Scott Bakula as Papa Bartowski

I don’t blog about Chuck.  I should, I like the show well enough, but basically I’m watching trying to live out my dreams on geeky guy/tough girl fantasies and haven’t gotten swept up in the spy plot of the show. 

That said, news has come out that Scott Bakula will be playing Chuck’s dad.  Now that’s awesomeness. Anyone Quantum Leap fans?  I was (still am) but I also remember SB as Ted on Designing Women, Mary Jo’s ex-husband, so we know he can play a less then ideal father figure.

I always meant to watch Enterprise, but never got around to actually adding it to my Tivo list (yes, I’m certainly lazy).  Hopefully, now I hope to rectify that.


6 thoughts on “Scott Bakula as Papa Bartowski

  1. Well, unlike you, Chuck is my favorite show on TV today, so this thrills me way beyond a woman my age should be thrilled about anything on a TV show.


  2. Nolebucgrl, Chuck is a show I seem to forget about until I watch it. But this news excites me!

    Yes, Paula, I know you love this show, so I thought you might really like this news as well.

  3. I love Chuck as well. It’s gotten a little soapy this year though. Not that I mind, but it’s been a little melodramatic for a spy show. I love all the character development and delving into their histories, but too much at once! How about mixing it in with a little more “spy fluff” (as my hubby calls it). Not a complaint, really. I still love it!

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