Why I am leaving Days…

So it’s only a matter of time before I forever turn off the show.  I did remove Days from my Tivo season pass but since I have a Blake Berris wishlist, it still picks it up.  I hate that because the show takes forever to update their cast list and it could be a year before BB’s name is removed.

But I’m actually not going to talk about Nick in today’s blog (much).  The state of the rest of the show is what is driving me away and here are just a few examples of some odious writing (and in some cases acting) that I refuse to watch this drivel anymore.

Dan/Chloe: I have to start with them. This is just terrible.  Never being a Chloe fan, you would think I would just shrug away this pairing since it still cements the fact Chan can never return.  But sadly, Dan/Chloe are a new Chan which has been deemed 2.0.

I actually liked Dan and Kate. It was so nice to see Lauren Koslow given something significant to do that proved she can do the sexy with a hot guy.  She and SC definitely have the chemistry.  On the flip side, many people who insisted that they could never ship this couple because he dated (and was quite hot for) her granddaughter did have a valid point. However the reason that was something that I could look past, was because the show actually wasn’t ignoring it so much.  They made sure to bring up the granddaughter vs grandmother in the reveal and show other Salemnites reactions to the news.  If the show would confront the issue dead on, it can make for really good story and angst.

But now that Kate is going through her chemotherapy as well as trying to remain alive, Dena Higley has decided to start up a new triangle with them: Chloe, Kate’s future daughter in law.  Lucas and Chloe have not grabbed anyone’s attention, they are a boring, pushed couple who no viewer is buying.  But that doesn’t mean the show should take Chloe to new levels of outrageous sluttiness.  Yes, people, a woman who is actually MOLESTED by her doctor should not be turned on, she should be freaked out.  I had surgery last spring and though I found my doctor quite handsome, if he had touched me like that I would have been mortified.  Can the show not see the permanent damage this does to BOTH Dan and Chloe?  Well, Dan has been on track to be ruined anyway but there was slight hope for him whenever he was around Kate.  But even though I’ve never cared for Chloe, this is just sad and pathetic and if I was a fan I would be outraged they are taking her in this direction.

I don’t understand the writers thinking this is something one would root for.  A) it makes Chloe look like a slut B) confirms Dan is a slut AND perv C) does not make Lucas or Kate fans happy D) takes away from what should be the main point of the story-Kate’s cancer and E)Adds a triangle where one is not needed (a consistent theme of Days).  The show’s failure to understand how to properly screen test characters always amazes me.  The time to test Dan was back when he first arrived, not just leave him alone with Chelsea.  Now that they used Kate to end Chan, they are stuck with Date or nothing.

Stephanie/Philip/Melanie: Now, I was one of the first people to wish for a Stephanie/Philip pairing.  That idea was so awesome to me, how could it fail?  Why simply writing Stephanie as a goodie two shoes and the bland “good” girl in competition with Melanie, the interesting “bad” girl will certainly do it.   Stephanie and Philip should have been a love/hate relationship.  They were perfectly setup for Stephanie to have huge resentments towards Philip (pushing her parents losing their foster son as well as his bad treatment of Morgan) and Philip should have an elitist view and be clouded on his perceptions of the Johnsons thanks to his father and possibly mother.  Instead they make them INSTANT friends (which makes no sense) and using Melanie in yet again same old plot device of triangles.

Why is Philip even interested in Melanie?  I still don’t buy this “Melanie is interesting to him because she is a slight version of himself” or whatever garbage people keep telling me.  Ok, maybe calling it garbage is harsh but one reason I have loved Philip is he is one of the most insensitive characters out there.  This is the guy who RELUCTANTLY helped his mother out of her legal issues for trying to shoot EJ/Sami and made sure to let her know it.  Now he was a bit soft where Belle was concerned, but there was history there and I always felt the reason Philip couldn’t let Belle go was because he’s the individual who has such a hard time falling for a woman in the first place.  After Morgan, I would think Philip would be especially hesitant to even talk to a girl of that age (which could have added more angst with Stephanie/Philip) and since Melanie JUST TURNED 18, I find it even more ludicrous and absurd that this former marine, handicapped war vet who is CEO of an international company would not just become fascinated with someone like Melanie but HIRE her at his company?

Chelsea/Max: Putting this pairing together proves the show has no idea what they are doing.  Does the show really think I would prefer to watch Max struggling to open this mysterious box with his NIECE (since he’s got millions of family members sitting around him he can also lean on) to open the box to find a stuffed toy.  Meanwhile Nick who has NO ONE (except maybe Maggie) sits in jail alone, facing spending the rest of his life in jail and trying to recover from drug addiction.  It’s because of this I hate Max (Obviously unfairly).

Then Chelsea, who should be all over trying to help Nick (since he’s nearly ruined his own life time and time again for her), is now hardly thinking of him while holding her FRIEND (uncle) Max’s hand through his trying ordeal of box opening and being a drama queen.  What a waste of RM’s talents but I bet $100 Ken Corday thinks that since RM and DB were nominated for Emmy’s,that putting them back as a couple would now make them as golden as the awards they didn’t win.  Chelsea/Max were so forgettable the first time you can read how confused people about their history whenever a (minor) discussion is created on the Internet.  Plus it makes no sense, after the fiasco of Date, would Chelsea even contemplate being with her best friend’s ex who she has shown no signs of interest in for almost two years now.  Meanwhile Max has always been a giant tool on this show, but having him go back and forth between nieces is not funny anymore.

EJole: Well, I have to admit that I still am holding out hope for EJole but I kind of like the nuBrady.  Not enough to keep watching the show but I appreciate he was there for Nicole during her miscarriage.  That said, there plans of where Nicole is going make me tune out as well.  I have already seen one beloved character of my ruined thanks to Dena’s tinkering of Nick.  I have no interest in seeing what is in store for Nicole.

Steve/Kayla: They should be on more.  But saying that scares me to death.  With my luck they would get a new story of Kayla getting amnesia, stumbling across Jack who decides to take advantage of her memory loss and tries to make her fall in love with him.  I am sure Dena would think OLTL’s problems right now just need to be tweaked by her on Days.

So the above reasons are enough to drive me away from Days of Our Lives. This is absolutely ridiculous that the show thinks this is romance.  One thing that greatly concerns me is if one takes a look at the recent past, even just 6 months ago, not one “under 40” couple is left together.  I am fine if a show decides to break up couples that don’t work (such as Max and Stephanie) but this is crazy and suicidal.  Viewers don’t know who to root for and it outrages the fans who were waiting for some form of a payload to their character’s suffering.

All I can say is, I really hate this show now.


12 thoughts on “Why I am leaving Days…

  1. All valid points, though I bet if Nick were not gone you’d stick it out like the rest of us. We’re all masochists I think. It’s the only reason I can fathom any of us still watching the dreck we’re getting on screen. That and it’s habit. And the pretty. I guess I really am that shallow.

  2. It boggles my mind that since she’s been back, Chloe has gone from Phillip to Lucas (professing her love for each one) and now Dan. And that Phillip has gone from Belle to Chloe to Morgan to Stephanie to Melanie … (you know it’s happening). The revolving doors here are just insane.

    It’s sad to let go, but I hope you’ll stay in touch with all your Days buddies.

  3. Don’t forget that it’s reasonable that Chloe has been with Brady the last few months of their marriage (which was in 2007 though). So in the last 18 months you can add Brady to her list.

    I plan on staying in touch with my Days friends and though I threatened it, I have a big feeling this won’t be my last blog. I’m wondering how I’m going to write when Nick shows up this week (part of me is dreading it) and then probably the next time will be his last time in January which depresses me to think his departure will be overshadowed by the DHs leaving.

  4. Thank you for articulating why I’m not watching. I’m not watching for all of those reasons, even though I didn’t actually know it.

    Days lost me some months back simply by not being compelling enough to capture my attention, and since then I have only been paying enough attention to the news items to know that Nick was downward spiralled right out of the show, the DHs were fired and Arianne Zucker knocked it out of the park with the beginnings of an awful story. I didn’t know quite how bad it had really become until you so nicely spelled it out.

    I hope you at least keep in enough touch with Days to snark at the ridiculousness of it though.

  5. I don’t know what the future holds for me and Days. I doubt this is my last Days post since BB still has a couple of more episodes and I’m sure when they feature S/K I will have a lot to say.

    AZ did knock her scenes out of the park (as did BB with the Nick madness story) and they really carried their storylines. With Ed Scott and Hogan Sheffer gone, I doubt Days has the chance to be nominated again which is a shame because these two really deserve the honor.

  6. I guess I continue to watch Days for the same reason I watch Euntorage…because I’ve watched it for so long I feel the need to watch it till the bitter end. Of course that isn’t a very good reason, but it’s something for me to watch while the rest of my shows are in reruns.

  7. I haven’t watched Days so regularly in so long. It was just 2006 when I tuned back in so it’s not that difficult to quit watching, especially now that BB is gone.

  8. Tripp, what about Melanie. She is the best part to days of our lives, u can’t turn your back on your Queen now.

    i remember not so long ago, u were saying she was a great addition days brought in for a long time. which she is, Molly Burnett is the best actress on the show.

  9. ^Who cares about Melanie other than you, Terry? She is one of the reasons this show is in trouble. Tripp I think you should send this blog entry to TIIC so they can get a clue. I agree 100% about Kate and Daniel. Date was a chance to redeem Daniel after the Chelsea debacle and they blew it. It was Kate or nobody for Daniel. They have written the creep into a corner, he should surf his way out of town and they should keep Nick instead. Leave it to Days to fire their only talented younger actor, and keep the ones who still look like they are in drama class.

  10. If you’re counting down the reasons to stop watching, don’t forget Sami who now is as gaspy as Marlena. Is it hereditary?

    I watched 10 minutes of the show and the only things good were Nick, Nicole and EJ. Thank you Dena Higley for ruining another soap.

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