It’s all Relative

Did anyone notice the side by side storyline of estranged father/daughter Nathan/Claire with estranged mother/son Angela/Peter.  Many similarities I think I saw (though maybe slightly altered):  Parent Nathan rescues Claire while Son Peter rescues Angela.  Angela seems part basketcase while Nathan became one after he got drunk.  Of course the end where both pairs silently agree to need each other for the time being, it was really quite sweet.

Of course, not exactly sweet is the newly brother bond that Sylar and Danko have formed.  Sure they aren’t truly related but they sure are peas in a pod, Sylar with his desire to kill to steal powers while Danko has no qualms killing these “mutants” to further his career and “keep the world safe”.  I wasn’t expecting the ending of the shape shifter changing into Sylar to then be killed and his body be used to “prove” Sylar is dead.  What is genius about that is by shoving the weapon into his brain, it probably keeps him from changing back to his original form, but no one shall pull it out because of their fear of Sylar.  Awesome.

Of course my favorite part of this week’s episode is no Hiro.


4 thoughts on “It’s all Relative

  1. His name is Danko, not Delco. hehe That sounds like some kind of vacuum doesn’t it?

    Anywho, I noticed that it was all about bonding of course, but good parallels on the son saving the mother vs. father saving daughter and then daughter stepping in for father.

    I liked the episode but now with Sylar shape shifting I feel that they really need to start giving Peter more powers again. There’s nobody that can face him as an equal right now so they darn well better get Peter back to powerful before the series end. I always assumed it would come down to those two in an ultimate battle…

  2. Yea, I’m getting bored on Peter not being able to have just one power at a time. I know it’s better then no powers of course, but now he’s probably gonna have the same power as his mother. It may teach him some humility where she is concerned, I imagine that power is more like a curse then a blessing.

  3. They may have tried to draw some parallels but it failed since I didn’t care any of it. All I did care was what happened to Sylar and Danko.

    You are quite right about the weapon stuck in the shapeshifters head and no one willing to pull it because of their fear of Sylars regeneration. Of course this means that once HRG is sure no one else will look at the body again, he’ll pull the knife (?) and know for sure Sylar’s not dead.

    Is it wrong for me to wish that in the final epic battle between Peter and Sylar (once Peter has regained his ability hold onto all the powers), Sylar should win?

  4. I’m usually not a fan of Claire’s scenes and Nathan lost a love for me when he embarked on this quest but I was pulled into their scenes because of the interesting shift in power for Nathan.

    I don’t know if HRG will be willingly pull that shiv out of Sylar’s head unless he had a really good reason too. He’s wanted Sylar dead forever. Unless he hears reports Sylar isn’t dead, I would think he’s more likely to pull it out if another hero convinces him they need Sylar’s help (to which case that would require Claire’s life in the balance, HRG wouldn’t risk it otherwise).

    And I’d love an epic battle between Peter and Sylar, I was disappointed in S1.

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