Survivor Final Three: Suzie, Sugar and Bob

Well, another season of Survivor is over and Mr. Bow-tie won.  Remembering the beginning of the season, I sure didn’t see that one coming.  Watching an older guy win survivor is about as likely as seeing Santa dieting.  I have to give the professor credit, he did win enough challenges to keep himself in the game.  It’s rather funny because he can’t hide his academic personality, and he is about the right age to be another well known professor trying to survive on a tropical island.  Of course, it’s not like Randy was the Skipper or Corinne was Maryann.  However, Mark Burnett isn’t Sherwood Schwartz either so there goes my Gilligan’s Island comparison.

So I really wanted Sugar to win, but sadly, I could tell by the way the questioning was going that she had no real hope of winning anything.  One reason I’ve always appreciated Sugar is because she doesn’t mince words.  She told Randy that he was a jerk and Crystal was a bully.  Corinne stepped way over the line with her words to Sugar, and I suppose her point at the reunion on the editing was a good one.  I never thought Corinne was that nasty, but if she had been like that throughout the season, then at least I wouldn’t have been so shell shocked at her outburst.

Is it just me or did Randy look still pissed off at the reunion?  I missed most of the reunion show, I did hear Marcus agreeing that the editing seemed to spin Sugar positively (which coming from him meant we would listen, nobody takes Corinne, Crystal or Randy seriously).  I’m really quite upset at the crowd for apparently applauding Randy.  Why would anyone even consider rooting for him?  He clearly hates women, is a racist and his brilliant plan of being an ass to everyone got him ousted EARLIER then if he had just kept his mouth shut.

At least we finally got Jeff telling the audience and future players some valid (but obvious) advice.  If you actually have a chance to be on the show, practice making fire with flint!


4 thoughts on “Survivor Final Three: Suzie, Sugar and Bob

  1. It wasn’t just you, I thought Randy looked furious during the entire reunion. And he’s still not over that stupid cookie.

    I was happy to see Bob win, but I would have loved to see Sugar win it. How Suzie got there, I cannot begin to fathom. I guess I could make it to final three after all.

    Corrine is insufferable. What a terrible, terrible person. It’s a good thing she’s in love with herself, because she must be awfully lonely.

  2. Sometimes I feel like this show arranges for moments like this or possibly chooses people like this. Corrine apparently begged to be shown in a poor light.

    Bob is kind of funny, I wonder if people thought it was going to be cool to be taking a class from a former Survivor player, only to be forced to work up problems based on his performances. Heh.

    Randy is an idiot. If there is one thing I do agree with Suzie on, is I feel sorry for Randy.

  3. Loved Survivor this season. At least it was never boring! I, too, was rooting for Sugar but I think Bob really deserved to win. I liked him from Day 1 when he made a bench. Finally, someone practical! And Suzie getting any votes was crazy. She played no game whatsoever and was only there by chance.
    I truly hope the show offers Randy some professional help. He obviously has some serious psychological issues that need to be addressed ASAP before he goes postal. I feel really bad for him too. He looks like a sad, scared man. And Corinne…What a bitch. Anyone who wants the world to see her like that and WORSE also has some serious issues. Where do they find these people?!

  4. No this season was definitately not boring. I liked Bob a lot. I think he did owe a bit to Sugar for being there but not as much as others like Suzie, Kenny and Matty (for getting as far as they did).

    Knowing CBS, they will probably offer Randy his own TV show,

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