Heroes: Our Father

So with the final episode for 2008 coming close, banging my head against the wall is not a good sign about the quality of the recent episode.    This season has been so hit and miss (more miss than hit obviously) but Monday’s episode really made me grit my teeth.  The only saving grace of the episode was Sylar and that’s because I managed to pretend his initial act at the beginning of the episode didn’t happen.  (Seriously, I can’t believe Selle went LITERALLY up in flames!)

So where to start?  I suppose we shall start with Hiro in his ten year old mindset, dragging Claire back to the past with him.   Now instead of one ten year old Hiro, we have two, ironically the true child of them was more preferable to watch.  The Nakamuras are led by their father, but we finally meet Mama Nakamura who’s fondness for Hiro explains why it must have been especially hard for the young boy when she died.  She is the holder of the catalyst (a plot contrivance I will discuss later) and though she wants to give the catalyst to her son, Kaito says no and wants it in Claire.   Future Hiro approaches his mother who heals him and upon that, Hiro insists he is now man enough to have the catalyst.  I remember screaming “NOOOOO!” to the TV but my request was not met as his mother foolishly gives the catalyst to him, an act that ultimately kills her and so this special power will obviously be cherished and sacred to Hiro that he shall be very careful never to let it go. (right)

Speaking of the catalyst, I have HUGE problems with this part of the story.  Mainly because it just serves no purpose except to prolong using the formula.  Hiro had the catalyst within maybe for five minutes before Arthur (far too easily) took it from him.  Once he had it, he immediately used it.  Of course now that Arthur is dead, I presume they can’t make anymore serums to inject in random soldiers which also seems to render the importance of the catalyst even more unnecessary and what I felt was a big waste of my time.  Will the show go back and explain what the catalyst is? Will we understand how Hiro’s mother was the vessel to keep it?  I’m sure we won’t.

Now Arthur’s death actually was the most interesting thing of the show.  Not because for that one millisecond we thought Peter might get the balls to do it, but basically because of Sylar stepping in and handling it.  Well, I suppose Peter did attempt to shoot him, but he waited far too long and by then his father managed to slow the bullet down.  Upon hearing that Sylar is not really a Petrelli after all, I say get rid of Arthur and let him fall to his death.  The most interesting twist of the season now retconned away.

At least the show is allowing Sylar’s evil coming back.  Trying to redeem Sylar basically was sending the original bad ass character on this show (outside of HRG) to go the way of all “good guys”.  They become spineless MORONS: Hiro, Mohinder, Matt, Peter, Nathan, and Claire.   I realize that making mistakes must happen in the course of a series but there is no need to dumb down characters to make this happen.  Also what the show believes are ROOTABLE characters are actually becoming so extremely gullible that we’d rather they just go ahead, perfect the formula and start over with a new crop of characters.  (With my luck Maya would become their leader).

2 thoughts on “Heroes: Our Father

  1. Wow…this is the first time we don’t agree on an episode I think, cause I loved it. Of course I loved it because of Sylar, but I didn’t mind the rest of it really either, except Hiro, who I always mind these days.

    I enjoyed Claire’s visit with the Bennett’s and appreciated how young they made them look. HRG actually listening to Claire was a surprise, I figured he’d still haul her off to Kaito.

    I’m still holding out hope that Sylar is Mama Petrelli’s kid with Linderman or something. I want him to be related to Peter, I cannot help it. My dream of the two of them uniting to take on Nathan and the soldiers is beginning to peak. I know it’s stupid to get hope, seeing as the last time I did they had Sylar kill Elle, but I must see Peter/Sylar together.

    You know, something occurred to me and I’m scared…maybe Sylar’s baby mama is Claire. She’d probably want to name her kid after HRG and if Sylar is not a Petrelli or related to Nathan in any way…sigh. I will be pissed if she gets Sylar too. Ugh…now I’m sure it’ll happen. Why does this show hate me?

    Ok, I’ll calm down now…I agree, Sylar needs to stay like this. I don’t mind if he works with Peter now and then to further his own agenda, but he needs to not worry about being good for someone else’s sake. I like my Sylar to take what he wants!

  2. TWoP liked the episode too. I don’t know why this one is the one that really irritated me. I think it’s just THE CATALYST which for some reason the very idea is insulting me. I should just be thankful it wasn’t talked of for several episodes.

    When I heard Sylar had a child and his name was Noah, I also thought of Claire. I thought of her first. But she was there when the house when young Noah was killed so it probably wasn’t her.

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