Tripp’s Days Wish List

So, Nick crackwatch will return but they are featuring him everyday and I really hadn’t wanted this to take over my blog 100% .

So that said, I want to do a bulleted wish list. I’ve had good luck with this in the past, and I’m hoping I’ll get some extra karma with my birthday coming up (16 days away!) So here is what I want.

Mandatory (no particular order but they should happen)

  • Nick’s actions be given full explanation with no cutting of emotional beats in regards to his family and friends.
  • Nick be seen as a viable love interest.
  • Steve and Kayla be given a story.  How about letting them get involved with their daughter now that she’s hanging around Philip?
  • Couples that should not happen:  Chelsea/Max.  Philip/Melanie
  • The chemistry testing needs to STOP.  Has anyone noticed that all couples under the age of 45 have been altered and changed and nobody that was with someone 9 months ago is with that same partner.  It’s like musical couples!
  • Don’t make Kate’s illness about Dan and Chloe.  Let’s feature Kate and her sons watching her.  Maybe a scene of Kate becoming upset that she is too tired to do normal, everyday things or she becomes embarrassed on how this is taking a toll on her looks.

Optional (what I’d love to see)

  • Max is off the show forever.
  • Nickfund is brought up.
  • Nick is given a love scene.
  • Finding a way to make me happy about watching Nicole pregnant.
  • Philip being given something to do that does not feel like it came out of a Saved by the Bell episode.

8 thoughts on “Tripp’s Days Wish List

  1. All of this works very well for me, especially the stuff on your must list. I am so sick of the constant chem testing that I am seriously not invested in any couple. I just don’t care anymore. They drove it right out of me.

    I also want to enjoy Nicole again. She’s been better in jail because she can’t cling to EJ, but I want my snarky gal back.

    Hee to Max off the show forever, that would be awesome. Or at least they could bring in a girl he is not related to by blood or adoption.

  2. Agree with all except for Max off the show. Hell no, Max is one of my favorite characters on the show. Well he is not #1, #2 or #3 cause those spots are reserved for melanie, stephanie and chelsea.

    Tripp, listen to me CAREFULLY…Nick will get a LOVE SCENE and it will BE WITH THE LOVE OF HIS LIFE…MELANIE LAYTON.

    You all might just kill yourself, i am no longer a STAX Fan. I am 100% a Steph/Phil Fan. I hope Steve and Victor will be involved. Great Drama, Steve’s daughter and Victor’s son dating. Plus Shelley and Jay have some smoking chemistry.

    I hope they bring in a love interest for Max..maybe a snobby preppy but good hearted rich girl. Nothing like Morgan but maybe like Blaire from Gossip Girl, her personalty and Serena’s looks.


  3. On the second mandatory bullet I accidentally read “visable” love interest, and I had to take a second to wonder just how much crack Nick must be on if his love interests were anything but visable. I think we’ve all had our fill of invisable love scenes, so yes, here’s to hoping next time Nick gets lucky it’s onscreen!

    Great Philip comparison with Saved by the Bell (I had to think of Ford’s dad) and how it needs to stop…and you’re right, why bother putting Philip/Steph in scenes if your not going to play up on the S/K angle of it?

    Honored that Kate made your list! You know icam.

  4. Nole: Yes, it’s amazing how much I don’t care about so many on this show. That wasn’t the case last year at this time.

    Terry: I’m not a Max fan but it looks like we are stuck with him so bring anew love interest for him. Stop having him get with family!

    Sour: I’m notorious for misreading things so I had to go double check I didn’t write it wrong. And yes the Saved by the bell thing fits so well with him and Melanie.

  5. How did you restrain yourself to such a short list? If I were in charge I’d do just about everything totally differently. The new fear haunting me, second only to Phelony, is that we’re staring down the barrel of a Kate/Dan/Chloe/Lucas quad. Yes, I know Kate is Lucas’s mother. It’s basically be a Dan/Chloe/Lucas tri with Kate getting heartbroken over sharing her lover with Chloe. GAH!

    If I had one and only one wish, I’m not even sure what I would use it on at this point. I want Philip out of the younger ones’ stories, but who knows what the monkey’s paw would do with that wish.

  6. Well the short list is what I try to make realistic and hopefully will come true. My lists have done well sometimes so I have to be within reason (though I know the Max leaving is a pipedream).

    Kate fighting in a quad with her own son is not just irritating but it actually keeps her involved in Lucas’ love life!

  7. I like Max, but I’m lost on his transition from ‘about to commit murder to protect little sister’ to “she’s a con artist and going to steal EVERYTHING!!”. Other than that he’s a-ok with me.

    Amen on that chemistry testing, Dan and Chloe? Phillip and Stephanie?? I don’t even know where the basis for them came from. They haven’t done Sami and Dan… or have I missed it?

    I love that Phelony is a homophone for felony.

    “Kate/Dan/Chloe/Lucas” no, no. it’ll be Kate/Dan/Chloe/Lucas/Phillip and Brady hexagon won’t it? At least the potential.

  8. Klaus: Max has gotten on my nerves for a long time but it’s weird how they write him to defend Melanie to his now ex girlfriend only to bash her to Nick.

    No they haven’t done Sami and Dan but we’ve got Sami and Rafe!

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