Blake Berris is killing me

Everyone knows I loved BB from the moment he tripped into our lives as Nick Fallon.  I’ve said since freaking day one he’s a good actor.  I had no idea he was this good.  Even today, where I fully felt I’ve had my Nick fill and couldn’t possible be emotional about his scenes again, then he goes and proves me wrong.

I usually hate suicide stories but I have to admit it makes sense here. Nick knows Melanie will probably hate him forever and though it hurts to see him still obsess over her, it would be unrealistic to simply give up his feelings, even off the medication.

Also in this episode, I got more Chick goodness and pray the show isn’t giving up on this couple.  They have had their ups and downs and yes, I admit even when Nick is a stalking, killing machine, he still deserves someone better than Chelsea.  But she is there and trying to make sense of it.  You can tell she’s serious about it, what with her Kate inspired outfit.  It’s not like Chelsea is leaving Nick in Las Vegas with his bandaged head to fix himself, she wants to help him.

I also love Nick reminding Chelsea she left him, and she of course had nothing to say.  I am fine with Nick sending her away at the end, wishing she’d help her grandma over him.  That is perfectly within the attitude he has right now, but I hope Chelsea now doesn’t actually try something that’s been foreign to her until now; doing what someone asks her to do.  I want Chelsea to put her best brat hat on, pushing, annoying and poking Nick until he agrees to not give up.  But Dena is writing this so I have little faith.

Now onto Marlena, UGH.  Don’t get me started on how typical it is for the show to have Marlena be Marlena and is so all about John; she follows form and passes the buck in doing her job to help other characters.  I guess there isn’t much point to belittle this, if Dee Hall was sticking around it would be even more annoying, but no sense using the shrink in town to try to give Nick therapy if she will gone come January.  Did I want Nick/Marlena scenes?  Not especially but I did see the value in them from a show perspective, cast integration is always good and it’s so important now to move right into Nick’s redemption or at least therapy (so they aren’t tempted to boot Blake from the show).  It would also do Marlena a world of good for fans who have always been alienated by how she’s 100% about John.

So where do we go from here?  Melanie hates Nick but my love for my geeky guy actually had me rooting for Chelsea in the cat (or more like kitten) fight.  Hearing Melanie call Nick crazy hurts me, mainly because I have to see this from her perspective and whatever bonding Mick had before DarthNick appeared, it’s pretty much been wiped out now, probably forever.  Of course, I adore love/hate relationships so the fact she hates him now intrigues me and I can come up with a hundred scenarios on how to have her change her mind.  One interesting and soapy clue is Maggie’s demand for Melanie to stay away from Nick most certainly means she’s gonna see him again.  I’m so curious to see their next meeting.

So will Nick be redeemed or remain crazy?  I guess only time can tell.  I’m not exactly the most patient viewer.  I know of a few more scenes of Blake coming up but sadly nothing with Chelsea again or any type of therapy scenes.  As a Blake fan I’m thrilled he got this story but as a Nick fan, it’s horrible to watch your favorite character be sent down to the bowels of hell.

12 thoughts on “Blake Berris is killing me

  1. Hee, figures we’d come out on the other side of this, but I liked Mel’s shots at Chelsea today. I felt after the way Chels and Steph treated her the other day they were more than deserved. Plus I still don’t feel Chelsea has remotely paid for what she did to Nick. Any shred of guilt she feels now is a shred too late for me. Bitch.

    I know you are ok with the idea of Marlena treating Nick but ick…I have a hard enough time watching her with John, I’d really have trouble having to pay attention to her if she acted opposite BB. Though if he threw in the occasional eyeroll at her gasping I could get through!

    I agree with you that BB had been incredible. Combined with AZ’s scenes this week, they’ve clearly raised the acting bar on the show to heights rarely seen. JS can occasionally hit them too, but both of them are shining in their storylines. Too bad Higley will ruin it all. Like you, I have no faith!

  2. I still wasn’t that upset with Chelsea and Stephanie’s ganging up on Melanie. I know, I’m in the minority. I know it’s no where near Melanie’s fault for Nick’s condition but I suppose the Nick lover in me hates to see Melanie easily calling Nick crazy.

    BB and AZ alone pretty much could carry the whole show.

  3. Well Tripp, I loved Melanie today throwing Chelsea across the table was gold. I hate that selfish twit chelsea and i hope she dies.

    Molly Burnett is the best actress on days and she is carrying the show…i love it

  4. Blake did a fine job today. He conveyed that empty, tired feeling of just giving up so well, it was frightening. He didn’t chomp scenery, he didn’t overact, it was quiet, understated, and perfect. The way it should be.

  5. i heard from a reliable source on NBC Days of our Lives that in the next issue of SOD it says ‘BERRIS OUT IN JANUARY” which means that Blake and his character Nick will not be redeamed and he will get charged with Trent’s murder and get life in prison with no possible chance of perole. There was this rumor that sayed, Blake’s last airdate is Fri, Jan 30th in U.S.A, but it will be Thurs, Jan 29th in CANADA, which is where I’m from.

    Reportedly sayed When Melanie goes to visit Nick in prison, he will be hanging from the ceiling with bed sheet covers around his Neck, ( Means they will kill Nick of the show by him committing suicide in jail, but that part is only a rumor )

  6. You almost made me sorry for not watching the show. And as for the casting news, I don’t know whether to congratulate you or offer you my condolences. I hate Higley should be sufficient. And if it’s not, I’m so sorry.

  7. First off, Blake’s acting was superb. He and Rachel Melvin are so natural together…still a Chick fan!
    Second, if Blake is off in January, I’m sure it’s temporary. He will probably do a 3-month stint in jail/rehab and then return to break up Chelsea & Max. (Is it just me or do we all see where that is going?)
    I still think Chick is end-game and look forward to seeing it happen on screen.

  8. please CHICK is dead ok, so get over it. Chelsea and Nick are not going to end up together.


  9. My heart is breaking, and even though I know Blake will be better off away from this moronic show, I am going to miss him so much. I hope his careers soars to new heights and we get to see him being brilliant on other shows. Days never truly appreciated him.

    I wish I could believe that Nick is coming back, but I just don’t see it happening. They wrote him into a corner for their Nov. murder shocker, and now they are done with him. What a sad ending for a character with so much potential, and a Horton too.

    Best wishes to Blake for his future.

  10. Thanks everyone for posting. I’ve been in complete despair upon hearing this as I had hoped they could get Nick out of this. I mean, everyone else gets away with murder and so why should he pay?

  11. Maxie, I would love that to be the case, but I won’t get my hopes up in case it doesn’t happen. Of course, that’s what they did with Lucas. But seeing how they never used Nick anyway, why would they go to all the trouble to write for him now?

    IA, Tripp. There are several people walking the streets of Salem who are murderers. Nick should get off too…this is just not fair! I hate this show and I hate that I allow TIIC to upset me so much! I will follow Blake to whatever show he goes too.

  12. It’s been said before on different boards, but i think it should be said again. When Higgs said in her ‘days’ blog “take heart Nick fans great things are ahead” everyone should have known that was the kiss of death. I only hope now the next time she blogs she tells us: great things are ahead for Dr. Dan, Chloe, Max, and; of course herself.

    i actually hoped they would make Nick a shades of gray bad guy to mess with the younger set, kind of a second coming of alex marshell kind of thing, but no such luck from TIIC.

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