Customer Survey

So finally got around to watching last week’s The Office.  So many things to love about this episode (one thing I actually hated but I’ll get to that.)

Michael-almost competent boss: I know. It rarely happens but I love it when Michael comes across nearly smart in an episode.  I mean he wasn’t exactly smart, he should have been able to tell something was wrong with the feedback, at least when he got to Jim, but I loved him there at the end with Kelly after the guys walked out. Of course, it might have done well to fire her ass as what she did could have gotten both men into some serious trouble.  But since that’s what Dwight wanted to happen, like Michael, I then wanted the opposite.

Dwight/Jim: wow, bonding.  It’s funny how they arrived at the same conclusions. Jim’s came through Bluetooth Pam who knew something was up with Kelly while Dwight was using his delusional and out of control paranoia.  The mugs were a nice touch though I could have sworn Andy always had a mug with his picture on it.  Doesn’t it sound like something he would have?

Andy/Angela/Dwight: Well the triangle continues but I don’t mind this one.  I will feel sorry for Andy in the end once he inevitably catches Angela and Dwight doing it in the barn (I’m sure Amish ways is a real turn on for Angela) but he really should have seen this coming.  Of course, he did date a high schooler without realizing it.

Sigh, so what really bothered me was the ending. It’s not just the stupid suspense of Jim being hurt and overhearing this guy’s plea to Pam.  It’s that the show is really going to make me believe that Pam can foolishly go through such a similar situation like she had with Jim and NOT see it coming.  Sure the difference is she doesn’t have feelings for this guy but still…how gullible can you be?


4 thoughts on “Customer Survey

  1. I enjoyed the heck out of Jim/Dwight kinda pairing up. Their interaction always kills me, just the expressions it evokes on Jim’s face is worth it alone.

    Like you, really tired of this Pam stuff. They need to get her back in the office pronto, is there a reason why the actress is away? I can’t fathom why they’re dragging it out for so long, they can ramp up some angst in the office without this distance stuff.

    Michael totally getting Kelly’s rage over them not showing up at her party just cracked me up. Plus, it took me back to “Dinner Party” which is my all time favorite episode.

  2. I’m so sick of Pam in NY I’m gonna scream too.

    Dinner party had one of my favorite lines, something like:

    Jim: I’d invite you to stay with me but my apartment is flooding.

    Pam: on fire

    Jim: on fire.

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