My Prediction on Lost

After watching this week’s episode of Lost, and seeing some clues the show has laid out for future episodes, the video leaked from Comic-con, as well as minor spoilers given away in this interview, I am prepared to make some predictions on where we are headed.  If for any reason these upset you in any way, please remember I’m wrong about 100% of the time, so you can feel free to ignore them.

What we know

Charles Widmore was on the island in the 1950s.  We also know now he was an other.  We know that Ben came to the island in the late 60s/early 70s and wound up betraying his own people to join the others.  We know that Daniel worked for Charles Widmore back years ago and now.  Finally we know that Widmore, for reasons unknown, appeared to graciously fund the medical needs of Daniel’s former but tragic girlfriend.  Widmore also not just has Daniel’s mother’s contact information, he seems to know her.


We suspect that Charlotte was born on the island, and may very well be the last person to have survived birth.  We also suspect that Charlotte’s parentage is very important, probably her father is either Widmore or Ben.  Daniel’s mother is suspected to be Mrs. Eloise Hawking who is the woman helping Daniel in the church in LA.  We also suspect that “Ellie” that Daniel ran into in the 50s, was in fact, his own mother.


So what to do with this information?  I think our earlier assumptions that Charlotte is the daughter of Ben and Annie are correct, they say the eyes never lie and in this case I think it’s so very true.  Plus, the awesomeness that Ben shot his own daughter when he first spotted her is too good to ignore but it also can help with the pain of losing Alex earlier.  Alex might also be a clue, because if Ben had thought he lost a child earlier, the very next successful birth (Daniel) resulted in him taking the baby for his own.

If Ellie is really Eloise, then that means she’s around the same age as Widmore.  If in the coming years they have a child together (Daniel) that would mean Daniel and Penny are siblings. More importantly, it helps to explain why Widmore chose to help fund Daniel’s experiences back in Oxford, experiments that appear to have ended in tragedy with the catatonic state of his former flame.  I could see Widmore worried about being sued so he might try to pay them off, but that would be more like a one time payment with contracts and lawyers.  Keeping her comfortable for the rest of her life sounds like a gesture to do for a loved one, especially since the family thinks so highly of Widmore.

So what does this mean?  What is so special about Daniel and Charlotte other then the hilarious fact that (if true) each had a parent unwittingly hold a gun on them? Whether people like it or not, the mystery around the island seems to revolve around this feud between Ben and Charles and we are going to have to revisist that, which hopefully the island leapfrogging through time might very well show us.  That said, Lost’s ending is drawing near (next season) and a resolution to that feud must happen. Before now we presumed it was the death of one or both characters.  But what if it’s the coming together of each of their children?  Could that be where we are going?

Now with all that said, talking of another subject, is it too obvious the problems with women giving birth might have something to do with a leaking hydrogen bomb is buried on an island with heavy magnetic strengths?


2 thoughts on “My Prediction on Lost

  1. Hmmm well its’ possible and would give you your ship joy. I do believe that Daniel is Ellie’s son and probably Widmore’s as well. Charlotte could very well be Ben and Annie’s. I don’t know if their coming together would mean anything island wise or not but anything is possible.

    I think the reason women can’t give birth on the island has more to do with time moving differently on the island. We know Richard never ages so maybe a baby can’t grow properly or grows too fast or something. No clue tho!

  2. Don’t forget that Miles could very well be Marvin Candle’s son or Edgard Haliwax or whatever he calls himself. It could be that all three freighter folks were Island Babies. And Island Babies totally would be the Saturday Morning Cartoon spinoff.

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