Nick CrackWatch Log #3

So no sooner did I start this series when the show gives me another new moment.  This time it’s pretty over the top.  Nick has a secret stash of pills!  And he ate the pill dry!  That clearly shows a problem, because the camera would never zoom in on it like that to begin much less “safety first” Nick choosing not to swallow properly using bottled water.  That is lunacy!  No way my Nick would never accompany a tablet down his throat without taking precautions and following it with sufficient fluids!  This is madness!!!

Photo courtesy of Days of our Lives 2

6 thoughts on “Nick CrackWatch Log #3

  1. Clearly he has gone darkside! This was so subtly done I don’t know how I missed it today! Good catch! You must have really been on the lookout to miss such a subtle sign of crackery!

  2. Truly out of character for Nick. In so short a time he’s become a pill popper, drunk who is obsessed with Mel. Did anyone see this coming? Did I miss something? It is giving Blake a great chance to do some excelllent acting, and I hope the story continues for him and we find out why he has become like this.

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