole day and made him exhausted to the point that he was going to go home early! It was hilarious!

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