Suggestions for Heroes

After watching Heroes last night, it struck me the show still is struggling and it shouldn’t be.  We’ve got some great moments here and there along with great potential story arcs, but they all seem to be falling flat.

Let romances play out: I realize the show only has Kristen Bell for so long, hro_309_09but it’s ridiculous to me how fast Elle has fallen for Sylar.  Wasn’t she diagnosed as a sociopath so where is this soft spot going for him?  Now that doesn’t mean I don’t want Selle, they were so hot last night what with she teaching him how to use his new powers.  I’d also like to point out that Daphne can’t possible be in love with Matt right now. As everyone knows, I’m a sucker for a bad girl/good guy relationship but I would have liked to have seen some more moments where Daphne and Matt got to know each other.

You want chemistry?  Make them a Petreli: I didn’t think it was possible, but Nathan is boring.  He’s boring when he hangs out with Tracy.  They really seem to have no chemistry between them and I doubt the fact she’s signing up with Papa’s side will make them anymore interesting.   Of course, the Petrelli’s have such chemistry with each other, Nathan/Peter, Peter/Claire, Sylar/Claire.  Of course, it’s all inappropriate but what can you do?

Cut the kiddie stuff: Am I supposed to find Hiro endearing while he’s in this particular predicament of young life?  I don’t want Papa Petrelli to get his power but I would rather chew nails then watch Ando basically babysit Hiro (who always acted immaturely in the first place).  Is there anyway Ando can become the hero and Hiro is the sidekick?

Stop making heroes do stupid things: What was Claire going to do against Knox and Flint?  She jumped out of a window the first time but what the second time?  And when they said they were there to grab her, why then did she run?  I liked Peter being able to use his brain instead of needing powers but I miss him having powers.

I did like the ending where forces appear to be gathering on the side of good and bad.  I really want to hope Sylar is playing his father, that he’s actually smarter then his brothers when it comes to people manipulating him.

11 thoughts on “Suggestions for Heroes

  1. Don’t poo all over my Selle, Tripp. They showed last week that there was a history and she did like him even though she was supposed to be using him. She never used the L word last night, they had their battle, she shared her powers and Sylar showed understanding to her. I don’t think anybody has ever understood Elle, so she’s back to being attracted to him. No L word occurred and I find it unlikley that it ever will, even when they do have electric hot sex. Which I will blog about when my headache goes away.

    Now, they are rushing Matt/Daphne and I don’t appreciate it at all. When she admitted to loving him last night it was like WTH? I hope she’s still attempting to play him.

    Hiro needs to be stopped. I loved him before but I actually want him to die now because he’s just comic relief and I don’t feel we need it on this show.

    Agreed about the Petrelli chem. They all look like they’re going to make out with one another at every moment. Tracy sucks and should die also.

  2. I’m not pooing all over Selle, I think they are hot. I just wish there was more of bonding moments with these couples.

    I hope they rushing Matt/Daphne does not mean someone gets it. Figures they finally have made me like Matt to only threaten his life twice.

    I was fine with the actress when she was Jessica/Nikki. But having her be a third person is ridiculous.

  3. Commenting on your blogs is too easy. I agree. Especially with the additional information and explanation.

    I too wish that there would be more bonding moments between Sylar/Gabriel (Spock or whatever he wants to call himself) and Elle. But most of all, I just want them to make most of the time and the actors they have.

    Just as I was starting to see how great and complicated Matt & Daphne could be, they have to ruin it by rushing things. I could have bought Daphne being concerned and struggling to keep Matt alive but to declare her love for him? No, she has to be playing him, or they are both on their way out of the show.

    I liked Hiro at first but they’ve painted him into a corner where he’s all alone. Even with Ando, who can actually relate to other people or heroes. And if they think that making Hiro a Petrelli too will save his character, they are wrong. Just make him become the warrior who came back from the future to tell Peter to save the cheerleader, and I hated that phrase.

    Perhaps I could say more about the Petrelli family but I think I will save some words for Nolebucgrl’s blog.

  4. Thanks Rameau. Glad to hear from you.

    I’m much much more irritated at the rushing of Matt/Daphne then Selle, since we don’t have KS for that long. But why push the Matt/Daphne ship? Also, it comes right after Elle having a “soft spot” for Sylar just feels like lazy writing.

    I hated the phrase of “Save the cheerleader”; just figured that even here 15 years after high school, it still comes down to who’s a cheerleader and who isn’t.

  5. LIttle, late on this one but here is the deal. Heroes backs up on the Tivo. And then eventually I watch it. It didn’t in the first season but these days it backs up.

    I’m less disturbed about Selle, because I’m not sure where Elle is. I’m pretty sure she’s thrilled with him helping with her… um… emotional malfunction… but I’m not sure she’s capable in a real way to have emotions/relationships. So, I think in a sense it is just hotness.

    But I’m more disturbed by instalove Matt/zippy… um… what’s her name? Daphne. That’s it. I mean they met like a minute ago, and I just don’t feel it.

    And I agree Nathan should never be removed in any way shape or form from any of his Patrelli sibs.

    Syler works with just about anybody, but really all the rest of the patrellis need to be always with another Patrelli or Noah. That’s the only way to go.

    And young Hiro? There is no end to my hate. Ando deserves to go chill with some Patrelli’s too. He can put Hiro in a daycare run by the Haitian. It’d be great. Than Ando can have a real life. He deserves it.

  6. Hey Brandy,

    I think with Matt and Zippy (totally stealing that), Matt is in love with her because he knows he’s in love with her in the future. Daphne’s feelings have come out of nowhere which were offscreen and irritating because it wouldn’t have taken much to just show how she came to this point.

    Selle is really hot and I really am fine with their latest episode where Elle is now leaning on Sylar for support (or they are leaning on each other). What bugged me on them is the first episode on Elle immediately bonding with Sylar and feeling he’s a “good person” who they made bad. That seems so inconsistent with the Elle we met last season who seemed to want people to be bad.

    I heart Ando.

  7. I agree about Matt. I have no problem with Matt’s instalove. He loves the Zippy of the future. But Daphne should just now be deciding that maybe, just maybe Matt isn’t a complete and total nutjob, but not professing her undying love.

    They are changing Sylar and Elle so quickly this season It is hard to keep up.

    I think one of the more interesting threads that they started this season is Nathan’s power being synthetic and given to him by parents who didn’t think he was good enough the way he was… explains why Claire has powers but his boys (do they still exist?) don’t.

    Also explains why his power is so weak compared to all other members of his family.

    Too bad it was a blink and you missed it reaction from him. If it were me I have to say I’d be having a pretty wild identity crisis right now.

    As I would be if I was Sylar who apparently is just like, Peter is my brother, cool…. what now?

  8. But Daphne should just now be deciding that maybe, just maybe Matt isn’t a complete and total nutjob, but not professing her undying love.

    That is so what I was hoping for, and maybe I was trading off my disappointment from Days at yet ANOTHER chance at goodguy/badgirl story to materialize on Heroes and help fill that void. Oh well.

    Good point on Nathan’s power being synthetic. Personally I think all three of the sons were given their powers. Nathan’s was just a random power to see if he could take one. Once that was proven, Arthur immediately looked into a power which could harness other powers (like his). Then Peter’s is a step above that where he can just absorb the power within the vicinity.

  9. Ahh but you see, the Elle we saw in the flashback was before the Elle we saw that was kinda nutty and sexkittenish and whatnot. I think her interaction with Sylar changed her and that’s what made her become so weird and touchyfeely with men. The one she started liking she turned into a killer, so why not? HAHA I gave Selle plenty of thought and this works for me.

    Zippy and Matt? Yeah, on his end I get it, but on hers, I am hoping she’s still playing him but sort of conflicted. Interesting twist in tonight’s epi but I won’t spoil it for those that haven’t seen. That could drive them closer together though.

  10. I hated Sylar and Elle !! They had chemistry but friendly chemistry, it was not hot it was…weird, forced, contrived. You want to see Kbell with hot chemistry watch Veronica Mars : logan/veronica are hot.

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