Office: The Duel

I have to say the outcome of this episode makes me so happy because it does what I wanted it to do.  It has both Dwight and Andy walking away from Angela and letting her get what she deserves: singledom.

Of course the lead-up to the end was fun as usual.  There was the awesomeness that it took 17 days for this to come out and that it took Michael being the one to manage to do the “right thing” but in the “wrong way”.  (I’m sorry,  Angela should be the one to tell Andy, but since she was obviously not going to do it, someone else should step up and say something).  Dwight manages to admit he has done wrong, though on in the DR, so not sure if that counts.  When he is in Andy’s face, he acts entitled to be with Angela.

Perhaps Jim should have been more forceful in trying to stop the fight outside, but I loved him gathering up all of Dwight’s weapons around the office, with Meridith’s helping making this a company wide endeavor.  Pam is her usual dry disapproving self, seeing that Angela is doing the sheer opposite of what she SHOULD be doing.  The rest of the office seems delighted there will be a show and all gather in the conference room to watch.

I must say Andy certainly did an excellent job in tricking Dwight.  And this is exactly the kind of promotion NBC should attempt to do with their GREEN effort by showcasing how quiet a hybrid really is.  Of course, with news that Angela had slept with Andy (when did that happen?) the duel was over and both men went back to their corners, in agreed silence that neither wanted Angela anymore.  I have to admit I felt nostalgic watching Dwight through his bobblehead away, but I’m proud of him too.

Meanwhile, Michael’s talking to his boss about his management practices was filler and it felt like it.  The bit went on a bit too long but I must laugh that the economy is so bad that even if idiots succeed, it’s in management’s best interests to find out how.


7 thoughts on “Office: The Duel

  1. Ha, I loved this episode. Jim’s expressions in the background just made the whole show work for me. I, too, was glad that Angela was left out in the cold, tho my guess is it won’t be for too long. She’s supposedly married to Dwight after all, tho maybe he will get that anulled. Should be interesting tension in the Office for now.

    Dwight’s assorted weaponry just had me laughing.

    I agree, the Michael stuff was filler but I did love how he told Andy as he was driving away, too afraid to actually tell him face to face. Pure Michael, so tactless.

  2. Oh I figured that would be what Dwight would shout out to Andy, that he’s already married to Angela. Guess not.

    And Green was a GOOD character in this episode. This is a GREEN I can get behind.

  3. Is it just me, or has Oscar become the standout background character this year? First his trip with Andy, then his copier stance, and then his reactions in this one (your cap is perfect) were so great.

    And yeah, I love me some Dwight and Angela, but this is the way it had to end. It keeps the show strangely realistic.

  4. Come on, Nole. Can’t we appreciate that w/o the world of GREEN, Dwight could never have been penned in the bushes and Andy screaming at him about bears! Hee.

    And Slyn, I hadn’t thought much about Oscar though he did have a great trip with Andy. I also found it adorable that Andy was trying to fix him up on the trip.

    I used to love Dwight and Angela, and Dwight is not one of my favorites, but Angela was being awful in this.

  5. I’m with you. When did Andy/Angela finally sleep together? this seemed like a rather major plot point for us to have missed. Then again I guess if it happend over the holidays when they werent at work it would be kinda canon for us not to know that. Still..

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