SOD covers I’d like to see

John Remembers!!!! Then he strangles Marlena.

Steve and Kayla recall their lives in 2008. The show gives us all the missing scenes via flashback.

Belle and Shawn are dead!! Shawn sank the boat in the harbor.

Max is really gay! (Didn’t the shirts and jewelry tell anyone anything?)

Nick breaks out of jail! Philip hires him as new CEO of Titan.

Dan’s departure! Checks himself into a sex addict clinic run by Lexie.

Philip realizes that Melanie is only 18! Philip vows not to hang out with Dr. Dan anymore…”Clearly he influenced me on not seeing the obvious age difference.”

Rachel Melvin talks about the streaks“I don’t know what I was thinking…”

Kate dumps Dan! “Once I realized that my chemotherapy was turning him on, it was time to move on.”

Chelsea’s dead! The reasons why Theo did it.

And my favorite:

New rule out on all soaps…no more triangles!

Come on, add your own!

16 thoughts on “SOD covers I’d like to see

  1. Max IS gay. That’s not new news.

    Total brill, I laughed so hard at the RM streaks one, it hurt. I’d try and think of my own to add, (besides my first “Kate castrates Daniel!”) but I don’t think I can top these.

  2. Dena Higley Quits! Corday vows to find a head writer who knows her ass from her elbow.

    Darrin Brooks Fired! Max hasn’t been on in weeks and nobody even noticed!

  3. Breaking news: Nicole is Melanie’s mother

    Melanie reunites with Nick

    Young Days Star dating(picture of Jay Johnson and Shelley Hennig)

    Days Actress is in love with her #1 Fan(picture of Molly Burnett)

    Melanie tells Nick, “I love you”.

    Days Campus Rapist Returns, “Ford Decker is not Dead”.

  4. Got some more Tripp

    Darin Brooks Fired: “Nick returns, kills Max.”

    Molly Burnett talks about Terry, “He is really Sweet”.

    Stephanie castrates Max, “not much was there. I am glad, I am away from this loser”.

    Ken Corday promises a big romantic story for Melanie and Nick, “It will be tough times for them but Only Melanie’s love for Nick will save him”.

    WHERE MY BALLS, “The 2008 Story of EJ DiMera”. James Scott speaks on his character and how much of a pussy he is.

    Young Vixen pulls a Sami Brady. “Melanie drugs Philip to sleep with her”. (Picture of Molly Burnett)

  5. sorry Tripp, got some more:

    Ken Corday promises 2009 will be the year of Nicole and Melanie.(Picture of Arianne Zuker and Molly Burnett)

    Rosco Borne is BACK! ” Trent is not over yet”.

    Nicole has a daughter! “The Twist you never saw coming”. (Picture of Arianne Zuker holding Molly Burnett)

    MAX JAILED!!! “First ever Soap prison gangrape Storyline, Max becomes someone’s little girl”.

    Premier Party Girl is Back! “Melanie returns to the party circuit”.

    Blake Berris NOT out! “Blake is taking a short leave”.

    Nicole to EJ, “I Lied”.(Picture of EJ in the corner crying like a baby”.

    Mother and Daughter plans on turning Salem inside out.(picture of Arianne Zuker and Molly Burnett)

  6. LOL, I got some more:

    “I was raped”. Seeks comfort from an unlikely ally(Picture of Shelley Hennig holding Molly Burnett)

    “Days Behind the Scene Drama continues”. The scandal gets uglier. (picture of Ali Sweeny on Dena Higley’s lap)

    NICOLE’S PAST WITH TRENT. “It has just begun for Nicole, when series of ruthless and disturbing flashbacks are revealed”.(picture of Trent hitting Nicole)

    Rachel Melvin’s Secret Job. “Being an actress wasn’t enough for me and my streaks”.(picture of Rachel on a pole)

  7. More Buget cuts at Days: Women’s clothing and accessories designed exclusively by Kristian Alfonso!

    More Budget cuts at Days: Max forced to choose between necklace and bracelt.

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