Items to ponder

Yes, I know I’ve been missing in action on the ‘net.  I have to blame work, but it’s a good thing because I’m getting a lot if, while television tells me that is rather unusual.  I am watching TV so I thought I would like to make some random thoughts.


Shouldn’t young Ben be running around the island with Sawyer, Juliette (love them), Jin, Miles and Daniel?

What will the Oceanic six ask about first, what have the ones left been doing, or what is up with their hair?

Could it actually be possible the reason Richard isn’t getting older is because they really are a part of the island?  (No I don’t know what means.)

If Daniel doesn’t warn Charlotte (who was supposed to be born in ’79 but appears as a toddler in ’74) could she wind up alive later on?  *denial*


I have decided it’s too awesome that Sylar “played” his father last night by pretending to be interested in the taxidermy but wound up tricking him into “desiring life again” so he could turn around and deny him?

I also want to forever be thankful to the show the kid was missing from Sylar’s moment.

Claire’s skin is all waxy and gross.  Is this the cross I have to bear for HD?

I didn’t think there was any way to make me dread Hiro scenes anymore.  By adding a baby, they succeeded in doing so.

I liked the aqua guy.

The Office

I never ever want to think about Phyllis and Van again.  Eeeewwww.

Angela has been the center of a triangle TWICE?

Though it was funny as hell, I can not view Kevin as anything but “special”.


I’m glad Sandy is gone.

I really hope that Tyson is being sarcastic in most of his commentaries.

I hated Coach the second I reailzed he brought a black blazer with black dress shirt to the tropics.

Days of our Lives

If Rachel Melvin goes, does this mean I won’t get anymore hits asking about her hair?

When I said I was willing to let the uncle/niece rule go on Heroes, that did not mean Hayden Panettiere should hang out with Darin Brooks.

I am very glad as a computer geek I wasn’t a witness to corporate Titan being invaded by a Trojan.  Knowing the budget that Days is under, they would have wrapped a computer in latex for protection.


3 thoughts on “Items to ponder

  1. Welcome back my friend!

    Hiro + baby= bad, bad news. I’m dreading those scenes…thankfully they will hopefully be balanced by Sylar ripping into Danko. It might lessen the pain a bit.

    Not only has Angela been the center of a triangle twice, she’s been dueled over twice. So awesome!

    Not sure where young Ben is but I’m betting we’ll find out this week or next. Can’t wait to see what my twisted guy is up to next!

    How do you go from Milo to Darin? Clearly the wax on Hayden’s face has sunk through to her brain. She needs a medical professional stat.

  2. Angela kills me, but for me, it’s always about Ed Helms. Andy Bernard is my favorite.

    I don’t watch Heroes but I get the Hayden/Darin reference however I think you mean Hayden P. and not Anakin Skywalker. 🙂 On second thought, that pairing could probably be ratings gold.

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