Baby Shower

What can one say about this week’s The Office episode?  Nothing can quite prepare you so much more than Dwight squatting while in contractions with a buttered down Watermelon.  Of course, if I were Dwight I’d be pissed I went through that when I saw Jan already came in with baby Astrid.  But then, it’s not like Michael was all that upset either given she didn’t even give him a call letting him know she had had the baby.

Before I get into the absurdity of the episode, I’d like to just make it clear I love Holly but hate Jan (more than I ever have).  It’s assumed that Amy Ryan (Holly) won’t becoming a permanent character on the show, which is a pity because I never thought they would find a woman dorky enough to really be perfect for Michael.  I do have to embarrassingly admit I used to like Jan and Michael, but that was before I found out Jan was some kind of extreme bitch who put selfcenteredness to an all new high.  Now that I see someone who not only genuinely cares for Michael but would treat him like any human being deserved to be treated, I would hate to get behind this pairing only for Holly to wind up leaving town to be the HR rep in Cicely, Alaska.

Now that the shipping is behind me, I want to also mention how much I adore Phyllis who I don’t talk nearly enough about.  She’s so endearing, and it’s just like her character to finally get her heart’s desire of being head of the party planning committee to only struggle through the stresses but still insist this is a dream come true.  Perhaps what might make her succeed is to actually take Michael’s crazy requests (live stork for example) and assign that job to Angela since she now works for her.

I’m getting rather worried about Jim and Pam.  I’m sure the show doesn’t want the signature pairing to be considered stale or boring so they may be splitting them up soon but I don’t like it coming from a long distance romance.  Their feelings and affection for each other managed to survive Jim’s time in Connecticut back in season three.  That was the season I began watching The Office and so I hadn’t seen any scenes with Jim and Pam actually together but I do recall their phone call where they chatted back and forth and was loving the chemistry between them.  I think The Office has plenty of gags and other ships for it to be able to keep Jim and Pam together for a longer period of time…but nothing has happened yet so maybe I shouldn’t get worried.

Of course, the chances of me NOT worrying on a couple I like is about as likely as me NOT becoming sick watching Sara and Grissom touch in this week’s episode of CSI.  But what can you do?


3 thoughts on “Baby Shower

  1. Hee, Dwight and the watermelon was just awesome. And the extra surprise of him having buttered it because births are slippery just killed me! I am mad that we didn’t get to see Jan find the stroller he had dragged all over town, I’d like to see what state it had ended up in.

    I don’t think we need to worry about Jim & Pam. The end of the episode showed how clearly in tune they still are, calling each other at the same time and telling each other the same laundry story. Long distance sucks and I hope they do bring her back soon, I miss Pam too.

    Michael/Holly are fun but I am not becoming attached, she won’t be around too long I’m sure. Plus, tho I don’t like Jan, I do like her special brand of crazy and want to see her more often. The Dinner Party is my favorite episode. “Son of a Preacher Man” in this episode, HA! She is so inappropriate!

  2. I read in that sources think that Amy Ryan wants to stay; it’s just the Producers are too shy to ask her. Ideally she would stay on the show and then get time off her film roles, but who knows.

    Oh and Dinner Party is my favorite episode too. “You took me by the hand…made me a man…”

  3. nole: Yes, Dwight does have an eye for the details. LOL. When does Pam come back?

    Brandi: I’d love if AR stayed. Hilarious if the producers are too shy to ask her, sounds like an Office episode where they ask the other actors to ask if she would consider staying and so forth.

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