Spoiler Game: Which ones are Real?

Here it is 2009 and I’m still blogging about Days of our Lives.  Seriously DOOL has gotten so bad that I am hardly watching, well not watching at all between Chelsea/Max, Dan/Chloe, Melanie/Philip and all the horrors but I was just made aware about upcoming spoilers and I was astounded.  I thought outloud I couldn’t make them sound worse.  So now I’m gonna try, and you guess which are my fake ones versus the real spoilers (either way it’s painful, but not as bad as actually watching the show):

Nick’s exit

—Nick only wants Melanie to come to his sentence hearing, but Max insists he will go too.  Stephanie goes with him while Philip shows up unseen.  Melanie gives a statement supporting Nick and how she forgave him, but it may be for Philip’s benefit.  Nick’s sentence is only going to be 2-5 years.  Later, the Dimeras approach Melanie about selling them the rights to Nick’s project, but she doesn’t want to risk anything with Philip.

—Nick is found innocent through reason of insanity but must go to a mental institution.  His sentencing also has Melanie, Stephanie, Philip, Max and Chelsea.   Nick keeps trying to tell Chelsea goodbye, but the whole time she keeps eye snogging her Uncle who is staring at his other niece, who is staring at Philip who is staring at Melanie who is looking at a reflection of herself.

Jarlena’s exit

—John is with Charlotte for therapy when the attraction between them is so strong they can’t help themselves and have sex. Marlena comes in unannounced and is shocked.  Seeing her staring at them shakes John’s memory up who now suddenly remembers everything and is back to the old John.  Marlena still is upset but Charlotte insists this is a means of special therapy that produces extremely strong results.  Marlena can’t argue with that so she and John head off to the sunset to go find Belle and Shawn so they can hear the good news.

—John continues to remember Marlena in random memories but Charlotte is not sharing.  Eventually Charlotte’s intentions are clear as she attempts to kill Marlena using a poison which John interrupts but gets injected himself. He winds up paralyzed so he and Marlena leave town together so he can get therapy.


—Nicole decides that it’s not enough to steal another woman’s baby, she decides that woman must be Sami.  Using sleuth like skills that escape the SalemPD, Nicole finds Sami’s hideout with Rafe and injects the pregnant blond with a special toxin guaranteed to force a twilight delivery.  Though highly dangerous for the baby, Nicole successfully delivers Sami’s baby w/o her knowing she is there and takes off, naming the child, Pat, so the audience won’t be sure if it’s a boy or a girl.

—Nicole’s  been meeting with Mia, a pregnant young girl who had agreed to give Nicole her baby, but insisted on meeting the father-to-be first.  Nicole takes Mia over to the Dimera mansion for her to meet EJ, but they run into Tony who later told EJ who wondered what was up.

Doctor Demento & Patient Prada

—Since Lucas nearly walked in on them, Chloe insists what happened before must never happen again.  Later, at their engagement party, Daniel toasted Chloe and Lucas and Kate welcomed her daughter-in-law to be to the family. Alone with Lucas, Chloe wondered if their love could last. He assured her it would. Chloe warned Daniel – again – that nothing had happened between them, then they almost made love. Again.  Kate almost walked in on them this time, which saddens the audience she didn’t so she could be exonerated in shooting them.

–Chloe decides that she is close to being in love with two men, or not in love at all.  She has a dinner party where she informs both Daniel and Lucas she’s torn between them. Lucas erupts into anger and attacks Dan who’s hair protects him.  Kate is angry but decides the best revenge is teaching them a lesson, she goes to find Brady and sleeps with him, erupting jealousies in Nicole who wasn’t expecting to feel this way.


11 thoughts on “Spoiler Game: Which ones are Real?

  1. Hee, I must excuse myself from this game as I know the real spoilers. But the fakes ones are highly probably on this show. In fact, they’re nowhere near as bad I would have imagined!

  2. I of course know the real spoilers, but yours could easily happen as well. I know you just did this today, which means you have already worked twice as hard as Dena to “craft” your stories. I picture her sitting at her desk with a stack of 3 x 5 cards with her story outlines, that go something like this:

    Chloe and Daniel think about sex, have sex
    Nick goes crazy for no reason, goes to prison
    Melanie: just throw her in every storyline
    Philip and Stephanie: lots of making out after barely knowing each other, don’t mention the leg thing
    Steve and Kayla: ???????????? Are they new to the show?
    John and Marlena: use new character to write them off. Who cares if they have a last love scene.
    EJ/Nicole/Brady/Sami/Rafe/Lucas: Throw crumbs at each fanbase so nobody gets comfortable.
    Chex: WOW! A hot romance like this writes itself!
    Abe/Lexie/Theo: copy some autism pamphlets, have Lexie freak out

  3. lol!! This is SUCH a good idea! This reminds me of a game they used to play when I went to camp as a kid, where they’d ask us some advanced question and then give a ‘real’ and ‘fake’ answer, and we’d have to determine which was which. Of course I know the answers to your spoilers, but these would have fit into that game perfectly.

    And as for my ‘area of expertise’, lol… I wonder if a John/Charlotte love scene was ever discussed in the writers meetings. I really wouldn’t have put it past them.

  4. Ellie, the question is: did they discuss a John and Marlena love scene? Because it doesn’t seem like they did. And what is this “writers meeting” business of which you speak? Are you telling me they get together and talk out ideas, pointing out flaws, tossing out bad ideas, discussing characters and what would be plausible and realistic for them to do? Because it does not seem like it.

  5. Yes Nole I could have made them much worse, but felt that would make it really too easy.

    paxton, I really doubt Dena even puts that much planning in with 3 X 5 cards. She probably uses a dry erase board and puts ideas up there while Gary Tomlin scratches out the ones he doesn’t like and scribbles in his own additions. I blame him for Nick leaving.

    Ellie, I’m sure they did talk of a John/Charlotte love scene and what’s sad is Dena probably thought about having it go down just like that but it would have resembled the S/K stuff too closely (not that repeating herself has ever stopped her before).

  6. ROFL Paxton and Tripp about the writers meeting. Too funny. And yep, I’m sure a John/Charlotte love scene was discussed. As for a J&M love scene, I bet the discussion went something like this:

    Writer #1: Hey, in our J&M flashbacks, what if we showed the cut love scene that the fans were so up in arms about?

    Writer #2: I have a better idea – let’s show the Pier flashback that we’ve already shown 8 or 9 times over the years!

    Dena Higley: Pier sounds great! But I know, we’ll put Charlotte with John when he remembers, instead of Marlena – because Charlotte’s never seen the pier!

    Seriously, I think this happened.

  7. i will play, which spoiler is true


    Both Melanie and Mia are Nicole Walker’s daughters. Unknowingly she ever had them, she finds out that Trent Robbins drugged her and took her eggs, when she was a freshmen in college. The Shocker is that Melanie and Mia are paternal long lost twins and Trent is also the father of Mia. Trent Robbins fertilized the eggs, paid a willing participate to carry till she gives birth. Trent put Mia up for adoption and fathered Melanie himself. Trent’s plan was to keep Melanie from her brother and her twin sister for her whole life. Trent has lied about everything regarding Melanie to keep anyone biologically from finding her, he even lied about her age. She recently just turned 17 not 18.

    In the coming months Nicole will butt heads with Melanie over the fuel project in order to get the money to pay Mia to keep her secret from EJ and to raise Mia’s unborn baby. Stefano accidentally comes across some information regarding Mia and Melanie. Mia was adopted and her biological father is Trent. Stefano becomes suspicious what Nicole is keeping from Ej, so he ends up getting a sample of Nicole and Mia’s DNA, what he learns shocks him that Nicole is Mia’s mother and that Melanie could be Mia’s twin sister. He decides to keep the information to himself until he figures out the reason Nicole is with this pregnant teenager Mia and giving her large amount of cash.


    John gets injected with a toxin by Charotte which leaves him paralyzed. John and Marlena head out of the country.

  8. Well I guess I have to break my 09 Resolution not to read Spoilers…except for Lost. I’m saving myself for Lost.

  9. The thing about spoilers for Lost and Heroes…I don’t mind spoilers about characters specifically as long as big plot spoilers aren’t revealed.

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