Angels and Monsters

I am afraid I’m going to jinx it, but Heroes is improving a good deal in the last two episodes.  Last week it was a future episode that had two Peters (that alone was an improvement) with Sylar making waffles.  Now this week we are back to the default format of the show moving along giving us twists (Hiro/Ando), answers (Linderman isn’t back from the dead) and a new WOW (Daddy Pettreli is the latest BOSS on the show).

I’m sure that at some point, I was supposed to be horrified that Mohinder, or Bughinder, who’s evolution to insect is now going to turn out to be a spider type creature (yes, spiders are actually not insects, shut up) and somehow root that Maya could overcome Mohinder and get out safely.  Sorry, that’s not the case.  Probably in the back of my head, I could imagine that this girl (who was brought in so poorly) has major trust issues now where guys are concerned (Bughinder following Sylar) but I didn’t care.  I was rooting that Mohinder take her out all the way from weeks ago, in fact I’m still pissed she was brought back to life the end of last season. Hopefully she winds up forgotten in her puffy cocoon as the former wives of Matt and Nathan respectfully.

Meanwhile, we have Peter ready to crack open the head of his mother but is stopped by Sylar (of all people).  Now before I get into the awesomeness that is Sylar in this episode, can we do something about his eyebrows please?  PLEASE?  Anyway, I knew HRG had something up his sleeve when he seems almost eager to take Sylar with him.  It’s interesting to know the future since we know these two men will wind up bonding somehow so much that Sylar will name his future son after Bennett (unless there is some kind of diabolical twist and the young boy isn’t Sylar’s son but actually HRG who has been de-aged to relive his childhood.  Come on this is Heroes!  It could happen!)  I really feel like I should have seen this story’s twist coming, that HRG would agree to vortex man’s freedom if he sucked Sylar up and away forever.  It’s interesting how I’ve come full circle, I would have rooted for this moment in the first season.  Now I don’t want Sylar to leave at all.

Now I feel quite sacrilegious now in saying the most boring story is Nathan and Tracy.  Yes, it was fine for Nathan to walk away from his mother (with that hilarious itty bitty bandage on her head) but I’m really not interested in watching these two interact on their own.  Isn’t that awful?  I can’t believe I’m gonna say this but I miss Nikki, mainly because I loved how Micah would have to deal with the craziness of his mom (something I can relate to quite personally).  But we’ve barely seen Micah this season and it doesn’t look like he’ll be brought back at all. Pity, since I did like him and Angela who’s introduction as a new character was much better then Maya (again, cocooning her couldn’t have happened soon enough!)

On the flip side of the interest scale, I think I’m going to be interested in Matt again.  I liked him a lot the first season, but then they seemed to make him rather stupid.  He had a surge of interesting scenes in the second season, but then it’s like they stopped trying for him.  I almost wondered why he was on this show still at all. Now to find out he’s gonna play good guy to bad girl Daphne?  Heh, I love me a good guy and a bad girl falling for each other. And the way fauxLinderman set this up, it will be interesting to see them fall for each other.

And to Linderman who was never really back. He’s just the product of Matt’s daddy’s power, sort of Heroes twist on The Wizard of Oz so that father Pettreli can come back.  Just the quick shot of seeing him in that bed (along with Angela’s vision of the future) we know this guy is gonna be a real bad ass.  It’s funny how easy it is for this show to give us maybe two scenes which then open up a huge new can of worms/questions for us to try to theorize.  Why is he in this state?  Does Angela know where he is?  Is he Sylar’s father too (judging by those eyebrows, my gut says yes).  Why did she leave him alive if she did?  Why is Matt’s Dad so loyal to him?  So many new elements in this latest twist.

So let me end this with the biggest shock of the night.  When Hiro stuck that sword in Ando.  That appeared real.  Hiro in seasons past has charmed me enough to overlook his usual blundering mistakes with a smile, but this season he’s gotten on my nerves big time.  Don’t get me started on the safe opening but the fact that he was dumb enough to knock The Haitian out who was the one person who could keep the formula safe was ridiculous.

I just can’t believe this is how it seems, Ando being dead.  The irony of Hiro being judgemental on Ando all this time and we only wind up to Hiro killing or attempting to kill Ando is overwhelming.  I’m really hoping Hiro has something up his sleeve because if Ando winds up being resurrected by a third party, he has every right to go crazy on Hiro’s ass.

So that’s the episode.  Lots happened here.   Still didn’t get much into how annoying Claire still is, and how I do feel quite sorry for Miranda right now with the puppet master guy.  Can’t wait for next week!


7 thoughts on “Angels and Monsters

  1. Totally with you on pretty much everything you had to say. I’m fairly confident that we didn’t see Hiro stop time and do something to ensure that Ando only appeared to be dead. I imagine we’ll find out next week for sure, but no way did they off Ando without a bunch of spoilers and uproar!

    Maya needs to die. Smother her in the cocoon, eat her, drain her blood, whatever Bughinder needs to do. I can’t believe Nathan and Tracy are headed his way! Maybe she’ll freeze his buggy self (after he eats Maya).

    Love HRG and Sylar together and I should have suspected he wanted Vortex guy (BUBBLES from the WIRE!!!) to send him to nowheresville. It’ll be interesting to see if they can work together. Plus it looked like that might bridge the distance between Claire and Sylar, she’s pretty mad at dear old dad and Sylar seems to understand her in a way. We’ll see.

    I’m excited for Papa Petrelli. I’m dying to know what his power is. Did Nathan only get the lame flying power because he was injected, whereas Sylar and Peter have their kickass absorbo powers because they were born with them? I’d be pissed if I were Nathan too. Flying is ok, but not compared to the other powers! I’m glad Matt’s dad is working with him too, I like his power and would like Matt (who I enjoy, when he’s not in the desert being pointless) to take him on again!

  2. Hee, I can see Nathan being snarky on the cocoon wallpaper “Love what you’ve done with the place”

    Now technically Sylar didn’t get an absorbing power, it’s just his power was able to figure out other powers. Chances are they were injected because the father would probably want to figure ways on how to absorb other powers.

  3. Well alright, but he, like Peter, can get any power out there, which is quite clearly the coolest power to have! I just wonder if maybe they came by that naturally because it is similar and I’m dying to know what Dear Old Dad has.

  4. K. I have only watched, maybe, the first few episodes of this show. But Sylar… wasn’t he the baddie of season one? Psycho serial killer man? He’s good now?

    I like his eyebrows, it’s very distinctive. That’s the ONLY reason I recognized him. lol.

  5. nole: I can see an evolution in it. I could see Nathan was a test to be able to just be given any *simplish* power. Then next came a power that could possibly help them figure out other powers (Gabriel). Then finally they fine tuned it to figure out how to just absorb powers.

    Klaus: It’s a good show, has a few flaws. Sylar was the baddie in season one and I never thought I’d be loving his stuff now (in spite of the eyebrows, LOL, we’ll just have to agree to disagree).

  6. I’m glad Heroes has finally started getting better. I was even thinking about ditching the show because it was getting a bit boring. Wait til you watch this week’s episode… it’s even better than Angels and Monsters. 🙂

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