The Office: Fire Lesson

Words can’t do justice to the Superbowl’s episode of The Office so I just decided to embed the actual clip here. What is your favorite part?  Mine of course is Angela throwing that cat into the ceiling.  And Oscar then doing a Die Hard type move with his tunneling through the vents.

What a place to work!

2 thoughts on “The Office: Fire Lesson

  1. Hee, it kills me every single time I watch it. From Dwight shouting questions about procedure to Kevin breaking the candy machine, to Michael screaming the F word to flying cats and Oscar falling out of the roof. All of it was pure perfection. A small thing that I loved was Jim’s determination not to die at the office. It was like he’d thought about it quite a bit and he was damned if that was happening. I also loved Andy screaming that the fire was shooting at them when Dwight lit the firecracker. So awesome.

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