The Office: Copier Vs Chairs

So this week’s Office episode had a very small (and when I say small I mean microscopic) shout out to TWoP.  Phyllis was reading Tubey instead of doing her work.  Heh.

Now, my review on the episode reminded me a lot of working in an office environment everyday.  The end of year shows there is a surplus.  After Oscar must explain what this means to Michael (in a hilarious analogy of lemonade stand), the office must agree to decide on either a new copier or new chairs.  Everyone seems to have an opinion and the office divides itself up into different sides.

Since the show gave us the actual sum, I admit that knowing it was $4300 distracted me from the episode itself.  The problem with that amount is it would never be enough to get GOOD office chairs for everyone in the company, but $4,300 is a little much for a copier, given the one they have looks like any $2,000 model could easily replace.  If not everyone can get office chairs, than the argument is the copier could serve the needs of everyone.  But then it turns out not many people use the copier and if Pam who uses it the most prefers the office chairs, doesn’t that say how badly better comfortable seating apparatuses are needed?

Jim didn’t actually agree with his beloved, but upon losing I loved how Jim made it clear that he was fine with it as long as she decided to do his copies for him (which seems like it is her job to do anyway).  Excellent episode in showing that this couple does not agree in all things and when they disagree, it is quite hilarious to watch them act against each other.  It certainly brought out their sexy side which I must admit I never used that word to describe either one of them before.

Naturally Michael is incapable of making the decision himself, but once he realizes he could have a bonus if he gives the money back to corporate, a new third option winds up coming available.  I find it humorous that even though Michael’s demand at the end for the employees to hurry up and make up their minds was obviously self-serving (meaning he hoped they couldn’t and he’d get to hand it back in with the bonus option), it actually was the most affective way to deal with the group’s stalemate on the issue.   Oh, life’s little ironies: Michael is a better manager for everyone when he is only thinking about himself.


2 thoughts on “The Office: Copier Vs Chairs

  1. Hee, I loved this episode. And you’re right, Jim and Pam were sexy when they got into each other’s faces and threw the gauntlet down. Hilarious when he got her at the end, telling her to make him 4 copies. Her horror was awesome.

    It is funny that Michael does manage to get things done on accident.

    You didn’t mention the Dwight/Angela wedding. I totally saw it coming but it still cracked me up. Andy stepping in the poop even in the kitchen got to me. I’m so immature!

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