Going back to what a Geek knows

So after having my heart ripped out over the loss of Blake Berris on Days (and Dena’s plot to give him the cruelest exit)…I think it’s time I just went back to original shipping and my first loves:  namely starships and sci-fi.


14 thoughts on “Going back to what a Geek knows

  1. Blake Berris is out. How and Why. Melanie and Nick had potential to being the next supercouple. Well i guess its now, higley is going through with a Steph/Phil/Melanie Triangle.

    what, i love Melanie and Nick. Melanie is my favorite on the show. How could Higley write Nick out. Blake and Molly have amazing chemistry even though the whole psycho stalker thing.


  2. Don’t cuss, Terry. I have people from church coming here. (Of course if I’m cussing it’s because I’m allowed to).

    Rules: I think JKJ just resigned his deal. I’m happy for Paxton who gets to keep her guy (but is terrified of where they are taking him). As for BB, he’s doing the acting job of his life, but it’s at the cost of ruining his character. *sigh*

  3. Hmmm well I’m pretty excited for the new Star Trek movie, which I haven’t said in many years. Clips look good. I can’t watch your video, or I can, but without sound which kind of ruins the point. hehe

    Blake is not free from the Higs, he’s probably thrilled. We will miss him but at least she can’t shit upon him anymore. Am I allowed to cuss? 🙂

  4. Your favorite staying on this show is the very definition of a “mixed blessing,” take it from me.

    Getting rid of Blake seriously is going to turn out to be one of their dumbest decisions. He did have wonderful chemistry with Molly, though unfortunately Dena decided she needed to screw with that. As a Horton, he was not related to nearly as many people as oh, say, I don’t know–Max. Nick had no ties to the DiMeras, Bradys or Kiriakii. He was free to date almost anyone without incest (novel!). And Blake can actually act. Now, why they want to get rid of someone like that is a total mystery to me. I’m just fascinated by Dena’s concept of “good stuff” that will let fans of the character “take heart.” Dear Dena, here’s a tip for the future: Fans of characters who are sweet, ethical, kind people do NOT consider it “good stuff” to have them turn out to be killers. Even though Blake acted his butt off and should rightfully win an Emmy for those performances, still, it was ridiculous.

  5. Nole: I dont know about Nick NOT getting shit on anymore, they can basically keep talking about Nick after BB is gone. I’m sure Chelsea will negatively compare everything Nick did to Max now that they are going for that God awful pairing.

    Paxton: Thanks on your kind words of BB. Though it’s just one more item added to the long list of problems with Nick/BB, the fact they are letting BB go in the midst of DHs means his departure will probably get very little fanfare.

    The least they could do is have him kill Marlena off.

  6. Still sore subject and I’ve stopped trying to figure out the logic behind these firings. Why must tptb and Higley ruin and get rid of the only talents on the show?

    It’s been all too long since I last watched any Star Trek or Star Wars related programs. Maybe I should spent some time correcting this particular lapsus.

    I’m showing my nationality here, but I don’t know if you are aware of a hilarious Scifi Parody which incorporates Star Trek with another favourite of mine, Babylon 5. The “home movie” is called Star Wreck and it can be viewed in YouTube or downloaded for free from


  7. rameau, that film is hilarious. I love sci-fi but I expecially love spoofs on it. One of my favorite films is Galaxy Quest which was just so awesome on so many levels.

    And I’m still bumming about BB. 😦

  8. I hate Star Trek but I think that’s why I adore Galaxy Quest. My husband I never miss an opportunity to ask if the other can form some sort of rudimentary lathe.

  9. I think my favorite is that Sigourney Weaver’s whole job was just to speak to the computer. And interpret back. Even though everyone could hear it speak too. That and their reaction when they saw the little creates attack the wounded one, their reaction was “OMG, they’re gonna kill Guy!”

  10. Hee, I love the Guy stuff too. The whole thing is hilarious. I don’t even normally like Tim Allen much but he’s great in that.

  11. tripp, are you still watching Days.

    I am, if it wasn’t for Melanie or Stephanie…i probably wouldn’t even watch days

  12. How far behind am I?!!
    I keep FFing Days looking for Nick…is he really gone?! Looks like I am done with Days b/c I can’t watch Chelsea/Max again…hated it the first time and don’t need a reminder.
    I will stick to my (hopeless) GH Maxie/Spinelli shipping to get my geek fix. 😦

  13. Terry: I’ve pretty much quit watching. I’m more disgusted with how easily they could trash a character and throw him away then anything else.

    Maxxie: He isn’t gone yet but he soon will be. And I hate Chelsea/Max more then almost anything. Glad you still have Maxie/Spinelli. For me, it’s Daniel/Charlotte on Lost.

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