Pam is now Back?

Please, can someone verify for me, in all that is Dwightish, is Pam back full time in Scranton?  I have to admit last week’s episode was difficult to imagine if I had to endure several more episodes with Jim and Pam separated.  I didn’t realize how needed she is to the Dundlar Mifflin team, but the very idea of having to endure a Pamless Jim for any more time and I vow to boycott whatever project was forcing Jenna Fischer to be backburnered (Yes, I’m that selfish!)

So now that I can calm down, the rest of the episode made me laugh myself silly. Andy and Oscar bonding up in Canada was something unexpected.  It was actually sweet to see someone concerned for Andy but of course in that typical Office way, this led to Andy drunkenly calling his fiancee and being regulated to “first base”.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt Angela since she’s getting everything she needs from Dwight.

Michael had his rebound affair with the concierge who must not get hit on by too many tourists if she was that impressed with Michael. Still, best line of the night was how he compared the position to the Japanese geisha which made me laugh out loud.

Back at the office, Kelly is forever off my “indifferent” list to hate list.  I think she and Ryan deserve each other.  Meanwhile it was hilarious how the office was being supportive of Pam returning for Jim (making him so uncomfortable).  That was probably the most realistic thing about this episode, the epiphany you can have once you realize your co-workers seem to know way more of your personal life then they should and have no qualms of discussion with little or no discretion about your life.


6 thoughts on “Pam is now Back?

  1. Yes, from what they said at the end of the episode, Pam is back. She doesn’t want to be away from Jim any longer and graphic design sucks. The world feels right again.

    Loved Oscar/Andy and the drunken phone call. Andy’s panic when he realized that it was not a dream was hilarious. Loved hearing Dwight in the background. haha

    Kelly’s an idiot who deserves what she gets. I love that Ryan doesn’t want her now. haha

  2. Oh no, I don’t think it bugged Darrell at all. It’s been pretty clear that he was just doing her cause she was there to be done. I think you have that one wrong. He texted back that he was cool with it and I take that at face value.

  3. So why did he leave work then? He left in the middle of the day? I just thought Darrell was being normal and tried to act like it didn’t bug him.

    But if it didn’t bug him, how hilarious is that on Ryan?

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