Nick Crackwatch Log Entry #1 & #2

Thanks to TWoP, I’ve chosen to do a Nick Crackwatch (tm islandgal) for Days of our Lives.  For those of you not interested in being spoilered don’t continue.  We’ve been blasted with some pretty “out there” spoilers for November sweeps and if it’s not shocking enough they will center around Nick, then hold on to your pocket protector, he’s Trent’s killer.  And he’s also going to gaslight Melanie into thinking she did it.  And it’s because he’s on drugs.  DRUGS!  The same ones that sent Jessica his mother going nuts (yes his mother will be mentioned!)

Now my gut is worrying to death over all of this.  The show is obviously taking a new shift in direction for a shocking revelation which may only wind up ruining the one decent, good hearted male character left on this show.  Also, I worry that Blake Berris may be written out, which what a horrific swan song for him.  But for now, I’m gonna hope the drug addiction and mental illness discussion means they are creating a long story for Nick.

In the meantime, the show needs to give us clues.  Big time clues.  A guy like Nick isn’t suddenly revealed to be a creepy killer without some clues showing up and that’s what I’m gonna keep track of. Today’s blog will talk about the clues I believe that are there already, which are only two (we need to get busy show with more!).  Now the clues I’m looking at are obvious ones…many think Blake has been showing us different layers which doesn’t surprise me, I’ve always felt he’s an awesome actor, but I admit it takes more then just the facial expression an actor gives for his performance, it takes actual direction written into the scene.

Log Entry #1: Nick’s DUI/drinking

My boy isnt look too good these Days...

My boy isn't look too good these Days...

When I heard Nick was getting a DUI, I was a little perturbed.  Now my man getting drunk and making a fool of himself is nothing new, but I know he’s taken steps not to drive while intoxicated so it was tough to fathom he suddenly did it now.  What could have helped was actually showing the scenes where he got drunk.  But as usual they skipped that.  I still think the show changed direction and never thought Nick would be the killer but it is possible at this time they knew or were still thinking about it.  Maybe then it was a good idea to leave the scenes out.  My pal Paula picked up on Nick’s line that he was not feeling like himself at the time.  Good catch given where we will be going.

Log Entry #2: “To hell with the Brady’s”

Of course, Nick can be obsessive about me anytime...

Of course, Nick can be obsessive about me anytime...

This past Monday, Nick made a comment that really shocked me.  Some people thought he sounded high at the cafe and was acting figidity.  What really got my attention was Nick is so into Melanie, he’s ready to just write the Brady’s off altogether.   Now, if he had said this last spring when Chelsea was cheating on him, Max was “helping” him by not telling him he was messing with his project, while Stephanie seemed to be pushing Chelsea towards Dan…I’d have loved to hear Nick say that. But he didn’t.  Now he is for a girl he really doesn’t know?  Something else is going on here and though it doesn’t prove he’s the killer but he’s clearly not acting like himself.

So check back often, I’ll update this when new clues come along and when the truth does come out, we’ll look at the list to see if the show has done it’s job.


9 thoughts on “Nick Crackwatch Log Entry #1 & #2

  1. Hee, we’ll have to really search for clues thanks to Dena’s out there writing. It would have been really nice to see Nick getting drunk, or to have him make a random mention of shoulder pain or something. It’s not that hard to put in a throwaway line here or there that will add up to an AHA moment when Killer Nick comes out to play.

    Like you, I hope that they intend to delve deep into his mother’s mental illness and really give BB something good to play. I’m not sure that Higley is capable of such a deep, meaningful story, but I’m willing to give her a chance to try it. If Nick gets arrested and never seen again I will be pissed. Not surprised, but pissed.

    Crackwatch is on!

  2. I know. I know soaps frequently disappoint with murder mysteries but having Nick as the killer, it wouldn’t be hard to throw out those little tidbits because even giving them, nobody would believe that Nick would be the killer. At least not until we get closer to the murder.

    I’ve always said I wanted a mental illness story for Nick. Now that it’s here, I’m very nervous.

  3. Oh I’m nervous. Because I’m afraid that Dr. Jonas will put on his “addiction specialist” hat and play Dr. Drew to him because Marlena’s out of commission cooing over John for the thousandth time.

  4. I am ever hopeful that this will all work out. A drug addiction storyline could be intense, and BB will do an Emmy-worthy job if they let him.
    It looks to me like they are steering away from Mick being a rootable couple, and going back to Chick. I have to say, I loved Melanie at first, but she is getting on my nerves. Once a Chick-fan, always a Chick-fan! If Chelsea sticks with Nick and helps him through this, we have the path to super-couple. The show needs a new Brady-Horton base couple in that age group, and they are it. My fingers are crossed!

  5. Brandi: I’m not worried about Daniel anymore. I like him with Kate and though he seemed way too into Chloe’s past with cancer, I think I’ll learn to be comfortable with him.

    Maxxie: I love chick and this is just the kind of story for Chelsea “to work” to prove she deserves Nick. But I wasnt’ wanting them to derail Mick in such a way. I really liked them.

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  7. Actually I think Nick was planned to be the killer from the start. A couple of things: when Nick first met Mel, Mel’s friend said to her about Nick: “Just give me a sign if he’s a creep or something” Mel later said to her about Nick: “He’s completely harmless and rich” , anyone think Mel is going to flashback to that and wonder how she could have been so wrong about him? Along with Chels saying Nick you seem kind of out of it, after he got shot, and Nick saying it’s just the pain medication….
    I would call that 3rd rate BS foreshadowing, but I don’t know if I should give the days writer’s that much credit?

  8. Welcome KB! I’m afraid though I have to disagree they were planning this from the start. If that was the case, I do think the drug addiction would be setup more. Not that we had to see a scene as heavy handed as today’s but just show Nick taking a pill and rubbing his shoulder in pain. Or when he got the DUI, have the pills be brought up they were found and give us more of a PSA about mixing drugs and alcohol.

    I had forgotten how Melanie was sure Nick was harmless. Of course, the thing is he is harmless, he’s a GOOD guy and I hate that this story might forever ruin her opinion of him.

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