Shocking Casting News: JKJ out

Wow, SOD reports JKJ is out on Days of our Lives:

DAYS Casting Shocker!
Hot on the heels of the news that DAYS got a pickup (at an extremely reduced fee from NBC),
Digest has learned that negotiations between the show and Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip) have broken down and the actor cleared out his dressing room yesterday. Money is said to be the main issue. “Everyone is being asked to take a paycut,” reports an insider. Sources say the show is looking for a potential recast and actors are being brought into the studio today to read. A DAYS spokesperson says, “No comment.”

So what to say. Right now the Internet is going wild with speculation and comments where we know how nothing is going to shape up.  My personal thoughts are I don’t want them to recast, just write Philip out, even if it’s lamely and put Stephanie and Melanie in new storylines.  The show has abruptly stopped stories before and this one hasn’t been going long at all.

But I didn’t really want to get into speculation.  I just wanted to talk about a character I’ve grown to love.

First, let me remind everyone I began watching Days in the summer of 2006.  For most of the season, I basically FF’d everything but Steve and Kayla.  By fall, I began watching stuff, forcing myself to make this a real commitment.  My first Philip was Kyle Brandt.  Hated him with a passion.  Now I admit, he did become marginally interesting when they decided to have him go a little haywire after finding out Claire was not his child but they had him quickly pack up and leave town, giving them time to recast.

So they chose to go with the original actor who played Philip. What’s rather humorous is because in typical Days style, they wrote in the recast, having Philip’s face blown off on his second tour of duty.  Meanwhile, Philip’s closest friend on the show, Shawn, was also recast but with a totally new actor and the recast went unnoticed. So now we have actors standing around pretending that Philip has a new face even though they’ve seen it before while Shawn’s brand new face went totally unnoticed.

When Philip returned they made him a darker character.  I admit, I wasn’t sure what to think of JKJ.  He seemed so baby-faced, it was tough to imagine him now becoming his father’s son and letting the Kiriakis out.  As time went on, I became fixated on JKJ, he was a good actor and was taking Philip to BSC land (I still remember him holding pregnant Willow upside down over the side of a cruise ship).  At the time though, I wasn’t really all that attracted to him.  Maybe because we’d not seen him in any kind of sexual situation. The show was obviously supposed to make us bet against Philip though, while Shelle were the ones to root for.  I find that far too difficult and wanted Philip to win.

Eventually, Shelle and Philip made peace and our little tycoon found out he had a son out there somewhere.  This is when I first saw Philip as a sex object.  Not because Belle was warming back up to him, but because he had such inappropriate chemistry with his onscreen sister Billie. Does anyone remember at TWoP we would come up scenarios trying to find ways for JKJ and Julie Pinson to get it on w/o their being incest?  Bring KB as Philip and recast JKJ as a new character?  Of course, that didn’t happen and we moved into Phelle.

Now, I wasn’t happy with Phelle mainly because I hated the character of Belle.  However, I did like the idea of the underlying story:  Girl holds such a large torch for first boyfriend, she ruins her marriage to only discover it was her husband that lit her fire, not the “first love”.  I think that actually happens a good deal out there in RL, and would have been a fine story to tell, except of course it meant we’d have to watch Belle over and over in sexual scenes with Philip.  Of course, JKJ was making them sexy and I can deal.

After they wrote out Shelle, it looked like we were having a return to Phloe.  Now, I don’t care for Nadia at all, and I think her acting horrid.  But she is arguably the most beautiful actress on the show and it was nice to watch pretty make out with pretty.  I figured the way they lamely ended Broe, that Phloe was just a means for them to let each other work off their pain with rebounds.  They flirted a bit with Nicole and Philip, but that ended rather quickly and we entered Morgan.

Well as I’ve said I liked Morgan and Philip.  I certainly liked the pacing in the beginning.  Of course it was put along side Chan which probably blinded my eyesight to Phorgan’s problems and I wasn’t thinking clearly.  However, whatever potential the couple had was pretty much ruined with making Morgan Miss Needy and her suddenly putting all her faith in Philip like he was to be her white knight. I never wanted that role for Philip and that pretty much created me indifferent to their pairing.

Now we were at a new crossroads.  I had always wanted Philip and Stephanie and it was looking like that was to come to pass, but of course, they have to go and make me vomit by adding in Melanie who is way too young for Philip and that’s who we see him making out primarily now.  I am concerned the show thinks this new triangle is going to be the new triangle to bank on, and will be recasting Philip.  Just like they were wrong with banking on Stax as the new young couple to invest in, I find without JKJ, this story will be unwatchable.


15 thoughts on “Shocking Casting News: JKJ out

  1. Why couldn’t Jay just take a paycut, come on. You kept saying how much you wanted to work with Shelley.

    I hope with this news Melanie and Nick will be back on. I CAN SAY, that i am 100% confident that Blake Berris and Molly Burnett are not going anywhere….they are hardly expensive, i know Molly is very cheap and she is really talented actress.

    I hope they don’t recast. Just put Max with Stephanie. Put Nick in a love triangle with Melanie and Chelsea.

    Melanie is not going anywhere, i am 100% confident on that. She is the best addition to Days and i love her. If she left, i WOULD QUIT WATCHING DAYS FOR GOOD. She is the only reason i keep watching.

  2. Also If you remember in SOD November Previews, Ken Corday did say that it is still possible that Max and Stephanie will get back together :). Which makes me happy because i am a big STAX Fan.

    I still think Melanie and Nick are still on…they will just have to work past their problems with what is happening now. Blake and Molly are not going anywhere. Don’t listen to that Fucktard Nelson, he just speculated and he had to be the first one to do so LOL…what a loser.

    I hope to god they are not going to recast…if they do, why not Me…i would love to be in scenes with Molly and Shelley. LOL JK. If anyone should be recasted as Philip, why not Jason Gerhardt.

    I think he is willing to take a paycut with Stay and who doesn’t like it or complains will go. I am pissed that Jay is going but i would even be more pissed if this was Blake Berris, Shelley Hennig, Molly Burnett, Rachel Melvin or Darin Brooks. I am 100% confident they are not going anywhere.

    I hope the recast is someone who have great chemistry with Shelley.

    I feel better that Molly or Shelley are not going anywhere. Cause they are going to be in a new story at Titan with Philip and with Jay leaving, with a potential recast…it makes me think they are not dropping the story :).

    But i want Melanie and Nick. 🙂

  3. Oh i have on last thing to say. Sorry for clogging this up, i just forgot to add this.

    With Philip leaving, where does this leave Stephanie. How much I am a STAX Fan, i would not want Steph to go back to Max…look how much she matured and is not whinning or clingy anymore. Having Stephanie away from Max is def a improvement for the character. Plus if Steph goes back to Max, wouldn’t that be a regression for Steph. Max hurt her so bad…i know Shelley won’t be complaining that going back to Max is a regression because she does love working with Darin Brooks. Plus she knows there are STAX Fans and doesn’t want to hurt them like someone we know, Rachel Melvin. I love the girl to death, i may not be a CHICK fan but she disrespects the Chick Fans.

    I think Melanie and Nick will get back together or will get back together. Nick has a mental illness, i am sure Melanie will forgive Nick.

    Too all Melanie haters, Molly Burnett is not going anywhere. SHE IS CHEAP and she is really talented

  4. Terry, if you want to be recast as Philip we’d need to see a picture to see if you could hold a candle to the pretty that is JKJ.

    I’m sad about JKJ going but unlike you, Tripp, I don’t think Philip is going to be written out of the show. I think they had too much planned for them to do that and the fact that there were rumored recasts in the place today makes me feel pretty confident that they will recast. How I feel about this depends on who they get and what I think of him of course.

    I know damn well why you hope they don’t recast and it’s all Nick-centric, don’t think you can fool me. With Melanie and Stephanie suddenly free again you could get some Nick lovin. I know how you work.

    I’m very sad to see JKJ go and hope he resurfaces somewhere good. And that he cuts his hair before he goes on any potential tryouts! Return the Pretty JKJ!

  5. ha! Nole. So you saw through my charade! Yes, Philip leaving leaves not just Melanie back to Nick but maybe Stephanie too. And if Terry gets his way, then Stax would certainly leave Chex in the dust and Chelsea back to Nick.

    But I promise, even if BB is gone (I’m so nervous he is) I still will not approve of a Melanie/philip pairing. They’d have to go with a younger actor for that to work, but then he would look ridiculous as a tycoon of Titan.

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  7. Hey Tripp:

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if Melanie has to be the one to save Nick from his inner demons. OMG, i would die for that story.

    Nick doesn’t go to jail, he gets off because of mental illness. He gets help but that doesn’t work. He continues to go to get painkiller and drugs, the only one who would be able to save him is Melanie. 🙂

  8. Regarding Blake Berris the spoiler about him finished taping his scenes already the source is not reliable so for the moment it’s false. I don’t think Blake is leaving for 2 reasons 1. Gary Tomlin was the co head writer when Jessica (Nick’s mom) had a split personality and she was also addicted to painkillers when she had problems (Found out watching Fri CDN episode, which is Mon US episode which will be mentioned by Hope and Maggie)
    2. I read a while back from Ken Corday when he said he wanted to focus on Nick/Melanie as well as another couple, which I can’t remember at the moment and also Nick was Ken Corday’s creation and he hired Blake Berris to play the part and I am pretty sure that Key Corday is the one who decides if Nick/Blake is fired or stays so with those reasons I think that Blake/Nick will be safe and will pursue a possible split personality and painkiller drug addiction storeline

  9. I know i spelled that last word wrong it’s Storyline not storeline my mistake sorry about that. I forgot to add 1 more thing.
    I think that Nick will not get arrested for trent’s murder on files of Temporality Insantity as well as having a drug addicting and mental illness story and they will invove what Jessica (Nick’s mom) went through the same scenario as Nick is going right now with the painkillers and possible split personality to get him out of jail time permantely. I would not have a recast play Philip because JKJ is the one Philip in my book. I would have Max and Stephanie officially get back together get do what they were all along with a Nick, Melanie, Chelsea triangle with both women helping Nick to get rid of his problem and get back the Nick they always knew. Jessica (Nick’s mom) had Josh (Nick’s dad) and Jake which at the time was her fiance when she had the same problem then that Nick has now. THAT WOULD BE AN ABSOULTELY AWESOME STORYLINE AND I WOULD BE LOOKING FORWARD TO WATCHING FOR NICK AND WOULD GET MELANIE TO FALL IN LOVE WITH NICK. Like she mentioned in her video blog about wanting to fall in love but just haven’t met the right guy yet, I think that Nick could be the guy that Melanie is looking for, just have to wait and see how everything will play out

  10. Recasting Phillip makes me nervous: I mean think of all the Passions actors and Real World Castmembers that are still out there. As much as I love him, I don’t want the son of Victor Kiriakis to be played by San Diego’s Brad.

  11. There can be no Stephanie and Nick, as Steph and Nick are cousins, blood cousins, which the show acknowledges. Adopted members are one thing, blood relations are… well it’s not new, I just don’t think they’re going down that road.

    I liked Philip, both of them, I generally like all the actors and characters until they become thorns like Bo and Hope, whom I can’t stand at the moment. I intensely disliked Lucas when he kept Sami what she can and can’t do. I disliked Shawn for the same thing, and only disliked Belle when she argued with Hope and stood up for herself.

    lol Brandi, I agree on the Passions thing.

    I was not a fan of Stax because, Stephanie was one of the clingy girlfriends I have ever seen, real life included – barring nutjobs.

    “Oh Max! Tell me what you’re thinking!, we don’t keep secrets! I DEMAND TO KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING!”

    “OMG!, Max has been gone for an hour and didn’t tell me where he was going! Where is Max?, his phone is turned off!”

    “We have to trust each other, Max! We are nothing if we’re not honest! I will keep your secret safe… *until I see Bo and Hope…*”

    She isn’t naggy or clingy anymore, because she has no one to nag or cling to. Refreshing.

    Good riddance, let her nag NuPhilip to death.

  12. Klaus: Stephanie and Nick are not related in any way. They are not related at all. Stephanie is not a Horton and Nick has no Johnson blood in him. I hated Stax though too, but I really like Stephanie actually though SH has a tendency to overact.

    I worry on who they will get to recast for Philip. I really do not want Philip/Melanie to continue but I’m worried a recast will make that more likely.

  13. Hmm, I could have sworn Stephanie referred to Nick as her cousin when Chelsea made derogatory comments towards him.

    Oh well, guess I’m wrong. Although I haven’t seen anything even close to a romantic scene between them.

    I did like Stephanie, both of them. I just don’t like her with Max. Or with Jeremy either, but he was a jackass anyhow.

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