The Face of a Murderer

So, now it’s out.  No need to hide for spoilers.  We now know Nick Fallon murdered Trent Robbins.

I still love my guy

I still love my guy

So right now, though I’m thrilled that Blake Berris is given probably the most challenging work he’s had on this show, I really worry they will take him to places they can’t bring him back from.  I do believe the point of showing Nick taking pills and his obsessive behavior will certainly mean that they aren’t planning on locking the door and throwing the key away (if they do, like MaryPickford, I’m out of here).   But w/o giving spoilers away, all I know is things are going to get darker.

If they work on this as more of just a drug addiction, letting his family history and possible mental problems be what is going on, this could be a great story.  But unfortunately I’m not sure I can trust the writers to handle that.  However, I do love Blake and here is a recent interview he gave at the Day of Days event, it gives me hope that he can at least make lemons out of lemonade:

As Nick Fallon, Blake has recently gotten to play another side to this quirky off-beat character and now it looks like Nick may have murdered Trent Robbins. Here’s how he is delivering his interesting performances.


What’s going on with Nick? Has he flipped his cookies?


Has he flipped his cookies? Well, yeah! This stuff was always kind of stuffed down. He kind of showed these obsessive tendencies toward Chelsea, and circumstances can make you do crazy things. That’s the fun part about being an actor, and the more imaginative you have to be.


Did you know this was going to happen to your character?


I had a meeting with Gary Tomlin (executive producer, “DAYS”) a month or so ago. He gave me an inkling of what was going on, and how to kind of set my projections. Other than that, it’s script to script.


Some actors on soaps these days do not have the privilege of knowing their characters’ story in advance.


I was lucky because he did tell me. For me, I like having as much information on the story as possible, because you calibrate your performances by that.


How is working with Molly Burnett (Melanie)?


She is wonderful and a firecracker. She’s ballsy, makes bold choices, and is a ton of fun to work with.


How are you tapping into this whacked-out side of Nick, while in your dressing room?


I will say, I have had to do a lot more preparation in my dressing room! It’s getting pretty creepy in there! (He laughs) It’s great. It has given me the opportunity to go further than I am as a person…. I hope! (He laughs)


What about Nick and Chelsea? Recently, you had some scenes with her portrayer, Rachel Melvin.


I love acting with Rachel, and she is one of the best people to play ping pong with. We have some cool scenes coming up.


12 thoughts on “The Face of a Murderer

  1. Yep, we’ve finally seen it in black and white that Nick did stab Trent. At least he did it in defense of Melanie, more or less. Like you, I worry they will take him too far with his gaslighting of Mel and I don’t want that at all. He is doing a stellar job with his scenes thus far though, bringing the right amount of creepy and sweet.

    I loved Blake’s pointing out that Nick had obsessive tendencies in the past though and it’s just being elevated here. It’s a good observation and one I hadn’t thought of before. I am holding out hope that good things will continue to come with him and we’ll see a great character exploration. HEHE. With Higley at the helm. God help us!

  2. I was surprised, I thought they was really going with that ‘Mysterious Goon’. So kudos for them for that.

    But now comes the part where they DON’T mess that up. I like Nick so I don’t want this to fail. I am enjoying his obsessive behavior, but also because the fact that Melanie seems oblivious to it.

    He says all these things which should be red flags, but Melanie just seems to smile through it all.

    So all in all, I too think this is a good thing for the actor, I really hope this doesn’t end with Nick in jail forever, dead or in the loony bin screaming for Melanie.

  3. Oh, Nole–you and your hilarious jokes about “Higley” + “great character study”! Hee hee hee!”

    I have to say that I do think Mick is probably dead, but that Nick is far from irredeemable. I don’t know whether they’re going for Chick again or if Nick will be romance-less for a little while. But yeah, I think the Melanie creepiness is pretty scary. Blake’s doing a good job with it though.

  4. Nole: At this point it’s tough to know what to hope for! I’ve wanted Nick to have a story. I never envisioned he would be given the part of murdering stalker. I have good days and bad (as you know well) so hopefully I can keep my interest up as long as I hear good(ish) spoilers.

    Klaus: I bet anything they were going for the Goon too. I don’t believe for a second this was planned from the getgo, I think the show decided that since fans were being so cynical with the killing they decided to cut their nose off to spite their face by making it the most unlikely character. However, can they pull him out? I know Blake can do the work but can they write it effectively well?

    Paxton: I don’t want mick dead! And I know you don’t want it either (since it could keep Phelony from ever happening). But alas, the show always has their way over our own personal desires.

  5. Paxton: MICK is not dead. I am so tired of people saying Melanie and Nick are dead because in reality, they are a future supercouple.

    So before anyone starts, Melanie and Nick are endgame. Face it, if Ejami can get past the whole rape thing. I have no doubt that MICK will get past this. I am glad Higley is showing another side to Nick, i was tired of the sweet and nice Nick. I am so glad he has an edge now.

    Melanie will be the one to help break this painkiller addiction and bring our loveable Nick back cause Melanie is the love of his life, noone else.

    Tripp: See Nick is no Stalker, he isn’t really a murderer. He killed Trent to protect Melanie because he thought he was going to hurt Melanie. Nick is def no Stalker, the painkillers are making him do this, he loves Melanie…well who wouldn’t…its Melanie, the precious sweet adorable Melanie. I know i love her and if i was Nick, i be doing the same thing but more extreme lol jk.

    Don’t worry everyone, Blake/Nick are not going anywhere. THIS IS A LOVE STORY FOR MELANIE AND NICK, where Mel will help Nick overcome this.

    This Nick story is starting to remind me alot of FEAR starring Mark Walberg.

  6. Today I was reading something about Agatha Christie that said she wrote the whole book and when she got to the last chapter, figured out who the most unlikely suspect was and then went back and changed the details to make that work. Obviously Ms. Christie executed this well. I don’t see the same thing happening with the writers on this show.

  7. FEAR Terry? You use FEAR to support your theory that Mick is end game? Have you actually watched that movie? You do know that he kills her family dog, torments her entire family and want to kill her dad right in front of her? If they did that to Mick???? Oh yeah that’s REAL ENDGAME ROMANCE right there! Good lord!

    Though if Nick did kill Max that would be awesome. That is all.

  8. Terry, I have edited your post. Do not cuss at other posters and respect their opinion.

    Brandi: Love Agatha Christie! Interesting execution. It’s almost like that’s what they did but of course they couldn’t go back and edit things to work out like that.

    Nole: Yes, Mick and Fear would not be a good idea.

  9. i wasn’t exactly saying MICK is like FEAR and i don’t want it to end like Fear. I am just saying it is beginning to remind me of it. Well the Nick stalking Melanie aspect of it cause there are moments where David stalks Nicole in Fear like at the mall. but with mel and nick, he stalked her at the cheaten heart, watching her.

  10. I like ‘Mick’, well I used to. But with all this stalking and harassing her I don’t see it coming off well. Personally I was thinking he sent the notes to scare her into his arms, she can’t tell anyone else as the notes seem to incriminate her and he is only person willing to offer unconditional support. So it seems he’s trying push her into his arms.

  11. if Nick just used the notes and phone call to scare Mel into his arms. I would do the same thing LOL JK.

    Melanie and Nick will get past this, trust me. THEY ARE ENDGAME, they are a future supercouple. Be honest, if Ejami can get past the whole rape thing, i sure think MICK can get past Nick Stalkerish ways.

    EJ has done far worst to Sami.

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