I had no idea it would be pronounced that way…

Season Premier of Survivor tonight, titled Survivor Tocantins.  We get the usual beginning, all players riding in vessel equipped for area and have apparently never spoken to each other or communicated in any way, though they all know what tribe and color they are on.

I always hate it when Survivor decides to try to send people home immediately.  I thought it would be cool if, for once, they let the other tribe choose someone to go home.  A) it would be nice for a change a young and strong person would be vulnerable for a change and B) really doesn’t bring up suppressed memories from grade school since you were chosen for positive reasons instead of negative ones.  Turns out, I didn’t need to theorize that at all, since the two chosen were allowed to stay and given a ride back to camp.

Of course, watching Sandy being herself made me immediately wish they had succeeded in booting her early.  Then I heard Carolina’s voice, and realize the end result was the true choice.  As for the others, people who stand out is Coach (so far on dislike list), Taj (like her so far, and she is from Nashville and belonged to the Grammy nominated group, SWV which I had to look before anyone asks), and Erinn (on like list but that could change).  I actually really like J.T. who seems to be the only one with any sense whatsoever.  (Hard to come by for reality TV I suppose).  Tyson was funny until he started complimenting his own body.  I suppose however if a Utah Mormon is willing to strip down naked in front of complete strangers and on national TV, he probably has a fairly high opinion of himself.

So a decent first episode.  As long as the show continues to focus on camp life rather then challenges, I can usually be happy.


One thought on “I had no idea it would be pronounced that way…

  1. I loved the looks on the tribes’ faces when they realized that Sandy and Sierra weren’t going home at all, but were going to be spared the several hour trek through the heat! Ha!

    Yeah, Sandy’s coming across as this season’s Crazy Kathy, but Carolina’s voice would have been difficult to deal with for an entire season.

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