To The Daytime Emmy Nomination Committee

I’d like to submit my request that with the normal, inevitable nominations that come this year, Blake Berris will be given a nomination for Best Younger Actor.  Of course, I believe he deserves to win in this category but he can’t do that unless he gets a nomination first.  I realize that it’s possible Darin Brooks might receive his second Emmy nod in as many years (which MoodyMadMax was a failure on the writing part but DB’s performance was so overdone that it turned many people off before Dena had a real chance to, thus concluding in no short order he did NOT deserve any such recognition) but I will allow that to go through IF Blake is given his own as well.

Of course, Rachel Melvin, Arianne Zuker, and Peter Reckell really stood out last year as well and deserve to be nominated too.  Also, I could point to Mary Beth Evans when Kayla watched her father die during the plane crash to be my favorite performance from an actress last year, followed shortly by AZ’s scenes of losing the baby.  RM’s moments right before her surgery last March were marred by the Chan propping, but she is next to deserve the nomination.

But it’s Blake Berris who is my favorite and given that the show wasted him for over a year, and was promptly let go, is the most deserving of the nomination.  He also has the best shot to win, certainly more so then DB, which maybe why you won’t nominate him, you CBS/ABC affiliated bastards who may have reason to ignore Days in the writing and producing department, but many of their actors should be given their due.

Forever hopeful,


5 thoughts on “To The Daytime Emmy Nomination Committee

  1. Win? Days actors win nothing! Only the awesome Hair team checks in with the win consistently. How remains a mystery on par with the Bermuda triangle, but win they do!

    Blake is very deserving of a nom and he had a gold mine of material to send in with Nick’s deteriorating mental state toward the end of the year. I hope he sent them something awesome. If DB gets another nom it will be clear that nobody watches the tapes.

  2. I see where you are going with this and I tend to agree with you for the most part. I don’t agree on a certain actress, which will remain nameless, for my sanity purposes only.

    I do think that MaryBeth Evans deserves at least a prenom but has been overlooked again which makes me furious for the most part. The only other two actress other than MaryBeth that really impress me enough to get a prenom is Lauren Koslow (Yay) and Rachel Melvin (Yay).

    As I look through the actual names that were put out there Blake really stood out to me. He is a really good actor and is worth his weight in gold. DOOL made a really huge mistake letting him go. I really hope his name does get up there on the final nominations and I hope that he brings it home.

    But I know better than to really hope too much for DOOL or any of their actors to get any kind of recognition when it comes to the daytime emmy’s anymore.

  3. yes, those hair awards were given out generously weren’t they? I wonder if they will win this year?

    So Vicki, you are not an AZ fan? I think she’s very talented but I so agree on your picks (MBE and RM of course). I would love for LK to get one too (I’m a fan of hers as well) but she didn’t have a lot of material except for the 5 minutes she had cancer.

    BB actually deserved it LAST year (at least getting the nom) so this year he should get two just because of the richness of the material.

  4. Why no awards for Dr. Dan? It’s too bad they don’t televise the Soap Opera Digest Awards anymore. I’m sure they could come up with some kind of “Creepiest Doctor/Patient Breach of Trust” award just for him.

  5. I miss the Soap Opera Awards! Days always cleaned up at that.

    This is speaking for LAST year, but Dan could at least get “Worst Male Hair”.

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