Lost: Welcome Back

If there is any reason to look forward to the cold season of winter, it’s for the return of Lost, their second season to be airing only in the spring.  This decision probably was regretted last year because of the writer’s strike and story arcs were cut down and backgrounds were limited.

Hopefully this season will make up for that.  We got back to back episodes for the premiere and the first one was really awesome while the second less so (but that’s ok, we got 2 episodes).  I had forgotten how much I missed them.  I even missed Jack some though it helps that he’s reduced to be a drug addict while leaning on Ben.  (Loved Ben flushing his pills down the toilet BTW).

Spoilers indicated that Sawyer would be shirtless in these episodes and they did not disappoint.  Honestly, he really didn’t have a lot to do for a lot of it.  He got to slap Daniel (the one character I didn’t want him to), and he kept making faces throughout, I suppose to make up for his co-star Juliette who is unable to do so.  As for what is going on, I have to admit with all my ideas on what happened to the island, I didn’t actually think it would be moving through time which now upon reflection should have been obvious.   The Losties appear to be stuck in some kind of time roller coaster as they keep jumping through time (reminds me of an old favorite show Quantum Leap).  While it’s fun to watch the different situations they leap into, you have to wonder why The Others/Hostiles aren’t moving with them.  My own theory was that they are some how linked to the island and since the island doesn’t appear to go with the Losties, they remain with The Others.  My good friend, Slynn, suggested that by living on the island for so long, The Others are time travelers which would explain how Richard remains forever youthful.

Meanwhile, I thought the hardest person to convince to head back to the island would be Kate.  She now seems the easiest.  Who is the mysterious person trying to get blood tests for she and Aaron.  The obvious answers are either Ben or Wydmore but I’m rather hoping it’s Sun.  Both women talking in Sun’s hotel room was rather chilling, and it’s clear that Sun seems to be on some kind of mission to take down the people she felt responsible for Jin’s murder.  How does she know that Ben was the one that blew up the freighter?  When Locke visited did he tell her?

Speaking of Locke, the bald one is told by Richard that he must die to get everyone to come back.  Makes you wonder why he then would patch his wound huh?

Hurley’s reaction to Ben was both funny and frustrating.  Funny because, who can resist laughing when you see a character throw a hot pocket at someone?  Frustrating because I don’t want to spend the majority of the season watching the Oceanic Six be convinced to head back and Hurley looks to be the hardest to resist.  Hopefully that deadline creepy old woman gave Ben means it shouldn’t be too long. 

Lastly, I am so worried about Charlotte.  I’m pleased to see Daniel is being moved up in storylines and becoming quite important but I hate to see Charlotte go, they are my last hope to a decent ship out there.  (Which of course means they are cursed).


6 thoughts on “Lost: Welcome Back

  1. Welcome back to our beloved Lost! I actually didn’t distinguish in my mind between the 1st and 2nd up, since they’re aired together I just mentally treated them as one long epi. Which I loved. A lot.

    I must complain that you did not mention the Death of Frogurt in this blog. That was a moment of great joy for me, as it happened right after I texted you that I wanted him to die. It’s like the writers were listening to me and just offed him because I requested it. It felt good…and powerful. Maybe I’m a time traveler. hehe

    I figure that once Ben gets Sayid on board to head back to the island, Hurley will quickly follow that lead. Sayid was the one he listened to in the first place about not listening to Ben, so if he’s convinced, why not? I think Sayid might be the hardest to convince, actually, since he clearly no longer trusts Ben. Maybe Ben had him kill one too many people. Dunno.

    Sun has me very intrigued this year as well and she seems like she might take everyone down. Of course if she gets back to the island and Jin turns up (as I’m hoping) maybe she’ll revert back to nice Sun? Maybe not though. She does have her father’s blood in her. We’ll see.

    I worry about Charlotte as well but hopefully Daniel will zip through time and find a way to help her!

  2. Neil=Frogurt=”red shirt” I knew he was gonna die the moment he first annoyed me. But the show being controlled by your texts is an interesting idea.

    I think Sayid can be convinced by Jack to go back. And if Jack was smart (which no) he would just go ahead and stick a hyrothermic needle in Sayid’s arm there so they can control him.

    The reason I think Hurley is gonna be the hardest, it goes back to the flashback of Hurley telling Sayid he will remember that he didn’t back up his choice NOT to lie.

    If Sun has turned evil, then Jin better be alive. For some reason I like the idea of Jin being the one to bring her back to the good side.

  3. Yeah, I remember that as well but then I thought that got kinda wiped out when Hurley chose to believe Sayid and got him help in the first place. But he could have put it on hold to make it an issue later. Of course they can have Charlie or Libby or any other dead person appear to Hurley and convince him to go back. Charlie is most likely.

    I know we knew Frogurt would die but it was still awesome that he died right after I requested it. He had to die for giving Sawyer a shirt alone. Capital offense, that. Of course as I said, making a side character that annoying (remember the science teacher guy?) makes us instantly know they’re gonna die. They should be more subtle than that. Plus, there’s no way Frogurt would have been around Sawyer for 100 days without him killing him anyway!

    I have hopes that Jin is still alive, I know we’ll see him again, just hopefully not in flashback form!

  4. The only thing I have to add, which is the thing I forgot on your board, was the I don’t know why it took me so long to connect Frogurt and Daniel, but for awhile we had a mini-Twister reunion!

    Any chance Jami Gertz will end up on the island?

  5. I really want to see Ben, Sayid and Jack pull a prison break to get Hurley. Sadly, I am also worried about Charlotte, nose bleeds are never a good look on Craphole Island.

  6. Slynn, I forgot about Daniel being in Twister! I loved it when Sawyer called Daniel Dilbert.

    Brandi, why couldn’t Daniel have let Charlotte talk to Desmond? She saw him before.

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