Survivor: Sugar Shack

So I haven’t blogged on Survivor yet.  It’s not been much of an exciting season so far. As far as I can tell, there isn’t really anyone that has jumped out at me who I really like.  I can tell you who I can’t stand, Ace, G.C. and Jeff (yes unfortunately we can’t vote him out).  So here are my thoughts on the last several episodes:

  • G.C.-Don’t let hut door hit you on the way out.
  • Crystal-Most disappointing Olympic medalist ever!
  • Jeff-Prejudice against any tribes named Fang.  Wouldn’t be shocked if his way too soon calling them as the “worst tribe in Survivor history” (he stated this after they only losing 2 challenges) paved the way for their later bad performances.
  • Sugar-Kind of like her but hate hate hate how Ace is manipulating her.
  • Ace-Doesn’t he drop the accent from time to time?
  • Charlie/Marcus-Ambiguously gay duo are the most entertaining thing on the new season!

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