Seize the Day (or whatever else you’d like to grab!)

Tripp3235: Welcome everyone to our fourth Live Days Blog
nolebucgrl: Yes, we are back for an extra special commemoration, the first on screen Date sex scene!
Tripp3235: Ha!  So be prepared if you didn’t know!
Tripp3235: And there is Kate now
Tripp3235: Thank goodness her hair is down
nolebucgrl: Ha, Kate says she looks like a reject from Moulin Rouge
nolebucgrl: SOMETHING JUST CAME UP, she says as Daniel gets out of the pool
nolebucgrl: I love it
Tripp3235: looking you know where
nolebucgrl: yes mam, right at those badass shorts
Tripp3235: I have to hand it to Daniel not to yell “Cowabunga” jumping in and out of the pool
nolebucgrl: Haha I’m surprised he’s not sporting a boogie board
nolebucgrl: I’m sorry, did Nicole just announce she’s moving into DiMansion?
Tripp3235: maybe he was playing with one of those small foam surfboards
Tripp3235: I used to love those as a kid
nolebucgrl: um…that’s a little presumptuous
Tripp3235: Nicole making plans on moving in
nolebucgrl: boogie board dude, that’s what I was talkin about!
nolebucgrl: no wonder EJ thinks it’s about the money
Tripp3235: I know
nolebucgrl: she invited herself to live there
Tripp3235: this isn’t exactly a way to convince she’s being serious
nolebucgrl: no, it’s not at all
nolebucgrl: oh here we go with Sami’s pregnancy hiding clothes
Tripp3235: I still can’t get over Lumi living in the Horton cabin
nolebucgrl: this is such a riveting storyline
Tripp3235: isn’t it on an island in the middle of the lake?
nolebucgrl: nor can I
Tripp3235: Oh look. Chloe and her twins walked in!
nolebucgrl: supposedly
nolebucgrl: you have to take a boat to get there
nolebucgrl: oh god
Tripp3235: And now Chloe is going to move in I think
nolebucgrl: Lexie and Theo
nolebucgrl: I think Chloe already lived there
nolebucgrl: Chelsea!
Tripp3235: the only person in the world who likes Chelsea
nolebucgrl: oh what is up with the hair?
Tripp3235: is an autistic child
nolebucgrl: did she curl it?
Tripp3235: RM is being scissor happy
nolebucgrl: more streaks!
nolebucgrl: terrible
Tripp3235: and they are all twisted
nolebucgrl: I hate her hair so much
Tripp3235: I love how Chelsea is OUTRAGED at the bad babysitter!
nolebucgrl: Lexie is done with the campaign
nolebucgrl: how nice and nonselfish of her
nolebucgrl: hehe I know
nolebucgrl: oh lord, now Abe and random black dude
Tripp3235: there is Abe with his political suit
nolebucgrl: aka Lexie’s next conquest
nolebucgrl: how is this a scandal by the way?
nolebucgrl: HAHAH Lexie’s affairs are gonna come out???
Tripp3235: did he say heavy duty bedding of Abe’s wife?
nolebucgrl: that’s hilarious
Tripp3235: or vetting
nolebucgrl: vetting I think
nolebucgrl: it was weird though
Tripp3235: with Lexie you have to make sure
Tripp3235: you know what they are saying
nolebucgrl: ahh EJole again
nolebucgrl: Nicole being all sarcastic about being a money grubbing slut
Tripp3235: I hate scenes that last like 5 seconds
nolebucgrl: what did she expect him to think?
Tripp3235: basically that was Nicole trying to leave
Tripp3235: and he telling her to stop
nolebucgrl: yes
nolebucgrl: grabbing her arm
nolebucgrl: now she’s acting a little more normal
Tripp3235: and making her concern “about the baby”
nolebucgrl: I know, that’s a bit much
Tripp3235: I still feel like EJ is giving her this “I hate you” look
nolebucgrl: I know I’m an EJ lover but come on, that is how it looked
nolebucgrl: he looks irritated
nolebucgrl: oh lord
nolebucgrl: now she asks if he wants to marry her just cause he brought up Victor?
Tripp3235: loved his deer in headlights look
Tripp3235: Chloe said Sami popped out three kids
nolebucgrl: snarky Chloe
nolebucgrl: I like that a lot better than most Chloe’s
Tripp3235: Yes me too
nolebucgrl: great, we’re gonna get fat commentary about Sami again
Tripp3235: so where is Sami going to sleep?
nolebucgrl: that I can do without
nolebucgrl: on the other side of Luloe I guess
Tripp3235: I forgot Chloe was out of town
nolebucgrl: ewwww
nolebucgrl: take one of our famous hot showers?
Tripp3235: are Luloe’s showers famous?
nolebucgrl: I famously felt ill during the first one
nolebucgrl: argh, more of the HAIR
Tripp3235: speaking of ill
nolebucgrl: from the back!
Tripp3235: Chelsea’s hair is back
nolebucgrl: exactly
Tripp3235: when did this happen?
Tripp3235: that Lexie and Chelsea are just BFF?
Tripp3235: remember the days they hated each other?
nolebucgrl: I guess when Lexie acted as her go between with Daniel
nolebucgrl: good lord, stop talking about him
Tripp3235: Lexie would ask Chelsea to sharpen pencils and Chelsea would say “OH MY GOD, when can I get off?”
nolebucgrl: ooooh here we go
nolebucgrl: Daniel toweling off
Tripp3235: he’s gotten more tan I see
Tripp3235: hee, Kate is flustered
nolebucgrl: look at him grin at her
Tripp3235: she’s remembering tracing his body from their hot sex before
Tripp3235: back when it was called Grannysex
nolebucgrl: never looked at Chelsea like that
nolebucgrl: hehe darn right, they’ve graduated now to Date sex
Tripp3235: Yup
nolebucgrl: what? she might have made an in-road with Chelsea?
Tripp3235: Of course now they are talking of Chelsea
nolebucgrl: where did she get that one?
nolebucgrl: I mean, she bitchsmacked her
nolebucgrl: but I don’t think it made things better, unless we missed something
Tripp3235: I don’t know, Kate is not thinking straight because Dan and his magical surfing penis is in front of her
nolebucgrl: that must be it
nolebucgrl: damnit, Chelsea again
Tripp3235: I know
nolebucgrl: betrayal?
Tripp3235: Because if there is one thing we haven’t heard enough of
nolebucgrl: you should feel awful when you see Daniel, Chelsea
Tripp3235: is how Chelsea can’t forgive Dan/Kate
nolebucgrl: you should feel like a fool for chasing after a man who is old enough to be your dad
Tripp3235: nobody is going to say that
nolebucgrl: oooh Dan is checking on Kate’s results every hour
Tripp3235: in between laps in the pool
nolebucgrl: hehe
Tripp3235: on his foam surf board
nolebucgrl: stopping at the side and checking the phone
nolebucgrl: boogie board I tell you
nolebucgrl: the price of gasoline?  the hell
nolebucgrl: seize the day!
nolebucgrl: that’s right, seize it!
Tripp3235: I love how Date stare at each other
nolebucgrl: Seize something!!!
Tripp3235: it’s nice when you watch a couple gaze and there isn’t a ripple of disgust and horror go through you
nolebucgrl: oh no, they’re gonna drink some wine, Chan fans will say he was drunk again!
nolebucgrl: yes it is nice
nolebucgrl: and rare on this show
Tripp3235: but the phone stopped him
nolebucgrl: I know he practically dove for it
Tripp3235: Chloe said Lame!
nolebucgrl: Chloe getting mad, hehe
nolebucgrl: look at her neck!
Tripp3235: You know, Nadia is doing well here
nolebucgrl: she’s doing the head movement attitude move!
nolebucgrl: HA, she likes playing house sometimes
Tripp3235: her eyes are moving
Tripp3235: her voice is changing some levels
nolebucgrl: yeah she’s emoting for once
nolebucgrl: it is amazing
Tripp3235: I think Nadia approves of Chloe getting out of the Horton camp cabin
nolebucgrl: ahhh there she goes, storming out
nolebucgrl: hehe I have no doubt of that
Tripp3235: really I’m not sure why Lucas thought this would be ok
nolebucgrl: cause he’s Lucas
Tripp3235: of course, I still don’t see why they are living there
nolebucgrl: Lucas=dumb
nolebucgrl: hehe IF EJ gets married again
nolebucgrl: thank you
nolebucgrl: hee, we haven’t even had a first date yet
Tripp3235: EJ wants them to have a first date?
nolebucgrl: that’s just funny to think about
Tripp3235: aren’t you past that point once you sleep in an elevator?
nolebucgrl: they’ve done everything in reverse order
nolebucgrl: I can’t stand the neediness Nicole
nolebucgrl: I really really can’t, not from you
nolebucgrl: ha, she wants to tell Steffy
Tripp3235: Grandfather of my baby!
Tripp3235: they found a new phrase!
nolebucgrl: hehe they had to get something new going
nolebucgrl: mother was so played out
Tripp3235: father is just getting started
Tripp3235: isn’t it funny that picture of EJ
Tripp3235: shows EJ so well
nolebucgrl: oh we’ll hear that 28008230 times before the kids are born
Tripp3235: but yet you can’t see the baby one bit
Tripp3235: just a blanket
nolebucgrl: hehe cause he was just a log then!
nolebucgrl: oooh calling Sami
nolebucgrl: he knows she’s at the cabin?
Tripp3235: they get good cell service at the cabin
nolebucgrl: I thought she was hiding there
Tripp3235: Well he found her in the oh so secret motel room provided by the SalemPD
Tripp3235: when he was bad EJ
Tripp3235: The mayor
Tripp3235: who was on AMC
nolebucgrl: Stefano
nolebucgrl: Grandpa!
Tripp3235: I sort of remember him
nolebucgrl: never watched it
Tripp3235: seems like he was more of a comical character
nolebucgrl: well he’s useless here
Tripp3235: I love how Stefano plays chess by himself
nolebucgrl: Steffy is just ignoring him, I enjoy it
Tripp3235: you think he has a chessboard pen pal?
nolebucgrl: he might, maybe there’s a computer player offscreen
nolebucgrl: like Stefano cares about Abe
Tripp3235: Abraham!
nolebucgrl: hehe
Tripp3235: back to Chelsea
nolebucgrl: oh yeah, she’ll work on forgiving
nolebucgrl: holding on to anger hurts you?
Tripp3235: which Nick told her weeks ago
nolebucgrl: oh lord, prop Chelsea
nolebucgrl: how special she is
Tripp3235: but she doesn’t remember cause she left him angry about Melanie
nolebucgrl: I wish Chels would have been the one to lose him
Tripp3235: that would have been better
Tripp3235: not to knock Chelsea
nolebucgrl: it would have
Tripp3235: but would have provided great angst
nolebucgrl: oh this is hilarious
nolebucgrl: some random guy with a camera
Tripp3235: random bald guy
nolebucgrl: here come the affairs questions! hehe
nolebucgrl: Tek and Brandon
Tripp3235: Dan with his chest of medical information
nolebucgrl: oooh Date
nolebucgrl: Kate’s results were inconclusive
nolebucgrl: no malignancy though
Tripp3235: it means they have to do it again right?
Tripp3235: they edited this badly
Tripp3235: we are back now with camera guy
nolebucgrl: oooh here comes Chelsea and Abe to save Lexie
nolebucgrl: seedy blog? HAHA
nolebucgrl: do we have seedy blogs?
Tripp3235: Yes we do
nolebucgrl: awesome!
Tripp3235: loved that look on RM
nolebucgrl: I want to be seedy
Tripp3235: who looked totally high right there
nolebucgrl: hehe she did
nolebucgrl: ooooh ok, Sami needs Lucas to distract EJ
Tripp3235: I know, this is like a farce now
nolebucgrl: I know, like a bunch of kids
Tripp3235: hee on Sami scooting under the desk
nolebucgrl: Lucas is being nice to EJ these days, it is very weird
nolebucgrl: haha
Tripp3235: why doesn’t she just grab a bag of chips and try to play off like she’s gaining weight?
Tripp3235: that would be hilarious
Tripp3235: So why can’t he see their son?
nolebucgrl: he came all the way out there and now he should go home?
Tripp3235: and he’s so fine with it
Tripp3235: and plops down for advice on Nicole
nolebucgrl: he wants to confide in Sami
nolebucgrl: he looks really hot right here
Tripp3235: he’s gonna be a father again
Tripp3235: and again
nolebucgrl: POOKIE
Tripp3235: with a bow
Tripp3235: the new Claire
nolebucgrl: we finally see Pookie again
nolebucgrl: hahah she hates everyone, she’s trained her well
nolebucgrl: awesome line
Tripp3235: they have to use up that bow stock inventory they collected over the years
nolebucgrl: Chloe now sees the ultrasound, haha
Tripp3235: yes
nolebucgrl: good lord, what is with all the marriage stuff?
Tripp3235: it’s Days and the 1950s
nolebucgrl: I guess so
nolebucgrl: she’s confusing the hell out of EJ
Tripp3235: She’s confusing me too
nolebucgrl: talking about fate and being with Nicole
nolebucgrl: EJ couldn’t get it out but he thinks they’re fate
nolebucgrl: why does she ignore that?
nolebucgrl: I really hate this
Tripp3235: because it’s a soap
nolebucgrl: we’re going to have months of this
Tripp3235: good whimper cry there
nolebucgrl: it’s like their best buds now
nolebucgrl: oooh the ugly Sami cry
Tripp3235: it would have been hilarious if EJ had hung his jacket on that tree trunk coat rack
nolebucgrl: haha
nolebucgrl: DiCoat could never grace that!
nolebucgrl: I do not care about the mayor
nolebucgrl: at all
Tripp3235: well this is setup
nolebucgrl: I know
Tripp3235: for whatever happens to Mayor
nolebucgrl: and I’m glad to see Steffy
Tripp3235: and to show Stefano is still a DANGEROUS MAN
nolebucgrl: and that he’s on the mayor’s side
Tripp3235: since they keep him  babysitting most of the day
nolebucgrl: here goes Lexie, confiding to the blog
Tripp3235: oh back to Abe/Lexie
Tripp3235: yes Abe
nolebucgrl: while Chelsea comforts Theo
Tripp3235: Lexie does not have to come out fully supporting her husband
Tripp3235: to a BLOG camera
nolebucgrl: hehe
Tripp3235: at least try it at a press conference
nolebucgrl: she must face the bloggers!
nolebucgrl: one by one!
nolebucgrl: seriously, I’d call my dad and have him crushed
Tripp3235: face them with honesty and dignity
nolebucgrl: why nobody makes use of their connections is beyond me
Tripp3235: oh look
Tripp3235: Chelsea approves
nolebucgrl: hee
Tripp3235: this is going to give her courage to try to forgive Daniel
Tripp3235: hee Nicole
nolebucgrl: lord, Nicole babytalking the fetus
Tripp3235: that was cute!
nolebucgrl: no
Tripp3235: if she talks to Pookie like that
nolebucgrl: yes, I get it, but god blessed her?
nolebucgrl: this is not Nicole
Tripp3235: Oh right
nolebucgrl: not the Nicole I like anyway
Tripp3235: I forgot
Tripp3235: the one who hired a guy to walk her dog
nolebucgrl: hehe, yes I wonder if she’s hoping EJ will hire a diaper changer
Tripp3235: i also think the Nicole/Chloe friendship is silly
Tripp3235: Nicole acting shocked that Chloe walked out on Lucas
nolebucgrl: it’s very random, as is everything else
Tripp3235: i think they are just trying to continue the friendship that Nicole/Ava had
nolebucgrl: they are, it just doesn’t work as well with the history
Tripp3235: but using Chloe instead
nolebucgrl: Lucas is there
Tripp3235: hee, Lucas walking past Nicole
nolebucgrl: and so is EJ
Tripp3235: as rudely as possible
Tripp3235: Oh Date!
Tripp3235: finally
nolebucgrl: it’s like new BFF‘s everywhere
Tripp3235: it’s been forever!
nolebucgrl: I know
nolebucgrl: SC is sure getting a whole day of shirtless time
Tripp3235: I think he needs to throw her down on the table there and celebrate
nolebucgrl: why we don’t get this with EJ or Philip is beyond me
nolebucgrl: oooh she’s stopping him
nolebucgrl: from getting the drinks
Tripp3235: she’s thanking him
nolebucgrl: she’s pouring out her heart
Tripp3235: sieze the day
Tripp3235: nice look from LK there
nolebucgrl: sizzling looks
nolebucgrl: she grabbed his hand
nolebucgrl: here we go!
Tripp3235: getting closer
nolebucgrl: when you face your mortality you see things more clearly
Tripp3235: and there is no locker of love for him to throw her in suddenly
nolebucgrl: hehe
Tripp3235: stop talking Kate and just kiss him!
nolebucgrl: she doesn’t want to pass up the chance for happiness
nolebucgrl: he looks constipated
Tripp3235: he always does
nolebucgrl: here we go
nolebucgrl: finally!
Tripp3235: yay
nolebucgrl: Date kiss
nolebucgrl: running their hands through their hair
nolebucgrl: HEY
Tripp3235: is it done?
nolebucgrl: naked on the chair
nolebucgrl: yes!
Tripp3235: dammit
Tripp3235: that is not cool
nolebucgrl: he’s holding her hand
Tripp3235: but they look hot on the lawn chair
nolebucgrl: and tells her to know he’s with her every step of the way though
nolebucgrl: they do, playing with each others hands
nolebucgrl: aww beautiful day
nolebucgrl: oooh kissing again!
nolebucgrl: round 2!
nolebucgrl: damnit, Abe
nolebucgrl: go the hell away
Tripp3235: like I want to see them
Tripp3235: Chelsea helped her see?
nolebucgrl: Chelsea convinced Lexie to fight?
Tripp3235: what she was doing?
nolebucgrl: I haven’t a clue
nolebucgrl: I wasn’t paying much attention tho
Tripp3235: and the Mayor is still standing there
nolebucgrl: the hair was upsetting me
nolebucgrl: oooh Steffy is gonna smack him down for going after Theo
Tripp3235: all i thought was they talked about Date
Tripp3235: and forgiveness
nolebucgrl: you go Grandpa!!!
nolebucgrl: ooh and protecting Lexie, who knew?
nolebucgrl: Lucas apologizing to Chloe
Tripp3235: he’s putting Chloe first over Sami
Tripp3235: that should go over well
nolebucgrl: hee
nolebucgrl: her tangled web…very true
nolebucgrl: oooh Luloe making out
nolebucgrl: she’s his future, great
nolebucgrl: hehe she’s so enthused!
nolebucgrl: that’s hilarious
Tripp3235: reassuring
nolebucgrl: ahh look at EJ with Pookie
Tripp3235: awwww, EJ looking at Pookie
nolebucgrl: hehe so cute
nolebucgrl: he came to his sense
Tripp3235: like i can pay attention when Pookie is working his magic for the camera
Tripp3235: that dog is hoping we notice him there on camera
Tripp3235: can’t you hear him?
nolebucgrl: haha
Tripp3235: “Notice me!  I can be in the next Taco Bell commercial!”
nolebucgrl: hehe now he wants to go out on a date again
nolebucgrl: backwards, see, that’s what I said, hehe
nolebucgrl: Sami and Johnny
Tripp3235: I like Johnny’s shirt
nolebucgrl: she’s got him standing on a table
Tripp3235: he’s cute
nolebucgrl: he is cute
nolebucgrl: I love all that hair
nolebucgrl: ugly cry some more
nolebucgrl: oh no
nolebucgrl: that ugly coat for EJ
nolebucgrl: I hate that damn thing
nolebucgrl: how dare they bring it back?
Tripp3235: and that’s the episode
nolebucgrl: yes, not nearly enough Date sex for my taste
Tripp3235: not at all
nolebucgrl: but what we saw was hot
nolebucgrl: I wanted to see Dan excited in his pants for Kate
nolebucgrl: er, surfshorts
Tripp3235: I am disappointed Kate didn’t talk about the floral print on his shorts
Tripp3235: yes surfshorts
nolebucgrl: it’d be funny if Philip or Vic came upon them naked on the chair
Tripp3235: he also appeared to momentarily cure her cough
Tripp3235: Yes
Tripp3235: I could mention how she had sex at her ex-husband’s house
nolebucgrl: true, no the magical penis really works
Tripp3235: magical surfing penis!
nolebucgrl: hee, we could mention that
nolebucgrl: it was doing some special surfing today!
Tripp3235: I could hear Vic now
Tripp3235: “Kate, what were you THINKING?”
Tripp3235: “What if Chelsea walked in?”
Tripp3235: and Dan saying “Who?”
nolebucgrl: hee!
nolebucgrl: that would be awesome
nolebucgrl: or if he said, you mean that mistake from my midlife crisis?  who cares???
Tripp3235: I’d give anything for that
Tripp3235: but they won’t do that
nolebucgrl: nope, gotta coddle the Chan fans
Tripp3235: all six of them
Tripp3235: who no doubt will find something here to root chan on
nolebucgrl: with their 150 screen names a piece
Tripp3235: such as the necklace he wore
Tripp3235: symbolic of the chan love
nolebucgrl: cause KATE made the FIRST MOVE
nolebucgrl: he was powerless!
nolebucgrl: and probably drunk!!!!
Tripp3235: he kept it on while Kate seduced him
Tripp3235: which proves he puts Chelsea first
nolebucgrl: no doubt, doing Kate was just cause he felt bad for her!
Tripp3235: Right
Tripp3235: she could be dying!
nolebucgrl: she needed support so he gave her the magical surfing penis
Tripp3235: I must say though
Tripp3235: those short scenes
Tripp3235: way hotter than anything with Chan
nolebucgrl: damn right they were
nolebucgrl: the kiss alone was hotter
Tripp3235: too bad the show doesn’t have the budget for a “in the pool” scene
nolebucgrl: I was so wishing we’d get to see them moving in the pool
nolebucgrl: it would be a good cover
Tripp3235: though you know if they did, it would be like Luloe who would get it
nolebucgrl: but yeah, obviously too much money
nolebucgrl: true
Tripp3235: Well folks, that was the episode of Date sex
Tripp3235: notable because the show now can’t ever go back to Chan
nolebucgrl: It was, we hope you enjoyed it!
nolebucgrl: yes, no coming back from us actually seeing the hookup
nolebucgrl: now we know the hotness that it is
Tripp3235: And Chelsea being the farthest thing from Dan’s mind
nolebucgrl: if he saw that hair, he’d probably scream
Tripp3235: I know I did!
nolebucgrl: how could it be worse than it ever was now?
nolebucgrl: I’m glad Kate’s was decent for this scene anyway
Tripp3235: I worried it would still be in that ponytail
nolebucgrl: hehe I know you loathed that
Tripp3235: But overall this wasn’t bad.  I would say I wanted more but to have a full length love scene, Date should be further along
Tripp3235: Hopefully we’ll get in a month or two
Tripp3235: Other than that, this is it!
nolebucgrl: Yep, hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!
nolebucgrl: We’ll be back when something else major interests us!


15 thoughts on “Seize the Day (or whatever else you’d like to grab!)

  1. “and there is no locker of love for him to throw her in suddenly”

    BWAH! That’s how you know a man wants you and wants you bad, all right!

    Well, girls, as always I disagree with you on some things but it was hilarious! It sounds like Datesex was sadly a rather small part of the episode, but hey, as you point out, at least it’s nice to see a couple making out without having a ripple of disgust run through you. Speaking of which, I see y’all noticed Chloe’s look of overwhelming joy when Lucas said she was his future, hee hee. Run, sweetie! Run far away from the Horton cabin and its dirty diapers and psychotic visitor who nobody seems to notice is quite, quite pregnant! Especially funny when Nadia looks totally stunning with her tiny waist and yet she just thinks Sami has been hitting the Ho-Hos a little too hard.

    And finally, leave the Chan fans alone! They are a gigantic, powerful fanbase who deserves their couple. Do you hear me? DESERVES!!!

  2. Oh yeah, Chloe looked pained in that scene. But I do love how she wanted shower sex, like the kissing Philip scene never happened. More whiplash baby!!!

    I am so ashamed of my Chan fan bashing! They’re such inspiring and loving people! I shall now go eat some ho-ho’s in penance!

  3. Don’t forget to put snot on your ho-ho’s Nole. It’s the only way to really understand the complexities that make Chan so magical and epic.

    Glad you liked it paxton. It is funny that I found Nadia emoted more today then I’ve seen in a long time, and then managed to hold it back when you would expect her to. But Nole is right, why are they acting like the Philip kiss never happened?

  4. Bad writing? I know, I know–what am I saying? But in fairness (and again due to bad writing, probably) Chloe doesn’t know that Morgan is gone and that Philip is free and has been acknowledging feelings for her. She probably just thinks Philip was emotional because of Kate and because Chloe was leaving and maybe it was a one-time thing. (Philip–I’m leaving now to go to lunch–did you hear me? I’m leaving! Perhaps a hot, passionate kiss is in order?)

    And stupid Nicole, who was propping Philip all over the place last week, didn’t think to mention it–she knows Phorgan’s over. So last week she’s telling Philip Chloe is miserable with Lucas and this week when Chloe IS pissed, definitely, and has stormed out, she . . . says nothing about her conversation with Philip?

    Again, bad writing. And yes, the shower thing was gross. Gross, gross, gross.

  5. haha, funny enough I missed it when Chelsea convinced Lexie to ‘fight’. I was thinking ‘wha?? how??’ And I totally forgot when Lexie didn’t like Chelsea, seems like ages ago.

    I DO remember wondering about when Chelsea and Philip became pals. I kept remembering when Philip was crazy, chasing Shelle and Chelsea threw something in his face. He was so concerned about her when he heard his mommy and Dan diddled.

    Everybody loves Chelsea now, ‘cept Melanie, but just give it time.

    I was actually distracted more by the mayor’s hair. It’s so peculiar for whatever reason.

    Did not think there was even a Chan fanbase. lol.

    And finally, I like Stefano being all protective. Makes it that much harder to dislike him.

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  7. Yes, Klaus, believe it or not, there are Chan fans. Of course they inflate their numbers if you were to listen to them there are over a THOUSAND of them. Heh.

    I hadn’t thought of Melanie loving Chelsea soon. I also remember when Stephanie hated her. And Hope. Even Bo.

  8. “Notice me! I can be in the next Taco Bell commercial!”

    “oh no, they’re gonna drink some wine, Chan fans will say he was drunk again!”

    “and there is no locker of love for him to throw her in suddenly”

    BWAH! Those were by far my favorite parts. Yay for Datesex! And Yay for Chelsea…doing her job? Is that her job nowadays? I’m not sure, but I guess I should just be happy that she hasn’t become a consultant for women’s hair. Yet.

  9. Sour, I really cracked up at Pookie staring at the camera like that. I know, I know, it’s sacrilegious for me not to be riveted to James Scott when he is on, but I’m a dog person.

  10. Great blog. The locker of love was hilarous. SC didn’t look at all disgusted like he does during the Chan make out scenes. I was sooooo hoping Chlesea would walk in on them – maybe next time.

    Nole, did the snot covered Ho Ho’s turn you into a Chan fan?

  11. Sadly, I enjoy Pookie more than 95% of the characters these days. And did one of Chelsea’s shirts match her streaks?

  12. no mention of Melanie/Molly…that is a total rip off :(. I think i am going to cry, 2 days without my Melanie/Molly fix. HOW WILL I LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Hee, mosaic, not even snot covered Ho Ho’s could do the trick, still a loud, proud Chan hater! Have you seen my whole blog on Daniel? Never thought I would do a complimentary one on him, but there you go!

  14. Mosiac: I think SC is so much happier in this storyline as it clearly shows. It’s hilarious how he’s so silent on the subject of Chan ending.

    Brandi: I thought Chelsea’s hair/outfit matched the autumn trees in the background. Though hilariously if it was cold enough to change the tree colors, could Dan be swimming outside?

    Terry: I’m sure Melanie will be back soon.

    Nolebucgrl: Your Chan recap is hilarious.

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