Nick Crackwatch: November 3rd

Wow, no sooner did I start this series then Days gave me a follow up and then today marking so many clues I chose not to log them but just mark the day.  Today was special because I believe we didn’t get any subtle clue but an all out MAJOR clue to Nick being Trent’s killer, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Now, let’s start with how Nick and Melanie started off in this episode. For all appearances, it seemed like a typical Nick day.  He’s obviously longing for a girl who is requesting they keep things on a platonic level which clearly he disagrees with but wouldn’t dare push his chances.  We don’t have time for Nick to showcase any sinister symptoms because who comes in? Chelsea, and she just opens the door like it’s her own home.

I must say Rachel really brought it today.  Something that I love about Melvin is how she can take Chelsea through so many different emotions in a seamless manner.  She walks in with a hopeful and eager expression on her face to only be dashed when she sees Melanie’s presence.  Her inappropriate attitude in remarking on Melanie being there (who has way more right to be visiting Nick then Chelsea does) is met with mutual irritation by both Nick and Melanie.  They both seem to gang up on her and I must say I almost felt sorry for Chelsea.  She’s not used to being to having to defend why she seeks Nick out and forgetting she had his mail was almost endearing. Of course, then I remember how Chelsea walked in there like she owned the place and I had to mentally applaud Nick for reminding her those times are over.

That said, the point of this series is for me to point out where Nick is acting strange.  I’d say it comes after he’s gotten his letter of people interested in his prototype.  He basically focuses on Melanie who now has completely changed her tune in how their relationship should go and he seems not to care.   Some might state that this was how Nick was back when he first met Chelsea but I’d like to remember that he eventually realized that Chelsea was using him back then for her own purposes and called her on it (seeking out “Shane Patton”).  Dating Chelsea should also have given him a new radar on being played like that and when he met Melanie he overheard her strategy on approaching men and used it for his advantage.  Why is he allowing her to walk all over him now?  I think it’s one of those scenes where the writers are supposedly setting the audience up for the shock ending (of this episode) and then for the real ending when he’s revealed as Trent’s killer next week.  My guess is, Nick’s obsession is not just relying on his attraction to her, but that he needs her close to him if his part in Trent’s demise comes out.

Of course, Chelsea is not privy to his thinking so she is outraged Nick is letting Melanie play him.  It’s refreshing to watch Melvin and Berris go at it again, though I wish their fight could have been longer.  Nick’s attention from  Melanie to Chelsea is pretty swift and singular as always.  When he talks to Melanie, it’s like he doesn’t notice Chelsea.  When he talks to Chelsea, it’s like Melanie isn’t there.  I believe his (short) fight with Chelsea is where we see another clue.  Chelsea may not exactly have tact when dealing with Nick, but that doesn’t make her wrong.  She knows Melanie is playing Nick and from her perspective he is being a fool.  Nick doesn’t fight or try to debate her on it…he simply tells her to get out, basically making it clear that her opinion doesn’t mean anything to him anymore and he doesn’t need her in his life.  Chelsea doesn’t take this decision by him well, and runs to Philip (apparent Champion of Immature Girls Causes) about getting Melanie away from Nick.

After Chelsea leaves and Melanie goes to bed, Nick finds the last note that was sent to her in her purse and remembers writing it so now the audience knows that Nick is the one sending crazy notes to Melanie.  I am curious for the unspoiled if they realize what is happening.  Do they believe Nick is trying to catch Melanie himself?  Do they believe he’s enjoying that she is trying to manipulate him while he’s manipulating her?  Or do they begin to guess if Nick is capable of these actions…what else is he capable of?

I don’t know.  I do wish the drug addiction was shown again today.  Nick did just take a pill in the episode before so maybe it calmed him enough to seem normal in his behavior.  However, what I’m hoping for is the show is going to bring up mental illness and how Nick is perfect for a split personality which his own mother went through as well and the pills were just the trigger.


5 thoughts on “Nick Crackwatch: November 3rd

  1. Hee, today was like getting hammered over the head with an anvil. Or you know, like that neon sign saying “Killer” flashing over Nick’s head. Were I not spoiled, I would think that seeing that Nick wrote that note would give it away, but what do I know?

    I really enjoyed Nick’s interaction with both Melanie and Chelsea today. I agree, RM did bring it in those scenes. I never felt bad for her though, hehe, I was just kind of mad that the stuff he was saying to her gets diminished cause he wouldn’t have said it had he not been a drugged up murderer. She deserve what she gets, even if she is right in this case!

    Mel’s switch from just pals to potential lover cracked me up. She’s not at all subtle and I agree, that was a clue that Nick is either off his game or doesn’t care if Mel uses him because he’s using her as well.

    Good stuff!

  2. Yes, the show is never subtle about anything.

    It’s actually more soapy if she is right so I have no issues with that.

    Melanie switching is really a bit OTT because she’s not a very good con artist, and I am not believing Nick is falling for her (act) but he just wants to be with her so much he doesn’t care.

  3. “apparent Champion of Immature Girls Causes”
    I lol’d. Nice.

    Ok. I’m not really getting this stuff. I don’t see why Melanie is scheming. Why everyone is up in arms watching over him in this regard. Why people are impeding Melanie.

    Because, as I said on prevuze just a bit ago, Nick wants to give her the money. I think, in fact it may have been his idea. Melanie doesn’t need to scheme because he would have probably handed it over the minute she inquired about it if he had it on him.

    And as much as I adore her character, she does switch from sweet to vicious to sad almost instantly. It’s all very peculiar and I wouldn’t really mind if she was sweet to “person A” one minute and then mean to “B” the next. Instead she switches in front of the very people she was just threatening or buttering up. She went from rude, apathetic teenager to sweet young missus in no time flat with lawyer. That was the highlight of that episode. lol

  4. I haven’t had time to really check out prevuze like I usually do so haven’t had a chance to read the comments. I totally agree that Melanie doesn’t need to scheme and I would have given anything after Chelsea left on Monday for Nick to turn to Melanie and tell her he knew what she was doing but wanted to teach Chelsea a lesson for eavesdropping. He really knew she was playing him and she doesn’t have to, he’ll give her the money.

    Good point on Melanie going from one extreme to another. It’s difficult to understand to believe her or not. I do like that you can tell Nick is creeping her out at times, but she’s so creepy she’s ignoring it (for now). I also like at times Nick gets to her as well. Hopefully they aren’t really giving up on Mick totally.

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