What’s Done is Done

Finally I get around to blogging about Lost.  The finale was some time ago but I wanted to take time and digest it.  Watch it again after some days had past to make sure I hadn’t missed anything. Of course now, in hindsight and after seeing the new Star Trek movie, I see Juliet was wearing a red shirt.  Should have been my first clue.

This show has never failed on the symbolism and this episode is probably the biggest bonanza of hidden meanings and subtle references.  The most controversial, of course, is after we finally meet Jacob and learn where he lives, we are actually more confused to what he is then ever before.  Who is Jacob?  Is he a god?  Is he human?  Who was his bearded companion in the first 5 minutes of the episode?  Esau has been his online nickname which fits of course with the parallels of the Bible and Lost does love it’s parallels.  The flashbacks in this episode are all on Jacob and how he winds up seeing almost every major character.  All of their interactions are different, some receive a gift, others are touched in a variety of ways while Juliet, he doesn’t show up at all.  How significant is this?  Does this mean Juliet only came to the island through Ben and not by Jacob’s orders?  Is that why she was able to release the bomb when nobody else could?

Speaking of the bomb, it seems it went off when it wasn’t supposed to.  Richard implied to Sun that the events of 1977 meant their actions ended up in failure. What happens now?  Does everyone transplant immediately to the present time of 2007?  I like the idea of quantum leap rather then their memories wiped and they move on with their lives.  My pal Nolebucgrl said it would be just like Lost to simply wrap the last season up by showing us how everyone’s story winds up without ever having came to the island.  I don’t think they will really do that but you never know with this show.

Another small controversy is I may actually like Miles now.  Out of the four who showed up last season, he was my least favorite and watching Daniel and Charlotte meet their end in such ways, I was quite bitter Miles couldn’t have died instead.  But his questioning to everyone that their efforts might actually create rather then stop the very thing they want to destroy made me happy someone finally asked the obvious.  His sarcastic “As long as you thought this through” was another moment I wanted to actually hug him for, given just a few days earlier Jack was fine with letting a young but obviously innocent Ben die and he doesn’t have to lift a finger to save him.  We still don’t know what really was done to Ben, but while I think our favorite liar has a point he should have gotten to meet Jacob before, he owes his life to somebody on the island.

Also, does this mean Jacob isn’t really dead?  Who is this Locke looking man who arranged for Ben to kill Jacob?  We saw the body of Locke, but that doesn’t mean it’s not really him, but Locke never had been this confident, this masterful and certainly this IN CONTROL before.  Maybe death will do that to you.  Many believe he is Esau disguised as Locke.  But how then does he know how Ben killed Locke?  Or when Locke and Richard ran into each other when the former was skipping through time?  He knew exactly what Richard said to Locke and about the compass.  Is Locke another version of the smoke monster?  When Ben went down to meet Smokey, Locke disappeared and the vision of Alex telling Ben to do exactly what Locke said could have been another way to manipulate Ben. But then Locke didn’t seem to know of it, unless he was so proud of himself he wanted to hear Ben talk of it.

I can’t believe we have to wait until 2010.  I know we’ve done so the past 2 years but this time it’s much much worse but at least it’s the last year.  This season is going to be highly anticipated and I feel like I just started over with this show not knowing anything about it or what to expect. The only thing I can be sure of, is never EVER ship any couple on this show or become too fond of a female character.  It never works out.


3 thoughts on “What’s Done is Done

  1. Ha, well a little late, in many ways but at least you’ve learned the shipper lesson on this show. Better late than never!

    I think that Esau guy is clearly Locke now and why he has his memories or whatever I couldn’t say, maybe you can just take them when you go in that form. I assume he’s been masquerading as Christian for the majority of the time we’ve seen him and he had all Christian’s memories, so there you go. Some questions are just not going to be answered, I’m going with that one.

    The people that Jacob went to see were all Oceanic people, so I assume that he was visiting them because of their fate to be on or return to the island. Juliet’s being there wasn’t fated, it was a decision she made to go. Yes, coerced decision but decision all the same. I don’t think she was the only one who could have detonated the bomb, she just happened to be the only one who fell down the hole and thus took care of it. But I could be wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time.

    You like Miles now? WHAT? haha That’s a turnaround. I still don’t like him although I enjoy his occasional quip or comment.

    Waiting til 2010 stinks but I’m going to try to savor it since next year at this time we’ll be mourning the show being gone. Unless they anger us I suppose!

  2. I would think Christian might be whatever Locke is, but remember they both exist at the same time. Did Locke see Christian after their return? And Esau wouldn’t have told leaving Locke to say hi to his son.

    I’m not saying I love Miles or care about his own episode, but when he talks for the audience I can appreciate him.

    Yes, just one more season to go!

  3. See I like Miles. I never really got into Charlotte and to me, Faraday will always be the kid responsible for Captain Miller telling Private Ryan to “earn it” on his deathbed.

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