Halloween Has Come Early to Days of Our Lives

Today I was dropping my jaw throughout the episode and it had nothing to do with soapy twists or plot revelations.  It’s boggling that Days has won awards for their hair department.

Case #1 Daniel Jonas

Its a bad sign when the chest hair is more controllable.

It's a bad sign when the chest hair is more controllable.

Case #2: Tony Dimera

Id close my eyes too if I were him!

I'd close my eyes too if I were him!

Case #3: John Black

If I were his coworkers, Id be tempted to use his hair like flash card holders.

If I worked with Drake, I'd stick things in his hair and wait to see how long it would take him to notice.

Case #4: Lucas Roberts

Ringo would be flattered if he still lived in 1967.

Ringo would be flattered if he still lived in 1967.

Case #5: Philip Kiriakis



Case #6: EJ Dimera

the oily years.

His is probably the least problematic but I'm flashing to Jack Devereux: the oily years.

So what scares me is this is the MEN on the show!  Excuse me, aren’t they supposed to be the easy cases?

16 thoughts on “Halloween Has Come Early to Days of Our Lives

  1. And to think, Chelsea and Kate would probably be headliners had they been on as well. The women don’t have it much better, with Sami’s over bleached hair and Nicole’s straightening issues.

    I don’t think EJ really belongs, tho I would like it a bit shorter. Philip looks like he’s going back to the Dutchboy hair that I highly disapprove of. Tony, poor Tony, finally on screen and he looks like he’s got a wild toupee on his head. Lucas’ sex hair is unfortunate as well. There are no words for the John hair, he’s like an electrified Qtip at this point. Dan’s was the worst though, I definitely agree with him at #1! Monchichi Power!

  2. Yes I almost put down Dutchboy but I didn’t get into it because I’m still feeling irritated with him over scenes that have not aired yet.

    Monchichi or Troll hair!

  3. Between the hair and the jacket, EJ looks like he’s ready to play Helen Mirren’s nerdy grandson in one of those “Woody Allen shoots a movie in London” films.

  4. That is a particularly nerdy style on EJ, and I really hate it when Philip’s hair gets like that.

    John’s I just find amusing. Always. Always have, suspect I always will.

  5. Ringo! I like the Ringo hairdo on Lucas. It’s better than his borderline mullet. Hell, anything’s better than a borderline mullet.

    Oh, wait, nevermind…I just looked at Daniel’s picture. They all need haircuts BAD, and I didn’t comprehend how horrible this epidemic was getting until it was in scroll-format. Screw murderers on the loose, how about we get a masked “villian” who pins down men in their sleep and chops off their excess hair? Where’s THAT casting call?

  6. brandi, Hee, perfect one! (I’d so be willing to watch).

    Zara, John’s hair is amusing. Sadly the character isn’t anymore.

    Sour, actually Lucas’ is my favorite out of all of them but that pic was funny. Daniel’s is the worst but his problem is his hair isn’t a bad haircut, it’s bad hair. I was just trying to imagine him with really short hair to see if that would work.

  7. BWAH! I haven’t laughed this much in ages. My sides are hurting.

    I wish I could say that I like the Ringo haido, but I don’t. It’s like the hair is trying to attack his eyes and he’s just pulling down curtains to hide the look of shame.

  8. rameau: it was a specifically bad hair day. I don’t care for the Ringo hair either. But I guess out of all the guys listed, his is the least bad.

    Terry: Max wasn’t on that day so he got a reprieve.

  9. I actually think EJ is one of the worst offenders. His hair is obviously much too long, as is Philip’s, but Philip at least has less hair product. I have in my lifetime bought enough product to supply a small country and yet I don’t even know how to identify the substance in JS’s hair.

    Daniel just needs a cut. He does not have good hair to start so it either needs to be kept very short or he must never be allowed to be seen with it wet again.

    Don’t care about Tony or Lucas.

    Please, Jay, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE cut your hair!

    Tripp, are you now able to express your disapproval of Dena’s character assassination of Philip? I assume you mean the grossness that is Phelony, regardless of Philip’s motive?

  10. I’m still trying to overcome from the Death Star Spoiler in regards to Nick. It’s killing me.

    But yes, Phelony was awful and gross and I’m so glad Philip’s hair was still looking dutchboy.

  11. I love it. Thanks for sharing that! Now are you going to do a women’s section because I’d love to see that!

  12. I am less annoyed by the hair than some of you may be, but I will agree wholeheartedly about the travesty that is Dan’s hair. Perhaps we are supposed to believe he just towel-dried, except that it looks like that most of the time. And the frosting doesn’t help either. Check the TWoP board soon for my Hair Report.

  13. welcome fivemile13. Dan’s hair is not good to begin with but it’s like the (award winning) hair department doesn’t even try.

    Can’t wait to hear your hair report!

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