Pardon me while I squee!

So I’ve been out of town and thus been too busy to properly absorb the good news my favorite actor from days, Blake Berris, got nominated!  Finally, it’s about time.

My good friend, Fenderbabe, remarked on his interview that once he heard about the nomination he ran around like a crazy person, which is hilarious given it’s because he was acting as a crazy person that got him the nomination.  Seems like we’ve come full circle.

Other nominations include Rachel Melvin, Peter Reckell, Tamara Braun, and Darin Brooks.  The latter confuses me, but I’m not gonna let the undeserving ruin my happiness as I do think the rest of the nominees deserve to be listed.  Interesting Julie Pinson on As the World Turns also got nominated which proves how Days just wasted her completely.  I’m especially happy for PR who I think this might be his first nomination.  TB was a surprise given her short stint on the show, but the Emmy’s are all about politics and now that she’s on ABC, of course she would get nominated.  I am glad RM is nominated again, but I think it’s a harder category for her this year compared to last year and thus won’t get a real chance at winning.

In a complete surprise, Days is nominated for best drama.  Now, this might surprise anyone who knows me and I don’t think they deserve to win, but I’m not surprised they were nominated because the plane crash scene actually was a very good episode from a soap viewpoint. That’s probably the only kudos I’ll ever give Dena so remember this day, Higley!

But I really just want to celebrate Blake Berris receiving a nod.  It’s great news for his fans though it’s still tough to watch your favorite character get trashed beyond belief just in the name of a story.  But he receiving an Emmy helps the ditterness (Days Bitterness) go down easier.  Of course, it’s probably unlikely he will win.  But I sure hope so.

10 thoughts on “Pardon me while I squee!

  1. And now you will have to watch the Daytime Emmy’s with me! YAY! Blake is by far the most deserving of the nominees but like you I’m very happy for PR. He was good during the pancreas storyline even if it ended up being all about Chelsea. TB got nominated because she’s a big name and that’s cool by me. I liked Ava once she got away from S&K.

  2. Someone pointed out that the reason he got nominated was because his story finally wasn’t all about Hope. lol.

    I do want to watch but you might regret it if DB wins instead of BB.

  3. Squee away. You, and BB, have deserved it.

    Was Higley the one who wrote the plane crash or was it Sheffer? There was the strike, the script stockpiling and filming ahead and politics all which may have confused me permanently, but for some reason I don’t think Higley is (solely at least) behind the plane crash drama. But I could be wrong.

  4. I don’t know who wrote it. I think KC talked Hogan into going off contract thus making him eligible to be fired or whatever. But I know that Tom C guy didn’t write it because he blogged about what awesome writing was and how he had nothing to do with it.

    The perception was Dena was the ghost writer but now her husband is saying he did that. From what I understand, Higley is known for doing such episodes, she can write EVENTS, just not ongoing stories and all.

    But she probably will take credit now.

  5. I am so happy for BB and PR. DB I just don’t get and RM’s hair is still frightening. I can’t believe they were nominated for Best Drama. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

  6. Hee on RM’s hair. I’ve managed to block it out.

    What would be shocking if Days won for Best Drama. That won’t happen even if they did deserve it. I wonder if BD will run up on stage with who really does win?

  7. Yay Blake!!! I hope he wins – I think he has a really good shot. It’s so nice to see him finally get recognition for his work. As for Rachel, I think she had a stronger year last year, but I think she’s extremely talented, and I’d be happy if she won this year regardless.

    About the plane crash, imo the writer played very little role in the greatness of that episode. I think the directing (it was Noel Maxam) was the strong point, with all of those closeups of the passengers’ eyes. After directing, I’d credit acting (and Nadia’s motion sickness pills, lol) – the cast did an excellent job looking both terrified and out-of-it from the oxygen deprivation. Then set design – I haven’t seen a more realistic plane crash on TV or in a movie, with the oxygen masks hanging like that. I’d really put writing way down on the ‘achievement ladder’ for that episode.

  8. Yes Ellie, it probably had more to do with the acting and directing. But that was a really good episode and I remember specifically TC gave the writing team credit and given he was off the show by then and a writer himself, I figure that’s how the industry looks at it.

    The problem is that is the only well done episode and I think they have to submit two. So they really have no chance. If they do win, I have no idea how to feel about that.

  9. So happy for Blake (and you to Tripp!) He totally deserves the nod and just proves how stupid TIIC over at Dool are. Gives me a reason to watch the Daytime Emmy’s after last years disaster of a show. I not sure about Rachael’s chances, but that could just be my ongoing disgust with her enthusiasm for the Dr. Dan debacle. Just can’t seem to let go even though I think she’s way talented. Remember those scenes with her and Stephen Nichols? funny as hell! … I will be rooting for Peter though.

  10. Hey Holo! I wondered if you heard. Yes, BB does deserve the nod. I also understand letting what RM said last year go is difficult but lately she’s been mentioning Blake a lot in her recent interviews.

    Of course, the Dan crap still makes me mad if I even consider it for a second.

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