CSI Premiere

As many of you know, I have sworn off CSI from time to time.  I embarrassingly admit it’s due to the horror of the Grissom/Sara (GSR) relationship, as well as the severe propping of Gil Grissom, played by William Peterson, executive producer.

I won’t rehash why I hate the GSR relationship.  Let’s just say I think it basically is a poorly matched couple, who would never work out in real life and in order for them to come about, the woman’s dignity was crushed, slayed and destroyed under the onslaught of a million bugs of Grissom’s choosing.  Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration.  But the moral of the story here is that no matter how much a guy insists he doesn’t want to date you, make sure you stay true to him forever and ever, because eventually he’ll come around, and you should be there waiting!

So I knew Sara would return for Warrick’s funeral.  I knew there would be some GSR moments.  I managed to skip those.  What I had forgotten about, was how the show loves to push Gil Grissom who usually cowers at the idea of talking about his feelings or talk to people in general, up and over as the ultimate boss, friend (and I guess lover).  I can’t believe the show’s stunt that showed us Warrick on tape talking about how much he wants to be a father to a contrived, out of left field, child but that his model basically is Grissom who has been his inspiration and helped him be the man he is today.

I also was annoyed that Grissom gave Warrick’s Euology.  Shouldn’t that have been NIck?  Ok, how about all the CSI’s pitch in and talk about what Warrick meant to them?  We didn’t get much out of anyone.  Nick had a little bit of time to consider killing the Undersheriff which we knew he would never do and Brass whipped his officers into a frenzy to head out and investigate!  We had Greg and Sara (sigh) going into Warrick’s house, which of course led to the finding of the GrissomVideo, but they kept it light.

I was wondering if we would get monologues from each CSI.  Maybe skipping Sara, I can’t think of one Warrick/Sara scene actually, and maybe Greg too.  But the others, specifically Nick and Catherine should have given large sized scenes to lament on, but instead it was told for Grissom’s perspective.  Grissom was semi close to Warrick, but compared to the other friendships, it was more of a boss/employee relationship and I just didn’t care to watch it how Warrick’s death effected Grissom.

So why did I watch?  Easy.  I watched because I have a new HD TV.  Yes, I am willing to watch many things in HD now.  So pretty.  And CSI was fun to see, my beloved Greg in all his pretty (but brief) glory.  I also wanted to see how far they would take the Undersheriff’s involvement.  I wondered if they would stretch it out?  But as soon as he claimed he saw a man running away and even gave a (false) partial plate reading, it was obvious that once the CSI’s ruled out the main suspect, then it would make their boss’s boss look suspicious.

Before I sign off, one finally irritation. When they were trying to prove/disprove the UnderSheriff’s witness account, they used Grissom to be the Sheriff.  Hilariously, they made the nearby club turn up it’s music which drowned out the sound of the shooting.  My head shaking at that is, I don’t care if Grissom did have surgery, perhaps using a test subject without a history of hearing loss would make the case seem stronger.


2 thoughts on “CSI Premiere

  1. I don’t have to rehash how I feel about the show with you, but HDTV is seriously the only thing that might bring me back… Eric Szmanda in high def…. 🙂

    Briefly — this is exactly why I stopped watching. Nick and Catherine were way closer to Warrick than anyone else, but, as usual, it’s all about Grissom. Grrr…

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