Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

So as things seem to blow apart over at Days of our Lives in regards to my dream story of con girl (Melanie) falling for geeky guy (Nick) while ex-girlfriend brat jealousy seethes (Chelsea), I’m quite excited about the latest ship on Heroes: Daphne and Matt.

Yes, this is not a show to get attached to couples.  The first couple to really break out where they had stellar chemistry and unbridled cuteness, the show decided to make them uncle/niece (and not in the dateable way like on Days).  Then we had D.L. and Niki which now are both goners (that could have been an interesting triangle of D.L./Niki and Jessica but nooooo) yet they insisted on bringing the same actress back to play yet another character.  I love me some Adrian Pasdar but I find Nathan and Tracy to be so incredibly boring.  That’s just wrong for me to wish I could FF through Nathan’s scenes (I watch live thanks to HD).

Matt and Janice were horrific and she was the first character I used to openly wish to be killed in a terribly cruel and sinister way (back then it was Sylar who I wished upon her).  I so much preferred Matt and Audrey but of course Clea Duvall left after half the season with a brief appearance towards the end.  I thought we might be getting more out of Nathan’s marriage since his wife was played by Rene Sofer. I was disappointed there as well.

I probably could go on, most of the time ships on this show fail because I hate one of the characters (Mohinder/Maya) but finally they have given me a couple I could show some interest in: Matt and Daphne.  Now, let me just back up and explain that while I really liked Matt in the first season, by the end of it, I was ready for him to die.  I hate characters who constantly make stupid moves and are never called upon it and the show provided one bonehead move after another.  When second season started up, he appeared to be redeemed somewhat but as I recall he got boring as I can barely remember what happened with him at the end of the season.  It’s probably because Molly sucked the life out of him.

Now he’s back and though we’ve had a bit of a rough start (confronting Peter foolishly and being sent to Africa and his boring Spirit Walk)…I’m gonna have to admit I’m right on board with him.  Daphne suffered a bit at the beginning too.  First, her hair looks like it was designed by Japanese video game developers.  (Which was only surpassed by the bad wig she wore for the future episode).  Next, because the show has shifted to giving boneheaded moves to Hiro and Ando (mostly Hiro) some of the stupidness rubbed off on her and made me grit my teeth at seeing her.  When I realized they were going for a Daphne/Matt thing, I wasn’t sure and Matt telling Daphne about their future together (while hilariously holding that turtle) I had even more doubts this was going in the direction I wanted.

Yet, now we know that they are gonna have to work together but Daphne is playing him to help Papa Petrelli do his evil plan.  I haven’t been this excited for a couple on this show since Peter/Claire (dammit) but I”m hoping things work out a little bit better for me this time.

Wow, I’m just setting myself up for disappointment aren’t I?


3 thoughts on “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

  1. I like Matt and Daphne as well, really enjoyed Matt pulling his mojo on Knox and fooling him. Then we find out that Daphne is stringing Matt along, which is cool as well. A good way to start out a pairing I think! We’ll see.

  2. I’m really proud of Matt being able to fool someone again. It seems though it would be hard for Daphne to keep up the con since she’d have to do it mentally too but Matt is boyscout enough for him not to read her mind.

  3. Tripp, forgot to tell you I am in Los Angeles now…currently in my hotel room patiently waiting till Saturday. I hate my effin laptop. I wish i had my desktop at home :*(.

    i will bring you some Blake pictures 🙂

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