Thoughts on Survivor

Survivor just isn’t that good this year.  It’s tough to work up a blog.  Random thoughts:

Jeff: He’s been getting on my nerves for several seasons now but this season he really seems to be hellbent on being Negative Nellie.  Is Fang sucking? Yes.  But how much of that is Jeff constantly badgering them during the competition.

Crystal: Don’t care for her but I admit, I’d probably have cried too.

Kelly:  I actually liked her to some extent.  She was a survivor who appeared to be able to talk logically about problems in the tribe, unfortunately she concentrated too much on Crystal instead of Ace.

Ace: Twice this past episode alone his accent slipped.

Sugar:  Please don’t give your idol to Ace!

Part of the problem is I get really bored when the same tribe wins while the other tribe always loses.  I see next week both tribes must vote someone out.  What are the chances that will be the time Fang wins?


One thought on “Thoughts on Survivor

  1. yeah, i am pretty much bored. It helps if you have a big group to watch with and make fun of people….but i don’t have one of those.

    I disagree about Jeff. I like him constantly reminding people that they suck. I think Corrine is flying under the radar and she will come out to be a strong player in the next few weeks.

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