Juliet Vs Kate

So we have a fight on our hands.  Well, not so much a fight but a real contest.  Who should Sawyer wind up with?  Who does he want to be with?  Who do I want him with?  It’s a tough call, very tough and I really appreciate the show not giving into obvious carnal temptations and having Kate and Juliet wrestle in the mechanic grease pit (like they did in the past for Jack).

Kate and Juliet

Kate: Initially I was a skate fan.  I loved how Sawyer had the ability to get Kate all riled up while later getting her to grin with a simple nickname.  I actually started in season 2 and never saw Kate with Sawyer until far into the season when he arrived shot.  I still was curious about them as opposed to watching her go in circles with Jack over and over (and this is back when I liked Jack) as they didn’t seem to have much in common and I saw no real chemistry.

The problem?  I’ve never liked Kate that much.  Even in Season 2 I was not all that sure she deserved “any” guy.  In spite of being a fugitive, she’s got a judgmental streak and when mixed in with her wishy washy nature, it bugs the hell out of me.  Last season the way she went back and forth between the men was all I could do not to give up on this pairing altogether, but the last kiss they had pulled me back in.  However, I think the return of Kate for Sawyer was messed up.  I really do think what could have gotten me to warm up to this pairing was instead of seeing it from Sawyer’s POV (which we know how he would react) then see Kate’s reaction upon seeing Sawyer alive, presumably a shock to her.  Instead it was rather just an unreadable expression on the actress’s face and I wouldn’t be surprised if we find out the reason Kate returns is because she learns Sawyer is alive.  I wanted to see shock and awe on Kate’s face upon seeing Sawyer for the first time, and instead…I didn’t get that.  Boo!

Juliet: I’ve always liked Juliet but oddly it was because she had good chemistry with Jack.  I’m not saying I saw major sparks (It’s tough for Jack to have any kind of sparks with anyone) but she can certainly hold her own opposite the good doctor.  However, a couple of seasons ago when Juliet went with Sawyer to rescue Sayid & company off the beach, I immediately liked their sparring and easy nature around each other.  Juliet does well with guys who have type A personality and since Sawyer can fly off the handle faster then the handle of my hammer, she has the whispering grace of soothing him somehow.  You have to appreciate that.  And she really does seem to care/love Sawyer.  Ok, who wouldn’t, but Juliet seems far more committed to Sawyer then Kate ever has been, though to be fair, Kate hasn’t had 3 years either.

So who should we go with?  I may be shocked to admit I am leaning with Juliet for the moment, but I’m sure Kate and Sawyer are not done. My issue is they better not have Sawyer “win” Kate over because for me to get on board, she’s got to do the wooing.  And it better be done in such a way that Juliet’s heart isn’t broken.  On the other hand, if Juliet even THINKS about looking at Jack again, then my interest is over and we can head back to Skate.  After all, Kate only got with Jack because she thought he was dead.

That all said, I think it’s only fair I remind everyone what’s at stake.  It’s really important the show doesn’t screw things up.sawyer


6 thoughts on “Juliet Vs Kate

  1. Unlike you, I really never had a stake in any of the relationships on this show. Probably cause too many people die and it didn’t seem worth getting attached. I like Jack/Kate on their own, I like Sawyer/Kate on their own, I liked Juliet/Jack to a degree and I like Sawyer/Juliet as well. I really don’t care who ends up with who in the end as long as they make sense.

    I don’t believe that Kate only got with Jack because she thought Sawyer was dead though. 3 years away from him is a long time, just like it was a long time for her. She did have genuine feelings for Jack as well, whether you liked them or not.

    I didn’t care for her wishy washiness either and I’ll be annoyed if she pings back and forth between them again. Either she can long for Sawyer or she can move on with Jack. End of story for me.

    Like you, I don’t want Juliet to be hurt. Of all 4 of them, she seems to be the one most attached to the other. I believe that she loves Sawyer in a way that Kate didn’t, or at least wouldn’t allow herself to. Kate always held back and I don’t think Juliet does. I’m right fond of her and want her to be happy.

  2. I really like Juliet and “James” together. Maybe I’m biased because I can’t stand Jack and Kate, but I don’t think things look good for Juliet and Sawyer.

  3. I know, I hate that they probably aren’t even considering Juliet and Sawyer as an option, but then if we get them, we also get Jack and Kate which I still don’t want.

  4. I am so excited about tonight’s Lost! I kind of wish the tide would just wash Jack and Kate away.

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