How the Eclipse Should Have Gone

So the last two episodes were about the eclipse.  Of course all the Heroes lost their ability during this event in the series  premiere.  I never doubted their powers would return at the end of this one.  Heroes is seriously misstepping this season and I can’t help but think of how awesome this idea SHOULD have been.  It should have been this volume’s climax, a moment for them to be working towards.  Here is my plan.

The idea the eclipse should have been first discovered by Mohinder.  (Giving him something more practical to do while trying to save his own stupid hide). He realizes that hooking up with Artur is a foolish decision that he can rectify.  Together, he and Sylar (who also is playing double agent with him) work out ways to get this information to Nathan and Peter.  Sylar has to work a lot with Elle who is still more of a psychopath but is fine with jumping into bed with her.  Feelings emerge there but the viewer isn’t sure if Elle can be trusted.

Peter, Angela and Nathan form the moon team, realizing that the only way to defeat ever powerful Arthur is to go along with the eclipse but the problem is they are out of powers too.  You get a bit Ocean’s 11 here but it can be interesting if they allow Tracy who is also playing double agent but on the wrong team.  Her betrayal gets her killed, probably she begins to freeze Peter and Nathan catches her and kills her. HRG is there too and upset they are trusting Sylar and his distrust nearly screws up the plan.

Elsewhere we have Ando, Hiro (acting his age), Matt and Daphne wind up helping each other. Perhaps Hiro following the comic comes to Matt’s door but points out Daphne’s betrayal.  She runs away but Matt finds her and convinces her to come back. She’s warming up to him but no love from her yet.  Anyway, the comic book store does NOT exist as that is just stupid.  Instead of bringing up a mysterious comic book writer why not just have a Heroes TV writer with scripts floating around they could read?

Somehow Matt’s team winds up crossing paths with Nathans team while again nearly unraveling THE PLAN.  I think if the show could commit to never telling the audience what THE PLAN is, it can hold our attention.  But unfortunately at the last minute, things go badly with the eclipse ending and Arthur’s powers returning and he probably kills Angela (we must have a casualty).

Her death will enrage Peter and that’s when he discovers that with the return of daylight, so do his powers.  Peter going going head to head with his father can be pretty mythological and it might do Nathan some good to have to sit and watch helpless for a change. Ultimately, Peter takes Arthur out in such an awesome way that Arthur must depend on nurses for the rest of his life.

Since the show loves to close with a preview of the next season, the comic book series of 9th wonder (used much more sparingly) we realize is NOT done by Isaac. The end of this season ends with us discovering who the oracle is which sets up next year’s volume.

So that’s the plan. It’s much better then what we’ve seen so far (in my humble opinion) and it allows the show to keep the best twist they wrote this season: Sylar is a Pettreli.  It also allows the Heroes to be smart which unfortunately the writers of this show are taking tips from Days…good guys = dumb.


3 thoughts on “How the Eclipse Should Have Gone

  1. I’m too tired to fully follow your plan, but anything that kills off Tracy is fine by me. hehe And keeps Sylar a Petrelli…yeah, my blog will be coming tomorrow and you know damn well what it will be about. At least next time you start bitching about one of your ships I’ll have the ultimate to throw back ya!

  2. That would have been so much more better than what we got. Why must the good guys be idiots on these shows? And people wonder why I prefer villains.

    I’m still hoping that the Sylar not being a Petrelli was only a lie HRG told to throw him of balance. I wouldn’t mind if he had a different father than Peter and Nathan and that could have been the reason why he was given away. Maybe the next volume will be better.

    And Nole, you have my sympathies.

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